8 Things You’re Doing Wrong While Applying Your Daily Makeup

A woman’s top priority is to feel and look beautiful. And makeup is their preferred way of satisfying this urge. That’s why women love make-up more than anything (or at least many other things in the world!).

Despite a lot of effort, women are often unsatisfied with their make-up, right? Does the same happen to you? We have come up with some interesting facts. It’s not the lack of makeup but the mistakes you make while doing makeup that hinder you from looking beautiful.

Let’s discover what those mistakes are.

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1.  Primer is Primary!

Many of you don’t consider primer a thing. But girl, don’t you dare skip it. You must apply primer religiously before foundation or BB cream, as it works as a barrier between your skin and foundation. It protects your skin from unwanted chemicals and provides a smoother base for your foundation so that it doesn’t melt down in a few hours from the skin’s oil.

2.  Nail the Nail Polish Game

You may have been applying nail polish regularly without noticing how it has been damaging your nails unless you use halal nail polish. If you apply nail polish without a base coat or apply too many coats on your nails, there is a high chance that your nails will become dry and flakey soon. The reason is the harsh chemicals in traditional nail polish.

Instead, you can use halal or breathable nail polish. You must be wondering what is halal nail polish. It mainly consists of vegan ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Moreover, it contains nourishing ingredients that prevent your nails from becoming excessively dry. The best thing is that you can get a smooth finishing touch only with two thin coats!

3.  Concealer goes Wrong

Concealer is the most important makeup essential, yet the worst mistake you can make. It is essential for hiding blemishes and covering the pigmentation effects on the face. However, it’s also important to use it properly if you want the best result. If you apply it in a circular motion, it will work, but there might be a few bumps. So, we suggest applying it in a V-shape and merging it evenly.

Second, it is incorrect to use a single-tone concealer. Examine your face and use a lighter-toned concealer to brighten the area under your eyes. Select a dark or comparable shade of foundation to conceal the redness and acne.

4.  Control your Contours

Every woman wants her face to look as flawlessly slender and defined as the models’. The face’s lines and contours should be discernible. Contouring is the quickest way to define the face, but overdoing anything always compromises your appearance.

You must apply dark colors in layers since, once applied, they are more difficult to remove. Starting with your forehead, carefully brush a matte bronzer down to your hairline, just over your cheek hollows, and along your jawline.

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5.  Don’t let the Foundation flow

It’s almost guaranteed that applying excessive amounts of foundation to your face, particularly repeated thick coats of base, will leave your makeup looking “cakey” and unnatural. Applying several light coats of foundation instead of one or two heavy ones is often preferred.

Therefore, if you are using more layers of foundation (or using one particularly thick layer) and finding that you want more coverage without making it look cakey, try a new foundation with a higher amount of coverage than you are currently using. You can get the finish you want by using fewer products on your face.

6.  Mascara Mishap

A good coat of mascara can do wonders, we know. But it can also make blunders. We all have our own ways of making our lashes look fuller and flirtatious. But sometimes, those ways leave us with scattered clown lashes that are clumpy beyond belief.

A mascara wand is very important. It can make your lashes fuller or fall flat. So, reduce the amount of mascara on the wand when applying. Your eyes’ inner corner stains are a result of the clumped-up mascara on the tip of the wand. Use tissues to remove any leftover mascara from the wand.

Now curl your lashes; start off at the roots, and wiggle your wand side to side. Then stroke it upwards in the direction of your lashes, from root to tip. This technique will give your lashes a much more desirable and voluminous effect.

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7.  Glitters are Guilt

We’ve grown up listening to this, “All that glitters is not gold.” It fits perfectly when it comes to daily eye makeup. For party styling, festive functions, or lavish functions, the silver liner, shimmering shades, jewels, and diamonds look glamorous. But with your glittering glam for a normal day out, a casual date or an official meeting, you’ll be looking more dramatic, like a clown.

Do not use glam for everyday makeup. Remember, it’s all about making it mesmerizing, not messy.

8.  Draw your lines!

If make-up is a game, then lipsticks are the winning move. And creating a lovely finish will define your striking look. Marking a lip line for your lipstick is as important as crossing the finish line to win a race. Lip liner will not only enhance the lipstick but will also prevent it from straying outside of the natural lip line.

Your chosen lip color should be close to the lip liner you employ. So it won’t look drastic. Once you are done with your lipstick, sprinkle some setting powder to shield its long-lasting powers.


So now you know there were no makeup blender myths, just some silly minor mistakes causing you major inconvenience. But it’s OK, as now you have the solution to every makeup mess.

Besides the tips, we really want to suggest you change your make-up tools after a certain period and swipe out your old liner and mascara. Replace your old nail polishes with Mersi’s wide range of halal nail polish shades. Most importantly, take care of your skin on a daily basis and exfoliate regularly to avoid aging. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated so your skin stays happy and can glow from within.


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