Armored Core 6: How many missions are there? The Chapters and Missions in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6: How Many Missions Are There?

In Armored Core 6, there are approximately 50 missions in total. According to an estimate provided by Yamamura in an interview with GameBase Taiwan, players can expect to engage in about 50 missions throughout the game. These missions are designed for players to experience different endings, implying that player choices and actions could impact the outcomes of these missions.

The article doesn't explicitly state whether the roughly 50 missions mentioned by Yamamura include potential extra missions that might be available in a new game+ mode. This mode, which is a series mainstay, typically introduces new missions that can lead to hidden endings based on the player's character's allegiance.

It's worth noting that the game is divided into five chapters, with the first chapter confirmed to have 11 missions. While the exact distribution of missions among the other chapters is not explicitly stated, it is possible that each chapter contains a similar number of missions, which could result in a total close to the estimated 50 missions mentioned.

As the release date of Armored Core 6 approaches, more information about the missions and gameplay may become available, providing players with a clearer picture of the game's content and structure.

The Chapters and Missions in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6, the latest installment in the renowned franchise developed by FromSoftware, brings forth an intricate narrative woven through chapters and missions. With a focus on mecha-based vehicular combat, this iteration offers players an engaging experience while immersing them in the expansive world of Rubicon 3. Discover how the game's structure unfolds, providing hours of gameplay and diverse paths to explore.

Chapter and Mission Breakdown

The core structure of Armored Core 6 is organized into five distinct chapters, each contributing to the unfolding saga. As players navigate through the chapters, they encounter a series of missions that shape the narrative. In the initial playthrough, up to 41 missions await, their quantity influenced by the choices players make along the way. For those seeking a comprehensive experience, dedicating time to multiple endings and thorough exploration can extend the gameplay to around 60 hours.

Chapter 1 - A Glimpse into the Missions

The first chapter lays the foundation for the adventure, offering a range of missions that encompass the challenges and decisions players will encounter:

  1. Illegal Entry
  2. Destroy Artillery Installations
  3. Grid 135 Cleanup
  4. Destroy the Transport Helicopters
  5. Destroy the Tester AC
  6. Attack the Dam Complex
  7. Mining Ship Takedown
  8. Operation Wallclimber
  9. Retrieve Combat Logs
  10. Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2
  11. Attack the Watchpoint

Additional Missions Unveiled

As players journey deeper into the story, each subsequent chapter introduces a new array of missions that further enrich the gameplay experience:

  • Chapter 2: Infiltrate Grid 086, Eliminate the Doser Faction, Ocean Crossing

  • Chapter 3: Steal the Survey Data, Attack the Refueling Base, Eliminate V.VII, Tunnel Sabotage, Survey the Uninhabited Floating City, Heavy Missile Launch Support, Eliminate the Enforcement Squad [Decision mission], Destroy the Special Forces Craft [Decision mission], Attack the Old Spaceport, Eliminate “Honest” Brute, Defend the Old Spaceport, Historic Data Recovery, Destroy the Ice Worm

  • Chapter 4: Underground Exploration – Depth 1, Underground Exploration – Depth 2, Underground Exploration – Depth 3, Intercept the Redguns [Decision mission], Ambush the Vespers [Decision mission], Unknown Territory Survey, Reach the Coral Convergence

  • Chapter 5: Escape, Intercept the Corporate Forces [Decision mission], Breach the Karman Line, Destroy the Drive Block, Eliminate “Cinder” Carla [Decision mission], Shut Down the Closure Satellites, Bring down the Xylem

Challenges Beyond the First Playthrough

The adventure continues beyond the initial playthrough with New Game+ and New Game++ modes, offering an additional 17 missions that provide fresh challenges and opportunities:

  • Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship
  • Prisoner Rescue
  • Obstruct the Mandatory Inspection
  • Attack the Watchpoint
  • Stop the Secret Data Breach
  • Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
  • Coral Export Denial
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2
  • Eliminate V.III
  • Unknown Territory Survey
  • Reach the Coral Convergence
  • MIA
  • Regain Control of the Xylem
  • Coral Release

As the mechanized battlefields of Armored Core 6 beckon, players can expect an immersive journey defined by choice, strategy, and evolution. Embark on an exploration of Rubicon 3's challenges, unearthing its secrets one mission at a time.


About Armored Core VI

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon[a] represents a mecha-centered vehicular combat experience crafted by FromSoftware and brought to the public by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Marking the inaugural addition to the Armored Core series since Armored Core: Verdict Day (2013), it made its debut on August 25, 2023, across platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Notably, this release also marks the series' introduction to the Windows platform. Impressively, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon garnered commendatory appraisals, securing its position as the most highly acclaimed iteration within the franchise up to the present moment.

Armored Core VI Gameplay

Armored Core VI centers its gameplay around intense mecha-based vehicular combat. Players assume the roles of skilled pilots tasked with piloting powerful mechanized units referred to as Armored Cores. The game's standout feature lies in the extensive customization potential of these mechs, achieved by employing a variety of components to refine and amplify their capabilities.

A distinctive highlight of the game is the capacity for players to equip their mechs with an array of weaponry. These armaments can be fitted onto designated slots – one on each arm and two on the mech's back. This strategic design empowers players with a diverse arsenal, granting them considerable tactical flexibility during engagements.

The arena concept from previous iterations of the game retains its prominence through the implementation of a "combat aptitude evaluation program." This system enables players to test their skills and engage in competitive clashes against fellow participants. Successful completion of missions rewards players with in-game currency, known as credits. The amount of credits earned is contingent on the objectives fulfilled during these missions, though there might be deductions for incomplete goals.

A notable departure from earlier entries in the series is the elimination of the debt system. Unlike its predecessors, Armored Core VI allows players to undertake missions repeatedly without concerns about losing currency due to task failures. This modification not only removes the burden of financial repercussions but also encourages players to enhance their performance and strive for improvement without apprehension.

Armored Core VI Plot

Armored Core VI unfolds within a futuristic setting characterized by an interstellar civilization that humanity has established. This backdrop is particularly prominent on the distant frontier planet of Rubicon 3. Here, the discovery of a remarkable substance known as Coral has sparked considerable excitement. Coral exhibits the unique capability of serving as both an energy source and a conduit for data transmission. Initially hailed as the key to humanity's technological progress, Coral's true nature proved to be far more perilous.

The catastrophic event dubbed the Fires of Ibis ensued, triggered by Coral's unexpected properties. This event engulfed Rubicon 3 and its surrounding star system in unrelenting flames, while also leaving behind a dangerous and lethal contaminant. The devastating aftermath was perceived as having consumed all existing Coral.

However, a glimmer of hope emerged five decades later when indications of Coral's resurgence were detected once more on Rubicon 3. This discovery led corporations to converge on the planet with the intention of exploiting this resource for power and control. This drive for dominance was pursued with little regard for the potential harm inflicted upon the planet's inhabitants. Alongside these corporate interests, mercenaries seized the opportunity to engage in the ensuing conflict for personal profit.

The player is thrust into this intricate narrative as a uniquely enhanced individual designated "C4-621." Bound to servitude under the supervision of the infamous handler Walter, C4-621 operates as a skilled Armored Core pilot. Their motivation revolves around the promise of a new life, earned through undertaking mercenary assignments. Illegally touching down on Rubicon 3, C4-621 takes a significant step by appropriating the license of a deceased mercenary. This pivotal decision results in the player adopting the callsign "Raven," symbolizing their entry into the complex and tumultuous world of Rubicon 3's Coral-fueled conflicts.

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