Are Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah Dating? Know About Their Professional and Personal Life

Who are Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah?

Shiv Thakare is an Indian television personality known for his appearances in reality shows. He gained fame through his participation in MTV Roadies Rising and later went on to win the Marathi reality show Bigg Boss Marathi 2. Shiv has also been a judge on MTV Roadies Revolution. He is recognized for his adventurous and competitive spirit on reality shows.

Daisy Shah, on the other hand, is an Indian actress, model, and dancer known for her work in Hindi and Kannada films. She made her debut as the lead actress in the Kannada film "Bhadra" and later appeared alongside Salman Khan in the Bollywood film "Jai Ho," which garnered her significant attention and popularity. Daisy has been part of other Bollywood films like "Hate Story 3" and "Race 3."

Both Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah have achieved recognition in their respective fields in the entertainment industry. While Shiv is known for his reality show stints, Daisy has made a mark as an actress and dancer in Indian films. The two actors became close while working together on the reality show "Khatron Ke Khiladi 13" and have been spotted together publicly on various occasions. 

Are Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah Dating?

No, Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah are not dating. They share a strong friendship.Addressing the dating rumors, Daisy clarified that the speculation about her being in a relationship with Shiv Thakare does not affect their friendship. They have decided to handle the situation in their own way, and until they officially declare their relationship status, they prefer not to have the media, people, or fans jumping to conclusions about their personal lives.

Daisy emphasized that they are currently just friends, and she implied that if they are indeed dating, they will make it known publicly in their own time. Regarding their bond and friendship, Daisy stated that the rumors do not negatively impact their relationship. In fact, she mentioned that they are as friendly and even more so than before. They prefer to keep their personal lives private and not display them to the world. Daisy believes that revealing too much about one's personal life invites unnecessary scrutiny and judgment from others.

Additionally, Daisy addressed her comments on Archana Gautam, another contestant from "Khatron Ke Khiladi 13," stating that Archana's remarks about other contestants' performances were disrespectful. Daisy expressed that she has not had the opportunity to meet and discuss anything with Archana and asserted that her life does not change based on Archana's views of her.  Daisy Shah and Shiv Thakare share a strong and close friendship, and they prefer to keep their personal lives private until they are ready to make any official declarations. The dating rumors surrounding them have not affected their bond or how they interact with each other.


Shiv Thakare Professional Life

Shiv Thakare is an Indian television personality known for his appearances in various reality shows. Shiv gained popularity through his participation in reality shows and has also ventured into entrepreneurship. His journey as a reality television personality began with MTV Roadies Rising in 2017, where he reached the semi-finals. He later appeared in MTV's The Anti Social Network.

In 2019, Shiv participated in the Marathi reality show Bigg Boss Marathi 2 and emerged as the winner. His victory in the show further increased his fame and fan following. In 2020, he served as a judge in the audition rounds of MTV Roadies Revolution. In March 2021, Shiv Thakare ventured into the business world and launched his entrepreneurial project, a deodorant brand named "B.Real." In October 2022, he returned to the reality show scene and participated in Colors TV's reality show Bigg Boss 16.

During the show, he managed to impress the audience and ended up as the 1st runner-up, securing a strong position in the competition. Shiv Thakare is well-known for his appearances in reality shows like MTV Roadies Rising, Bigg Boss Marathi 2, and Bigg Boss 16. In addition to his television career, he has also taken a step into entrepreneurship with the launch of his deodorant brand. His journey in the entertainment industry has earned him a considerable fan base and recognition.

Shiv Thakare Personal Life

Shiv Thakare, whose full name is Shiv Manoharrao Uttamrao Jhinguji Ganuji Thakare, was born on September 9 in Amravati, Maharashtra, India. He hails from a humble background, and at a young age, he had to support his family financially. His father, Manohar Thakare, worked at a betel leaf shop, and to contribute to the family income, Shiv sold milk packets and newspapers. In terms of his personal life, Shiv Thakare gained attention for his relationship with Veena Jagtap, who was also a fellow contestant in his season of Bigg Boss Marathi.

During the course of the show, as part of a task, Shiv got Veena's name tattooed on his right hand, which became a notable moment on the show. They were in a relationship while participating in the reality show. However, they split up in 2022. Details about the reasons for their breakup and their current relationship status beyond that are not disclosed. Other than this, specific personal details about Shiv Thakare's family or any other aspects of his personal life are not discloed. It's important to respect the privacy of individuals and refrain from speculating on personal matters that are not publicly shared by the person in question.

Daisy Shah Professional Life

Daisy Shah is an Indian actress, model, and dancer who predominantly appears in Hindi and Kannada films. She was born on August 25, 1984. Before entering the film industry, she worked as an assistant to the renowned choreographer Ganesh Acharya. Daisy got her first major breakthrough when she was cast as the lead actress in the 2011 Kannada film "Bhadra." Her big break in Bollywood came in 2014 when she starred opposite Salman Khan in the film "Jai Ho," which was a commercial success.

She also appeared in the movie "Hate Story 3" in 2015 and played a significant role in the 2018 film "Race 3." Apart from her acting career, Daisy Shah has also worked as a model, doing photo shoots and appearing in print ads. Before her acting career took off, she assisted Ganesh Acharya in choreographing songs for films like "Zameen" and "Khakee." In addition to her work in Kannada and Hindi films, Daisy has been a contestant on the stunt-based reality show "Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 13" in 2023. Daisy Shah is a talented actress and dancer known for her appearances in popular Bollywood movies and Kannada films.

Daisy Shah Personal Life

Daisy Shah, born on August 25, 1984, in Bombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra, India, belongs to a Gujarati family but was raised in Mumbai. From an early age, she showed promise and won the Miss Photogenic award in the MS Dombivli contest held at a local mall when she was in 10th grade, showcasing her charisma and photogenic qualities. In terms of education, Daisy pursued her higher studies in the field of arts at Khalsa College in Mumbai.

There are no further details about Daisy Shah's personal life beyond her early achievements and educational background has not been publicly disclosed. As a public figure, Daisy might prefer to keep some aspects of her personal life private, which is understandable. It is important to respect her privacy and refrain from speculating on personal matters that have not been publicly disclosed by her.

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