Are Lloyd and Coko Clemons Spark Dating? Know About Their Relationship

Lloyd and Coko Clemons are in Spotlight

Lloyd and Coko Clemons of SWV are currently stealing the spotlight in the world of R&B music. The buzz began when a captivating photo of the two emerged on social media, showing them getting cozy. Their unexpected connection has piqued the curiosity of fans and followers alike, igniting conversations across various social platforms.

Coko Clemons, renowned as the powerhouse vocalist of SWV, is no stranger to the limelight. She, along with Taj Johnson and Lelee Lyons, formed the iconic R&B trio in the late 1990s, blessing the world with hits like "Weak," "You're Always on My Mind," and "I'm So Into You." Currently, SWV is part of the "Summer Block Party Tour," sharing the stage with supergroups Jodeci and Dru Hill. Their recent performance in Atlanta at the Cadence Bank Amphitheater at Chastain Park on Aug. 18th further solidified their enduring presence in the music scene.

Lloyd's journey in the music industry took a different path. Rising to prominence after signing with Murder Inc., he released his debut album "Southside" in 2004. Although he entered the R&B scene later than SWV, Lloyd's unique style and soulful voice have earned him a dedicated fan base. Now, with this intriguing connection to Coko Clemons, both artists find themselves at the center of attention, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this unexpected pairing.

Are Lloyd and Coko Clemons Spark Dating?

The recent social media activity of R&B singer Lloyd and Coko Clemons of SWV has sparked intense speculation among fans regarding their relationship status. On August 20, Lloyd shared a photo of himself and Coko appearing exceptionally close, with their cheeks nearly touching, and his arm wrapped around her shoulder. The caption, however, left fans speculating even further as Lloyd referred to Coko as "My beloved" and added emojis of crossed fingers and a Black queen. Coko responded with an affectionate comment, writing, "I love you!!!!!" accompanied by five red heart emojis.

This exchange, coupled with the loving emojis, sent fans into a frenzy, with many assuming that there might be more to their relationship than just friendship. Social media was abuzz with questions and comments, ranging from curiosity to excitement about the possibility of the two artists dating. However, amidst the speculation, Coko's son, Jayye Michael, intervened to clarify that they are not a couple, firmly stating, "They are NOT a couple, NEXT!" He also expressed his frustration with the online speculation, suggesting that it might be driven by a quest for attention and engagement.

Some fans attempted to provide context to Lloyd's post, suggesting that it was a gesture of appreciation rather than a romantic declaration. According to one fan, Lloyd was thanking Coko for an impromptu performance during SWV's recent show when Coko had singled him out in the crowd, and he was invited to sing. Others highlighted Lloyd's longstanding relationship with the mother of his children, indicating that his post likely reflected appreciation for Coko as a fellow artist rather than a romantic involvement.

While the social media activity between Lloyd and Coko Clemons has certainly fueled dating rumors, Coko's son and some fans have asserted that it's more likely a show of appreciation and friendship rather than a romantic relationship.


Who is Lloyd Dating?

Lloyd, the celebrated rapper and R&B artist, has enjoyed a long-term and enduring relationship with Dehea Abraham. Their love story has spanned several years, and together they have built a life that includes the joy of parenthood with a son and a daughter. Despite the depth of their commitment to each other and their shared family life, they have not yet taken the step of officially tying the knot, at least as far as public knowledge goes.

The couple's approach to their relationship is marked by a deliberate choice to maintain a relatively low profile, especially when it comes to their children. They have made the conscious decision to shield their children's faces from the public eye, a choice that reflects their commitment to preserving their family's privacy amidst the demands of their public careers. However, their love for one another is evident through the occasional public declarations of affection they share on various social media platforms. These moments offer fans and followers glimpses into the strength and endurance of their bond, reminding us that love, in its many forms, remains a powerful force in their lives.

Who is Coko Clemons Dating?

Coko is currently single. This talented member of the iconic R&B group SWV has a notable history of relationships. She has a son named Jazz Butler, professionally known as Lil Tracy, born in 1995. Jazz Butler's father is Ishmael Butler, a member of the renowned hip-hop group Digable Planets. Their relationship in the past led to the birth of their son, Jazz, who has gone on to establish himself as a musician under the name Lil Tracy.

Coko's romantic journey also includes her marriage to gospel producer and drummer Mike "Big Mike" Clemons, known for his work with Israel and New Breed. The two exchanged vows on October 19, 2003, and together, they have a son named Jalen Clemons, who has pursued a singing career under the stage name Jayye Michael. However, after 15 years of marriage, Coko and Mike Clemons decided to part ways, finalizing their divorce in 2018. This significant event marked the end of their long-standing marital relationship.

Professional Life of Coko Clemons

Coko, whose real name is Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble (formerly Clemons), is a prominent American singer-songwriter renowned for her role as the lead vocalist of the R&B vocal trio Sisters With Voices (SWV). Born on June 13, 1970, she has made a significant impact on the music industry. In addition to her contributions to R&B music, Coko has also pursued a solo gospel career, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Her journey with SWV has been marked by remarkable success, with the group selling an impressive 10 million records in the United States and an astonishing 25 million records worldwide. Coko's exceptional vocal talents and the group's hit songs have earned them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Furthermore, Coko's achievements extend beyond SWV, as she is a four-time Grammy Award nominee, a testament to her enduring influence and excellence in the world of music.

Professional Life of Lloyd

Lloyd Polite Jr is an accomplished American R&B singer with a career spanning several years. Originally hailing from New Orleans and raised in Decatur, Lloyd's journey in the music industry began as a member of the preteen-boy band N-Toon. After the band disbanded in 2001, he ventured into a solo career in 2003, showcasing his remarkable vocal talent.

Lloyd's career took a significant turn when he signed a record deal with the renowned American music executive Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. Records, in collaboration with Def Jam Recordings. His debut single "Southside" (featuring Ashanti) from his first album of the same name, released in 2004, rapidly climbed the US Billboard Hot 100 charts and achieved top 40 status. Subsequent albums like "Street Love" (2007) and "Lessons in Love" (2008) solidified his position in the R&B scene, with several top 20 and top 10 hits.

In 2009, Lloyd gained immense recognition for his role in the hit single "BedRock" by Young Money, further elevating his prominence in the music industry. Throughout his career, he continued to release successful albums and singles, including "King of Hearts" (2011). His work has consistently earned him a place in the upper echelons of Billboard charts, particularly the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

In addition to his music career, Lloyd has also dabbled in television acting, appearing on shows like "One on One." Furthermore, in 2019, he showcased his acting skills in TV One's biopic, "The Bobby Debarge Story." With a rich musical history and a string of successful albums and singles, Lloyd is undoubtedly a prominent figure in the R&B music scene.

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