Are Lottie Moss and Adam Collard in a Relationship? Exploring the Love Connection

Are Lottie Moss and Adam Collard in a Relationship?

Lottie Moss, the younger half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, has confirmed that she is in a relationship with Adam Collard. The two met on the set of the reality dating show "Celebs Go Dating" and soon after, rumors began swirling about their romance.

Lottie discussed their connection on Chloe Burrows' podcast, revealing that despite her initial skepticism, Adam's charm and their shared chemistry brought them together. Lottie expressed how unusual it was for her to feel this way about someone and emphasized the rarity of finding such a mutual connection.

Lottie Moss and Adam Relationship

Lottie Moss and Adam Collard, both participants on "Celebs Go Dating," have acknowledged their romantic involvement. Lottie, known for her association with Kate Moss and her modeling career, opened up about the relationship during a podcast interview with Chloe Burrows. She described Adam as charming and handsome, and expressed surprise at their strong connection despite their differences.

Lottie also addressed the idea of their affectionate interactions, highlighting how Adam displays a tender and soppy side when they are alone. The relationship marks an unexpected turn for both, and Lottie's candid reflections shed light on their evolving romance.


Who is Lottie Moss?

Lottie Moss, born on January 9, 1998, is an English fashion model. She is the younger half-sister of the iconic model Kate Moss and holds connections within the fashion industry. Lottie's career began gaining attention in 2011 when she appeared in American Vogue as a bridesmaid during her sister's wedding.

She signed with Storm Management in 2014 and has since been featured in various magazines and editorials. In 2021, she attracted media attention by announcing her involvement in the content subscription service OnlyFans. Despite her early struggles with fame due to nepotism, Lottie has found empowerment in creating her own content.

Who is Adam Collard?

Adam Collard, born on October 26, 1995, in Newcastle upon Tyne, is an English television personality and fitness coach. He gained prominence through his appearances on the reality TV show "Love Island." Before entering the show, Adam worked as a personal trainer and later established his own fitness coaching business, The Sculpt Academy.

He first participated in Love Island's fourth series in 2018, then made history by returning for the eighth series in 2022. However, his behavior on the show sparked controversy and criticism from organizations such as Women's Aid. In 2023, Adam was announced as a participant in the twelfth series of "Celebs Go Dating."

Lottie Moss Early Life and Career

Lottie Moss, whose full name is Charlotte Moss, was born on January 9, 1998, to her parents Inger Solnordal and Peter Moss. Her entry into the world of fashion was seemingly preordained due to her family's prominent connections, especially her half-sister, the iconic supermodel Kate Moss. Growing up with such a well-known figure in the fashion industry likely played a significant role in shaping Lottie's aspirations and path.

Early on, Lottie Moss embarked on a modeling journey that would soon bring her into the spotlight. Her debut in the fashion world was undoubtedly aided by her family name, but she soon proved her own capabilities and talents. Making her initial mark in the industry, Lottie's early ventures included appearances in some of the most prestigious fashion publications, such as Vogue. These early editorial features showcased her potential and established her as a rising star.

One significant turning point in Lottie's career was her signing with Storm Management, a prominent modeling agency known for fostering the careers of numerous successful models. This strategic move undoubtedly provided her with professional guidance, exposure to industry opportunities, and a platform to showcase her versatility and unique appeal.

As Lottie Moss's career continued to unfold, it became evident that her success wasn't merely a result of her family connections. Her modeling portfolio grew to include a diverse range of collaborations and assignments, each contributing to her expanding reputation within the fashion world. With each magazine cover and high-profile shoot, she solidified her presence and demonstrated her adaptability in front of the camera.

Lottie's journey was marked by successful collaborations with renowned brands, photographers, and designers. Her ability to effortlessly transition from one style to another, coupled with her distinct charm and alluring beauty, made her a sought-after face in the fashion industry. Through her dedication, hard work, and talent, Lottie Moss carved out her own space within a competitive and demanding field.

Lottie Moss's early life and career were greatly influenced by her family's ties to the fashion world, notably her half-sister Kate Moss. However, she proved her individual prowess by entering the industry with determination and grace. Her journey from early magazine features to signing with Storm Management underscored her commitment to her craft, and her success in collaborations and magazine covers confirmed her status as a promising and accomplished model.

Adam Collard Early Life and Career

Adam Elliott Collard's journey from his early life in Newcastle upon Tyne to his rise in the world of reality TV and fitness is a story of ambition, controversy, and determination.

Born on October 26, 1995, in Newcastle upon Tyne, Adam Collard's initial career path was rooted in his passion for fitness and health. He began his professional journey as a personal trainer, leveraging his knowledge and expertise to help clients achieve their fitness goals. His commitment to this field led him to establish a personal training business known as The Sculpt Academy, showcasing his dedication to helping others improve their physical well-being.

However, it was Adam's entry into the world of reality television that would bring him widespread recognition and notoriety. In 2018, he seized the opportunity to participate in the popular reality dating show "Love Island." This marked a significant shift in his career trajectory, as he transitioned from the fitness industry to the world of entertainment. Adam's appearance on the show was marked by his status as the first "bombshell" contestant, entering the villa on Day 1.

Throughout his time on "Love Island," Adam's interactions, choices, and behavior became subjects of both fascination and controversy. His participation in romantic relationships within the villa, coupled with his approach to communication and decision-making, garnered significant attention from both fellow contestants and the viewing public.

However, his actions also sparked criticism and raised concerns, particularly from organizations like Women's Aid, who accused him of exhibiting "gaslighting" behavior. The controversy surrounding his behavior on the show highlighted the broader societal discussions on healthy relationship dynamics and respectful communication.

Despite the mixed reception to his behavior on reality TV, Adam Collard remained connected to his fitness roots. Following his time on "Love Island," he continued his involvement in the fitness industry, offering online coaching services through his established business, The Sculpt Academy. This venture showcased his ability to balance his entertainment career with his passion for promoting physical well-being.

Adam's journey illustrates the complexity of navigating fame, controversy, and personal growth within the world of reality TV. While his actions on "Love Island" sparked discussions about relationships and behavior, he also maintained his commitment to his fitness coaching business, demonstrating resilience in pursuing his passions. His story serves as a reminder that individuals in the public eye often face multifaceted challenges and opportunities as they navigate their careers and personal lives.


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