90 Day Fiance Uk Where Are They Now?

90 Day Fiance Uk Where Are They Now?

The reality TV show "90 Day Fiancé U.K." introduced eight new couples in its debut season, featuring Kadie and Alejandro, Bridie and Host, Calum and Marvin, Emma and Hossein, Pat and Sam, Richard and Kathleen, Shaun and Christine, and Victoria and Sean. As the season progressed, some couples managed to maintain their relationships while others faced challenges. 

Kadie and Alejandro:

Kadie, a dialysis nurse from England, met Alejandro from Mexico on an international dating site. Despite challenges, including the decision of where to live, the couple is still together. Kadie spent time in Mexico and expressed her gratitude for not having to say goodbye to Alejandro.

Bridie and Host:

Bridie, a mother of two, met Host while playing online games. Although they initially faced visa challenges, they were still together following the show. However, their relationship became uncertain in October 2022 when they removed references to each other from social media. Despite this, they were seen together in January 2023. Later, Bridie confirmed being in a new relationship in June 2023.

Calum and Marvin:

Calum from Scotland met Marvin from Seychelles online. After a year of online romance, they met in person and later got married in December 2022, despite concerns from Calum's mother about the pace of their relationship.

Emma and Hossein:

Emma met Hossein, a bodybuilder from Iran, on social media. Their relationship faced challenges, but they married in the series. Despite these challenges, they are still together as of October 2022.

Pat and Sam:

Pat, significantly older than Sam from Pakistan, developed a connection with him on Facebook. While the two initially planned to meet in Greece, Sam's studies prevented him from traveling. Their current relationship status is unknown, but Pat expressed optimism about being together in the U.K.

Richard and Kathleen:

Richard, a pub quiz host, met Kathleen from the Philippines online. Despite efforts to win over her family, Kathleen ended the relationship upon Richard's return to the U.K. They confirmed their split in September 2022.

Shaun and Christine:

Shaun, a cleaning manager, and Christine from the Philippines had already spent time together before the show due to their history. Despite initial concerns, they are still a couple and share updates on social media.

Victoria and Sean:

Victoria met Sean online, but there were challenges, including lies about Sean's age and marital status. Despite these issues, the couple is still together as of May 2023. Sean provided insights into the show's portrayal, noting that some aspects were dramatized.

In summary, "90 Day Fiancé U.K." introduced several couples, some of whom are still together, some have split, and others have faced challenges along the way. The show offered a glimpse into the complexities of long-distance relationships and the adjustments required when merging two lives from different countries.

90 Day Fiance Uk

"90 Day Fiancé UK" introduces a compelling twist to the reality TV franchise by highlighting the journeys of eight couples, where one partner is a British citizen and the other comes from a different country. The show's premise revolves around these couples, who have a unique and time-sensitive challenge to navigate: they have 90 days from the moment their non-British partners arrive in the UK to decide whether to tie the knot. During this critical window, these couples must overcome cultural differences, familial expectations, and personal uncertainties to determine if they are truly ready to commit to a lifelong partnership.

The show offers viewers an intimate look into the lives of these couples as they undergo the emotional rollercoaster of making a significant life-changing decision. With the clock ticking, the couples' relationships are put to the test, and they must confront various hurdles that come with blending their lives together, such as adjusting to a new culture, dealing with immigration processes, and integrating into each other's families and friend circles.

"90 Day Fiancé UK" delves into the intricacies of international relationships, shedding light on the sacrifices, compromises, and joys that come with building a life together across borders. The show's episodes document the couples' daily interactions, discussions, and challenges, giving the audience an opportunity to witness the genuine moments of connection and vulnerability that shape these relationships.

Throughout the series, viewers become invested in the couples' stories, rooting for their happiness and empathizing with their struggles. As the 90-day deadline approaches, tension builds, and viewers are kept on the edge of their seats, wondering whether each couple will decide to exchange vows or part ways. The show not only provides entertainment but also raises thought-provoking questions about the complexities of love, commitment, and the lengths people are willing to go for their relationships.


90 Day Fiance Uk Trailer


Release Date of 90 Day Fiance Uk Season 2

"90 Day Fiancé UK" made its highly anticipated debut on the streaming platform Discovery Plus, captivating audiences in the UK starting from Sunday, July 16. This marked the moment when viewers were granted access to the fascinating and emotionally charged journey of eight couples as they embarked on a unique quest for love. 

The release date of July 16 was a momentous occasion that sparked excitement among reality TV enthusiasts and fans of the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise. As the latest addition to the franchise, the show promised to deliver a fresh perspective on international relationships and the complexities of love across borders. 

With its exclusive streaming on Discovery Plus, the series provided subscribers with an engaging and intimate look into the lives of these couples, making Sunday, July 16, a date to remember for anyone eager to delve into the world of cross-cultural romance and the pursuit of lasting happiness.

90 Day Fiance Uk Season 2 Cast



Shane and Mert

UK and Turkey

Michael and Mercy

UK and Kenya

Louise and Jose

UK and Colombia

Robert and Assel

UK and Kazakhstan

Tionne and David

UK and Dominican Republic

Rebekah and Cristian

UK and Argentina

Kadie and Alejandro

UK and Mexico

90 Day Fiance Uk Season 2 Couples

1. Shane and Mert:

Shane, a 27-year-old hairdresser from Devon, and 28-year-old barber Mert from Turkey found each other last summer and embarked on a whirlwind romance. Unable to legally marry in Turkey, Shane hopes to secure a visa for Mert to join him in the UK.

2. Michael and Mercy:

Michael, a 37-year-old father-of-two from Essex, connected with 28-year-old Mercy from Kenya through a dating app in 2021. As they plan their wedding, skepticism arises from Michael's friends and family, suspecting Mercy's true intentions.

3. Louise and Jose:

Louise, a 39-year-old single mother from Gloucester, met 29-year-old rapper Jose from Colombia on social media over a year ago. Despite their strong connection and desire to start a family, Louise's loved ones, including her 21-year-old son, have reservations.

4. Robert and Assel:

47-year-old father Robert from Glasgow has been in a relationship with 35-year-old Assel from Kazakhstan since 2021. However, Assel hasn't yet confessed her love for Robert, leading to uncertainties in their relationship. Their bond faces a significant test during their first Christmas together.

5. Tionne and David:

21-year-old Tionne from Derby seeks an extravagant proposal from her 24-year-old partner David from the Dominican Republic. However, David is unsure about meeting Tionne's lavish expectations due to financial concerns.

6. Rebekah and Cristian:

27-year-old Rebekah from Chesterfield has already planned her wedding to 29-year-old Cristian from Argentina. Their journey highlights the excitement and challenges of planning a cross-border wedding.

7. Kadie and Alejandro:

Kadie, 27, from West Yorkshire, and Alejandro, 31, from Mexico, return from the first season, preparing for their wedding in the second. As they get ready for their big day, their relationship faces its share of obstacles.

With their unique stories, cultural differences, and personal aspirations, these couples provide an intriguing glimpse into the complexities of love, relationships, and the lengths people are willing to go for their partners in the quest for happiness and commitment.

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