Alyssa Nakken Pregnant, Who is Sf Giants Coach Alyssa Nakken?

Alyssa Nakken Pregnant

A new chapter is on the horizon for Alyssa Nakken, the groundbreaking coach of the Giants. In an announcement that brought joy to their circle, her husband Robert Abel Nakken revealed on Monday that the fourth-year MLB coach is expecting a child. The due date, set for February 9, just before the customary beginning of spring training, heralds a new adventure for the couple.

Alyssa Nakken, a 33-year-old former Sacramento State softball star, made history when the Giants added her to manager Gabe Kapler’s inaugural staff in January 2020 as the first woman on an MLB coaching staff. In April 2022, she etched another milestone by becoming the first woman to assume an on-field coaching role when she temporarily stood in for Antoan Richardson at first base,  an episode she humbly regarded as “just my job.”

Kapler expressed the team's elation for Alyssa's news, stating, “We’re all really happy for Alyssa. She’s doing great, and we’re excited to support her through this on every level.”

Nakken's journey with the Giants has been multifaceted. Having spent six years in the organization's front office after joining as an intern in 2014, her comprehensive understanding of the team's dynamics has been invaluable.

In a charming twist, the Nakken household seems set to maintain its vibrancy. Robert, a baseball coach himself, established the Coach Robert Abel Baseball School (CRABS) in 2019. Embracing the upcoming role with enthusiasm, Robert expressed his readiness to be a “#GirlDad.” With Alyssa as a beacon of breaking boundaries in the world of sports, their soon-to-arrive daughter will have an inspiring figure to look up to.

Who is SF Giants Coach Alyssa Nakken?

Alyssa Nakken stands as a trailblazing figure in the realm of American professional baseball. Currently serving as a coach for the San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball (MLB), she has etched her name in history by becoming the first-ever full-time female coach in the league. Her impact further extends to being the pioneer to coach on the field during a major league game.

Born in Woodland, California, in the year 1990, Nakken's journey to this groundbreaking role has been marked by dedication and accomplishment. She honed her athletic skills as a college softball player at California State University, Sacramento, where she earned the distinction of being a three-time all-conference player and a four-time Academic All-American.

Her post-college endeavors saw her embark on a path in baseball operations, starting as an intern for the Giants in 2014. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge led her to attain a master's degree in sports management from the University of San Francisco, during which time she also held the position of chief information officer for the university's baseball team.

The Giants recognized Nakken's talents and dedication, promoting her to the major league coaching staff as an assistant coach in January 2020. This move carved a significant milestone in history, as she became the inaugural full-time female coach in the annals of MLB. Demonstrating her commitment to breaking barriers, Nakken made a pivotal moment by coaching on the field during a major league baseball game, marking July 20, 2020, as a landmark occasion during exhibition play.

This achievement was further solidified when she debuted as the first base coach on April 13, 2022, following Antoan Richardson's ejection from the game. Beyond her coaching responsibilities, Alyssa Nakken has taken on a vital role as a role model for aspiring young girls and women in the realms of baseball and beyond.

Through her actions, she shatters stereotypes and illustrates that the realm of Major League Baseball is not an exclusive domain. Nakken's journey is a testament to the power of determination, opening up avenues for women to succeed in any field, including the grand stage of professional baseball.


Alyssa Nakken Husband

Alyssa Nakken's spouse is none other than Robert Abel Nakken, a name synonymous with the world of baseball coaching. In 2019, he carved his own niche by establishing a baseball school right in the heart of San Francisco. A shared college experience was the foundation of their love story, culminating in their marriage in November 2021. The couple is now eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child, scheduled for February 2024.

Robert's academic journey led him through the hallowed halls of the University of San Francisco, where he not only pursued his studies but also honed his baseball skills. Further solidifying his knowledge, he obtained a master's degree in sports management from the University of Notre Dame.

His post-college trajectory saw him stepping into the world of baseball operations, starting as an intern for the San Francisco Giants. From there, he took on dual roles as a physical education teacher and a baseball coach at a private school in the city of San Francisco.

With a fervor for the sport, Robert seized the opportunity to give back to the baseball community. In 2019, he realized his vision by founding the Coach Robert Abel Baseball School, affectionately known as San Francisco CRABS. This school stands as a hub for baseball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, offering comprehensive instruction in the sport. It's not just the coaching prowess that Robert possesses; he is also a certified personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning coach.

A cornerstone of Robert's life is his unwavering passion for baseball coaching. Eagerly supporting his wife's dynamic career journey, he stands as a dedicated pillar of encouragement for Alyssa. Beyond his role as a husband, Robert is on the brink of a new chapter as a proud father, eagerly anticipating the imminent arrival of their first child.

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