Aether Gazer Tier List August 2023 - Best Characters Ranked

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Looking for an Aether Gazer tier list? With the global launch of the game just happening, players are already seeking to assemble their ultimate teams and utilize the strongest heroes. Our tier list is here to fulfill your aspirations.

In this post, we've meticulously ranked every Aether Gazer character, showcasing their power levels from the highest to the lowest. Additionally, we've delved into the discussion of the overpowered meta heroes that are reshaping the game landscape, ensuring you're well-informed about the optimal choices for your gameplay!

Aether Gazer Tier List August 2023

In the fantastical realm of Aether Gazer, heroes ascend and fall in power, molding the ever-evolving battlefield meta. As of August 2023, the hero hierarchy stands as a testament to their prowess:

Tier Modifier
SS - Tier Phantasmal Dawn - Hera
  Darkstar - Hel
  Living Soul - Osiris
  Rahu - Asura
  Shinri - Tsukuyomi
  Arctic Abyss - Poseidon
S - Tier Countertide - Leviathan
  Waverender - Skadi
  Early Sakura - Ookuninushi
  Jin-Ei - Kuninotokotachi
  Ablaze - Tyr
  Airgetlam - Nuadha
  Tidal Song - Poseidon
A - Tier Windwalker - Hermes
  Comet R4Y - Zenkibo Tengu
  Thundertusk - Kali
  Archaic Oath - Verthandi
  Ryugiri - Kagutsuchi
  Gusty Lance - Shu
  Dark Mistletoe - Hodur
  The Glare - Apollo
  Shinku - Buzenbo Tengu
  Sakubo - Tsukuyomi
  The Innocence - Osiris
B - Tier Drifting Flurry - Leviathan
  Croc Rage - Sobek
  Radiant Feather - Hera
  Frost Fang - Vidar
  Surefire - Zenkibo Tengu
  New Pact - Verthandi

Aether Gazer Best Characters

Within the captivating tapestry of Aether Gazer's universe, a league of overpowering heroes stands tall and proud. As of August 2023, these formidable figures rise above the rest:

  1. Tyr
  2. Tsukuyomi
  3. Asura
  4. Poseidon Arctic Abyss
  5. Ookuninushi
  6. Kuninotokotachi
  7. Hera

With their distinct qualities and combat prowess, these heroes promise a riveting and exhilarating experience in the battles that unfold.


Aether Gazer Overview

Immerse yourself in the enthralling anime RPG known as Aether Gazer, a creation by Yostar, available on Android and iOS devices. From diverse characters hailing from Gen-Zones like Yggdrasil, Olympus, Shinou, Nile, and Asterim, you step into the shoes of an Administrator.

Guiding a trio of Modifiers, each armed with unique skills, upgradeable abilities, and personalized weapons, you weave a narrative of strategic choices in a realm brimming with elemental types and combat resources.

Aether Gazer Gameplay

In the realm of Aether Gazer, engage in battles of wits and strategy as you command your Modifiers. Explore their roles as ranged or melee combatants, and harness resources like Divine Grace, Rage, Energy, and Traces. Dive into the intricacies of elemental types - Physical, Light, Shadow, Ice, Water, Fire, and Wind - adding layers of tactical depth to your encounters.

Ascend through ranks such as B, A, S, SS, SSS, and Omega, unlocking greater combat potential and weaponry enhancements. Elevate your heroes' strength through the amplification of unique Sigils, charting a course towards triumph.

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