Audien Hearing Aids Reviews: Should You Buy This OTC Hearing Aids?

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Hearing is an essential sense that profoundly impacts our lives. It enables us to communicate effectively, stay safe by alerting us to potential dangers, and enjoy the richness of sounds around us. From learning and education to emotional well-being and cognitive function, hearing plays a crucial role in our daily existence. 

Maintaining good hearing health is vital for social interactions, professional success, and an overall higher quality of life. Regular hearing check-ups and appropriate interventions, such as hearing aids, can significantly improve the lives of those with hearing loss, ensuring they can actively engage in the world around them.  Restore Your Hearing, Improve Your Life

What is the company Audien Hearing about?

Audien Hearing was founded in 2016 by Arthur Garber. The company aims to make hearing aids more affordable and accessible to a broader audience. 

The idea behind creating Audien came when Garber searched for hearing aids for his grandmother and realised that the cost of hearing aids was prohibitively high for many people, despite the relatively lower production costs. 

At the time, the average price for a pair of hearing aids was around $4,600, including the devices and expenses related to customisation, follow-up care, and other fees like audiologist exams and hearing centre services. 

Garber was determined to change this situation and create devices that would be available at a fraction of the average cost, making hearing aids more affordable and removing some of the additional expenses associated with their purchase. By doing so, Audien aimed to make hearing aids more accessible to individuals who needed them, improving their quality of life and overall hearing experience.

Audien Hearing has two hearing aid products known as “Audien Atom” and “Audien Atom Pro.” These hearing aids are designed to offer affordable hearing solutions with advanced features. Following is a short description of both;

Audien Atom: The Audien Atom is a basic hearing aid model that provides essential features for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. It aims to offer cost-effective hearing assistance without compromising on sound quality.

Audien Atom Pro: The Audien Atom Pro is a more advanced version of the hearing aid, catering to individuals with a broader range of hearing needs, including those with more severe hearing loss. The Atom Pro likely offers additional features and customisation options compared to the standard Atom model.

Both of these products are a part of Audien Hearing’s commitment to making hearing aids more affordable and accessible to a broader audience. Atom Engineered Means A Lifetime Of Better Hearing


Affordability: One of the standout features of Audien’s products is affordability, as the company’s mission is to provide hearing aids at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional hearing aids.

Wireless Connectivity: Hearing aids with wireless connectivity allow users to stream audio directly from their smartphones, televisions, or other devices. This feature enhances the overall hearing experience and convenience for the user.

Rechargeable Batteries: Rechargeable hearing aids eliminate the need for frequently changing disposable batteries, making them more convenient and eco-friendly.

Advanced Sound Processing: Premium hearing aids often feature advanced sound processing algorithms that can automatically adjust to different listening environments, providing optimal sound quality and speech clarity.

Customization: Hearing aids that offer personalized settings and customization options allow users to fine-tune the devices to their specific hearing needs and preferences.

Smartphone Apps: Some hearing aids have dedicated smartphone apps that allow users to control various features, adjust settings, and access additional functionalities.

Noise Reduction and Feedback Cancellation: Effective noise reduction and feedback cancellation technologies help improve speech understanding in noisy environments and eliminate annoying whistling or feedback sounds.

Telecoil Compatibility: Telecoil (T-coil) technology enables hearing aid users to connect directly to hearing loop systems in public venues, improving sound clarity in theatres, churches, and airports.  BETTERING YOUR HEARING ONE ATOM AT A TIME

What’s included with the hearing aids?

Audien provides five kinds of accessory kits, including: 

  1. Audien hearing accessory pack 
  2. EV1 charging kit 
  3. EV3 charger and dock 
  4. Atom Pro charger and case 
  5. Atom charger and dock

Following is the detailed explanation, price and purchase options of the kits mentioned above;

Audien hearing accessory pack 

The pack costs $12, and its accessories are compatible with all Audien products, excluding the EV1. The package includes 12 extra earbuds, eight earwax guards, a cleaning brush, and a screwdriver for adjusting the volume, which can be inconvenient. Most other hearing aids have volume controls, either physically on the device or remotely via a smartphone app. 

The kit can be bought all at once for $12 or subscribed to for $9 per month to have a new kit sent to the home every month. The EV1 accessory pack costs $10 for a one-time purchase or $8 for the subscription plan. The package includes everything except earwax protectors and four fewer replacement earbuds.

EV1 charging kit

The pack being offered is priced at $14 and it does not come with a subscription option, meaning customers will make a one-time purchase of $14 to get the contents. The package is designed to complement the EV1 product, and it includes all the necessary accessories that come with purchasing an EV1 hearing aid.

The contents of the pack are carefully curated to enhance the experience of using the EV1 hearing aid. It includes two charging plugs and blocks, which are essential for keeping the hearing aid powdered and ready to use. Having two charging plugs ensures that users can have one at home and one at work or keep a spare in their travel bag for convenience.

Additionally, the pack might include other accessories like extra earbuds and earwax guards to provide users with a sufficient supply of replacements. Earbuds are crucial for ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal performance of the hearing aid, while earwax guards help to prevent earwax build-up that can affect the device’s functionality.

Overall, the $14 pack is a comprehensive solution for anyone who owns an EV1 hearing aid or plans to purchase one. It provides all the necessary accessories to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience with the hearing aid, allowing individuals to stay connected to the world of sound with ease and convenience.

EV3 charger and dock

The pack being offered is priced at $14 and presents two options for customers to obtain it. The contents of the pack include a charging block, a charging dock, and a charging cable, all of which are essential for keeping the device powered and ready to use.

Option 1: One-Time Purchase

Customers have the choice to buy the kit once for $14. By opting for this option, they can acquire the charging block, charging dock, and charging cable in a single transaction, providing them with all the necessary accessories for their device.

Option 2: Subscription Plan

Alternatively, customers can choose to subscribe to the service and pay $9 per month. By selecting the subscription plan, they will receive a fresh kit containing a charging block, charging dock, and charging cable every month. This option ensures that users always have access to fully functioning and charged hearing aid accessories.

Atom charger and dock

The $14 Audien accessory kit includes three essential items to enhance the experience of using the Audien hearing aid. The kit contains:

  • Atom Charging Dock: The Atom charging dock is a convenient and stylish way to charge the Audien hearing aid. It provides a secure and stable platform for the device while charging, ensuring that it remains in place and charges efficiently. The Atom charging dock is designed to be user-friendly, allowing easy insertion and removal of the hearing aid during the charging process.
  • Charging Block: The charging block is the power adapter that connects to a power source and supplies the necessary power to charge the Audien hearing aid through the Atom charging dock. The charging block is an essential component of the kit, as it ensures a reliable and safe charging process.
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable: This cable serves as the connection between the charging block and the Atom charging dock. The USB-C end plugs into the charging dock, while the USB-A end connects to the charging block. The USB-C to USB-A cable is designed to deliver fast and efficient charging, ensuring that the hearing aid is ready to use in no time.

Atom Pro charger and case 

The $24 accessory kit offers customers similar accessories to the Atom Charger and Dock kit, with one notable difference. In this kit, the wireless charging dock is replaced by a wireless charging case. The contents of the kit include:

  • Wireless Charging Case: The wireless charging case is a convenient and modern way to charge the Audien hearing aid. Users can simply place the hearing aid inside the case, and it will start charging wirelessly without the need for any cables. The case acts as a portable charging solution, allowing users to charge their hearing aid on the go without the hassle of carrying additional charging accessories.
  • Charging Block: The charging block included in this kit serves the same purpose as in the Atom Charger and Dock kit. It connects to a power source and supplies the necessary power to charge the hearing aid through the wireless charging case.
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable: Similar to the previous kit, this cable is included to provide the connection between the charging block and the wireless charging case. The USB-C end plugs into the case, while the USB-A end connects to the charging block.

The wireless charging case is the highlight of this kit, as it provides the convenience of wirelessly charging the hearing aid. The case is designed to hold enough charge to last for four days, ensuring that users can have their hearing aid charged for an extended period before needing to recharge the case itself.

Who should purchase it?

Audien hearing aids are designed to be an ideal option for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. However, they may not be the best choice for patients with complicated hearing loss, as more complex hearing needs may require specialised and advanced hearing aid solutions.

Besides catering to those with mild to moderate hearing loss, the Audien hearing aids brand can also be suitable for the following groups:

  • People in Financial Constraints: Audien hearing aids may be an appealing option for individuals who need hearing assistance but cannot afford traditional, higher-priced hearing aids. These devices provide a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising on basic hearing enhancement features.
  • Enhanced Hearing for Specific Activities: Some people may want to enhance their hearing for specific activities, such as watching television or engaging in social gatherings. Audien hearing aids can provide a practical solution for these situations, offering improved sound clarity and amplification.
  • Trial Sound Amplification: For individuals who are considering hearing aids but are uncertain about committing to a more expensive purchase, Audien hearing aids offer an opportunity to try out sound amplification. This trial period can help users experience the benefits of hearing enhancement and determine if hearing aids are the right choice for them.
  • Moderate or Intermittent Hearing Loss: Audien hearing aids are well-suited for individuals with moderate or intermittent hearing loss. These devices can effectively assist with hearing in various situations, making them a valuable tool for individuals facing mild to moderate hearing challenges.

How much does the hearing aid cost?

The EV1 model costs $89 per pair, including shipping and tax, while the EV3 model costs $199. Newer models like the $99 Atom and the $249 Atom Pro are also available. Each device set includes a USB charging station, a volume adjustment tool, and a cleaning brush.

Customers can replace their lost, broken, or water-damaged device at discounted prices when they buy the lifetime protection plan. According to the Audien website, discounted prices for EV1, EV3, Atom, and Atom Pro through the lifetime protection plan are $19, $29, $24, and $34, respectively.

Final Verdict

In summary, Audien hearing aids cater to a specific segment of the population with mild to moderate hearing loss and offer an affordable option for those in need of hearing assistance. They may also be an attractive choice for individuals who wish to enhance their hearing for specific activities or explore sound amplification before making a more substantial investment in traditional hearing aids. For those facing moderate or intermittent hearing loss, Audien hearing aids can provide valuable support for better hearing experiences. Visit Audien Hearing Aids Official Website Here


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