Atlas Fallen Quest Guide, How to Find The Fire Oil Barrel in the City of Sun Quest in Atlas Fallen?

Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen is an action role-playing video game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment. It was released on August 10, 2023, for Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

The game is being developed by Deck13 Interactive using their in-house engine called "Fledge". Unlike the studio's previous games, Lords of the Fallen and The Surge, Atlas Fallen is not a "Soulslike" game. Instead, it focuses on fast-paced and fluid combat, taking inspiration from games like God of War (2018) and the Horizon series.

However, elements from The Surge games, such as a body targeting system, have also been incorporated into Atlas Fallen. The game offers three difficulty modes, with a hard mode specifically designed for seasoned players of Soulslike games.

Deck13 and Focus Entertainment announced Atlas Fallen at Gamescom in August 2022. Originally scheduled for release in May, the game was delayed to August 10, 2023, to allow the development team more time to polish the game and include a full German voice-over at launch. Players who pre-order the game will receive the "Ruin Rising Pack," which includes various cosmetic items and essence stones to enhance their gameplay experience.

Atlas Fallen Quest Guide

Entering the Mines

Upon unlocking the path forward, it's time to venture into the Mines. Enter the Mining Village Cave and follow the designated route. Ignore the three glowing green sections here, as they are not significant.

As you turn the corner, Nyaal will mention the light emanating from the depths of the mines. Jump down and use the "Raise" ability on the highlighted areas of the ground. Eventually, you'll uncover a peculiar claw and obtain a new quest item called the Corrupted Spark. The Corrupted Spark is an ancient relic from Thelos' era, accompanied by an Essence Stone named Blooming Calamity.

Discussing the Plan with Arif

Having explored the mines thoroughly, return to Arif. In the center of the area where you descended, there's a blue-green Totem on the ground. Activate it using "Raise" and interact with it. This Totem, much like the one at the Watchtower, will create bridges and platforms to ascend back to where you started. Make your way back to Arif and enter Lithesta. Engage in a conversation with Arif, who will then send you to the Spire.

The Absolution Spire

Return to the Palace and interact with it, similar to how you dealt with the Spire Workers. Jump down to the sandy area below. Pick up the Corrupted Urn glowing white on the sand. Then, change into the Unnamed Workwear by removing your armor.

Head south and ascend the stairs into the chamber ahead. Traverse the linear passageway until you reach the Kiln. Place the corrupted artifact inside the Kiln. As you leave, the surroundings will turn sickly green as the Kiln corrupts. Re-equip your armor before departing and update Graveller about the recent events. To your surprise, Arif is absent, and Graveller urges you to hurry to the Throne Room.

Hastening to the Queen's Palace

Facing away from Graveller's location, take the stairs on the right. Proceed onwards; you'll know you're on the right path when you encounter two sets of stairs. Reach the top and interact with the doors to trigger a cutscene.

Captain Morrath arrives, but the Queen closes the doors on him and begins a conversation. She confesses that she directed your caravan to the cursed route to ensure the Gauntlet's discovery. She reveals herself as a puppet, with Thelos being the true mastermind.

As the Gauntlet's holder, the responsibility falls on you to "break us all free." Naturally, you're the Chosen One. The Queen surrenders and allows you to slip away to find Valery.

After the cutscene, approach Valery's body and interact. Another cutscene ensues, followed by you receiving the Gauntlet's framework in the form of a Crush Piece. It's important to note that the Quest Archive transitions from "part 3" to "part 4" of The City of the Sun. To save you the effort, let's continue the quest from here.

Returning to the Wildlands

The newly acquired Crush Piece enables you to access areas previously locked by chains. Crush these chains by pressing the up direction on the directional pad. These chains have a specific appearance:

The initial chain is to the left of Valery's body. Enter the chamber and crush the chains to the right. This will enable you to "Raise" a Totem and use floating platforms to ascend from this area.

Upon reaching the top of the stairway on the wall fortifications, turn left and proceed to the end. A chest awaits, containing an Active Formula for Blunting Blast. Turn around and head forward until you reach a doorway. Crush the chains and find yourself back in the Wildlands.


How to Find the Fire Oil Barrel in the City of Sun Quest in Atlas Fallen?

In the City of Sun Quest within Atlas Fallen, one of the challenges involves locating a Fire Oil Barrel and using it to light several scattered Thelos' shrines across the map. The game's guidance can be vague, as the NPC provides only ambiguous hints about the Oil Barrel's whereabouts. Following a conversation with the High Priest, you'll be tasked with finding the Oil Barrel in the Estate's Upper Rooms and igniting the shrines.

However, the quest marker might not offer direct information about the Oil Barrel's location. To discover the Fire Oil Barrel, visit the first shrine near a staircase and hidden library. Interact with the oil to add it to your inventory.a

Proceed to each shrine, pour the oil, and use your interaction button to light it. Repeat this process for three distinct shrines across the palace, following the quest markers to guide your path. Once all shrines are lit, return to the High Priest to progress with the remainder of the mission. For further insights into Atlas Fallen, consider consulting guides on defeating the TailGuarder Colossal Wraith or a beginner's guide brimming with tips and tricks.

Atlas Fallen Gameplay

Atlas Fallen is an epic third-person action RPG that puts players in control of a customizable hero. Armed with a powerful ancient gauntlet, you'll harness the mystical power of sand manipulation to shape deadly weapons. Choose from a variety of weapons, but remember, you can only carry two at a time.

Unlike previous games from Deck 13, Atlas Fallen takes a more traditional approach to action gameplay. You'll need to master the art of dodging, countering, and blocking enemy attacks, all while seamlessly switching between ground and aerial combat. Every strike against your foes will earn you Momentum, building up to a thrilling moment when your current weapon transforms, unleashing devastating special skills and abilities to annihilate your enemies.

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure across multiple vast and open regions, teeming with non-playable characters to meet and side quests to complete. Exploration is key in Atlas Fallen, and your gauntlet will be your trusty companion.

Glide through the breathtaking desert landscape, perform awe-inspiring feats like air dashing, and uncover hidden areas by raising buried objects. As you progress, discover valuable "Shards" and "Catalyst Pieces" to further enhance your gauntlet's combat prowess.

But the excitement doesn't end there. Atlas Fallen offers a thrilling two-player cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing you and a friend to team up and conquer the challenges together. So, gather your allies and prepare to embark on a journey unlike any other in Atlas Fallen.

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