Baldur's Gate 3: How to Auto Sort Inventory?

Baldur's Gate 3 How to Auto Sort Inventory?

Embark on your journey in Baldur's Gate 3 equipped with the knowledge of efficient inventory management. Amidst the riches and discoveries that await, learn how to sort your inventory strategically to avoid encumbrance and maximize your adventuring potential.

In the vast world of BG3, the weight of each item plays a crucial role, contributing to your inventory's capacity. As you amass a variety of treasures, armaments, and essentials, being mindful of their collective weight is imperative. Once your belongings cross a certain threshold, your character will grapple with an "encumbered" status, hampering movement and emphasizing the need for prudent inventory organization.

Unlock the art of inventory sorting to wield full control over your possessions. Opening your inventory is as simple as tapping the tab key, revealing the collective items carried by your party. Discover the sorting icon nestled in the upper-left corner, beckoning you to unravel its organizational prowess.

Engage with the sorting icon to reveal a cascade of options tailored to your needs. Arrange items by their most recent value, weight, or type, enabling swift identification of disposables and assets worthy of sale. Delve deeper into the system to uncover specialized categorization, thanks to the intuitive search bar. Equip yourself with the ability to group items by Equipment, Potions, Scrolls, Arrows, Throwables, and Camp Supplies, drastically simplifying your inventory navigation.

The convenience doesn't end there; customize your sorting strategies for individual characters by a simple left-click selection. Empower each member of your party to maintain an organized inventory, paving the way for seamless exploration and combat readiness. As you traverse the realm of Baldur's Gate 3, let efficient inventory sorting be your guiding light towards triumph and discovery.

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate III, developed and published by Larian Studios, is a highly anticipated role-playing video game and the third installment in the renowned Baldur's Gate series, drawing inspiration from the iconic Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing system. On October 6, 2020, the game's early access version was made available for macOS, Windows, and the Stadia streaming service, giving players a glimpse into its immersive world and gameplay mechanics. During the early access phase, players had the opportunity to experience certain features, and Larian Studios welcomed feedback to improve the game before its full release.

The developers aimed to keep Baldur's Gate III in early access until its official launch on PC, scheduled for August 3, 2023. This approach allowed the studio to gather valuable insights from players, address any bugs or issues, and make necessary refinements based on community input, ensuring a polished final release. Excitingly, the game was also planned for release on PlayStation 5 on September 6, 2023, and an Xbox Series X/S port was in development, expanding its availability to a broader audience.

However, not all platforms were able to witness the game's full release. The Stadia version of Baldur's Gate III faced unfortunate cancellation following the closure of the Stadia streaming service, leaving fans who had hoped to play on the platform disappointed.

Despite the setback, expectations remained high for Baldur's Gate III, as it aimed to uphold the legacy of its beloved predecessors and embrace the immersive world of Dungeons & Dragons. Fans eagerly awaited the complete release, anticipating an enthralling and memorable gaming experience that would carry forward the series' esteemed reputation.


Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay

Baldur's Gate III, developed and published by Larian Studios, is an immersive and highly anticipated role-playing video game that offers players a rich and captivating experience. The game provides both a single-player and cooperative multiplayer element, allowing players to embark on a thrilling adventure on their own or team up with friends for an even more engaging journey.

In the game, players have the exciting opportunity to create one or more unique characters, customizing their appearance, abilities, and attributes. These characters will serve as the protagonists throughout the story, shaping the narrative and the choices made during their quests. Additionally, players can form a party by recruiting computer-generated characters to join them on their journey, further enhancing the immersive and dynamic gameplay.

Furthermore, Baldur's Gate III presents an exciting online multiplayer feature, allowing players to join forces with others from around the world. By teaming up online, players can create a party comprising their custom-made characters and those of their fellow players, forming a cooperative alliance to face challenges together.

A significant departure from its predecessors in the Baldur's Gate series, Baldur's Gate III implements a turn-based combat system. This combat style was popularized in Larian's previous successful games, Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II. However, in this latest installment, the combat mechanics are skillfully integrated with the rules of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, adding a new layer of depth and strategy to battles.

The incorporation of the D&D 5th Edition rules ensures that players experience a familiar and authentic representation of the iconic tabletop role-playing system. By adopting this ruleset, Baldur's Gate III offers a seamless transition for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers to the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

As players immerse themselves in the vast and intricately crafted world of Baldur's Gate III, they can expect to encounter a rich narrative, make impactful choices, and face a diverse array of challenges that will test their wits and abilities. The game's attention to detail, compelling storyline, and interactive gameplay make it a highly sought-after title for role-playing game enthusiasts and fans of the legendary Baldur's Gate series alike.

Baldur's Gate 3 Overview


Larian Studios


Larian Studios


Swen Vincke


Borislav Slavov


Baldur's Gate


macOS, Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


Windows: 3 August 2023

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