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Baldurs Gate 3

Baldur's Gate III is an immersive role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios. As the third installment in the beloved Baldur's Gate series, the game draws inspiration from the iconic Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing system. Initially, a partial version was made available to players in early access format on macOS, Windows, and the Stadia streaming service, debuting on October 6, 2020.

Throughout the early access period, the developers collaborated with the community to refine and enhance the game before its full release. The eagerly awaited full version of Baldur's Gate III was officially launched on PC on August 3, 2023, much to the delight of fans.

Following this milestone, the game was subsequently released on the PlayStation 5 platform on September 6, 2023. Additionally, plans are underway for the development of an Xbox Series X/S port to extend the game's reach to even more players.

Unfortunately, there was a setback in the game's availability on the Stadia platform. Due to the closure of Stadia, the Stadia version of Baldur's Gate III had to be canceled. Nevertheless, the game's overall reception and success have been commendable, as players have been enthralled by the captivating world and engaging gameplay that Larian Studios has brought to life.

Baldurs Gate 3 Review Embargo

The review embargo for Baldur's Gate 3 is set to lift on August 3, 2023, which means that critics and players will be able to share their final impressions of the game starting at that time. The embargo has been put in place to prevent early reviews and spoilers from being published before the game's official release. This has disappointed some PC players who were eager to read reviews ahead of the launch.

The late delivery of review codes has contributed to the lack of comprehensive reviews before the release date, as critics have had limited time to complete a game of this scale, which can take over 75 hours to complete. Instead, we can expect to see reviews-in-progress starting on August 3rd, which will provide some initial impressions and insights into the game.


Where to Find Baldur's Gate 3 Reviews?

As of now, there are no full reviews for Baldur's Gate 3 available, as the review embargo is in effect until August 3, 2023. The game's launch on PC has been complicated by late review copies and no pre-loads, making it challenging for critics to provide comprehensive reviews before the release. Players and fans will have to wait until the embargo lifts to read and watch reviews from various gaming publications and content creators.

For those who are interested in learning about the game's quality and gameplay experience, it will be best to keep an eye on gaming websites, YouTube channels, and social media platforms on and after August 3rd for reviews, impressions, and discussions about Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldurs Gate 3 Gameplay

Baldur's Gate III is an exceptional role-playing video game that seamlessly blends a captivating single-player experience with an exciting cooperative multiplayer component. Players have the freedom to create and customize one or more unique characters, assembling a party that includes computer-generated companions to embark on a thrilling journey through the game's rich narrative.

The game offers a fantastic opportunity for players to team up online and venture forth with their created characters, collaborating with other players to form a powerful and diverse party.[1] This cooperative multiplayer feature enhances the social aspect of the gameplay and adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy.

Unlike its predecessors in the Baldur's Gate series, Baldur's Gate III introduces a turn-based combat system, reminiscent of Larian Studios' previous successful titles, Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II. The combat mechanics are based on the acclaimed D&D 5th Edition rules, providing players with a familiar yet refreshing approach to battles and encounters.

Baldur's Gate III delivers an extraordinary gaming experience with its blend of single-player and multiplayer gameplay, character customization options, and engaging turn-based combat, making it a must-play for both RPG enthusiasts and Dungeons & Dragons fans alike.



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