Baldurs Gate 3 Shadowheart Location, Where To Find Shadowheart In Baldurs Gate 3?

Baldurs Gate 3 Shadowheart Location

Shadowheart, the half-drow cleric, can be encountered in two locations within Baldur's Gate 3. Initially, she is found aboard the Nautiloid, a Mind Flayer ship where she is trapped in a pod. Freeing her is necessary to recruit her as a companion.

Later on, if you miss the opportunity to recruit Shadowheart in the Nautiloid, you can still find her in the Druid's Grove. Specifically, she can be located in the Dank Crypt, a small cave situated in the northeast of the grove. However, convincing her to join your party will require more effort as she won't be as friendly.

Shadowheart's character is multifaceted, grappling with her dark past while seeking her place in the world. Despite her inner conflicts, she proves to be a loyal and capable companion, making her a valuable asset to your party throughout the game.

In Baldur's Gate 3, Shadowheart is one of the companions that players can recruit and travel with. As for her location, Shadowheart can be found early in the game in the Grove area, specifically within the ruined chapel. The Grove is located in the southeastern part of the map, near the Blighted Village.

To reach Shadowheart's location, players need to make their way through the various areas of the game, following the main quest line. Once in the Grove, they can explore the area and look for the ruined chapel to encounter and recruit Shadowheart as one of their companions.

It's important to note that Baldur's Gate 3 is a complex and evolving game, and the precise locations of characters can be subject to change as the game continues its development.

Where To Find Shadowheart In Baldurs Gate 3?

Shadowheart's fate lies in your hands as you traverse the Nautiloid during the prologue (Patch 5 and later). Within the confines of the ship, you can release her from a pod by locating and placing a specific rune in the nearby console. Some classes might even possess the means to bypass the need for the rune.

Upon her liberation, Shadowheart offers to accompany you to the helm. After leaving the Nautiloid, you will discover her unconscious on the nearby Ravaged Beach. In gratitude for her earlier freedom, she expresses her desire to join your party.

Alternatively, should you fail to free Shadowheart from the pod aboard the Nautiloid, fear not, for you can still encounter her. At the entrance of the Dank Crypt, located in the Abandoned Ruins at the northern end of the Ravaged Beach, she presents herself once again, offering her services to join your party.

In various accounts, Shadowheart's rescue is mentioned during the Nautiloid segment in Act 1 or her discovery behind a locked crypt door. The possibilities of finding her trapped in a pod aboard the Mind Flayer Nautiloid during the prologue, or encountering her in the beach area and the Grove, are also explored.


How To Recruit Shadowheart?

Behold, the enigmatic Shadowheart awaits your discovery, pounding on the pod door of a Cephlapod as you embark on the enthralling journey that is Chapter One in the escape from the formidable nautiloid ship.

For those intrigued by the means to liberate Shadowheart from her confinements aboard the nautiloid ship, fear not, for a solution exists. Our comprehensive guide, accessible through the link above, provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this feat.

Amidst the prologue of Baldur's Gate 3, a thrilling encounter awaits, where you shall find Shadowheart ensnared within a pod aboard the Mind Flayer Nautiloid. A cunning act involving the placement of the correct rune within a nearby console shall grant her freedom, and she shall grace your party with her presence as you make your daring escape from the ship.

Once safely ashore on the Ravaged Beach, you shall encounter the grateful Shadowheart, who expresses her profound gratitude for her liberation and offers her allegiance to your noble cause.

Should you have opted to forego her liberation during the Nautiloid ordeal, fret not, for fate shall still lead you to cross paths with her. The abandoned ruins, standing proudly at the end of the Ravaged Beach, serve as the backdrop for your meeting, where Shadowheart, though unaided, willingly extends her support to join your noble quest.

And lo, if you have chosen to overlook the ever-resilient Shadowheart (though, we must say, a tad discourteous), worry not, for she shall make a valiant return at the Druid's Grove. Her forgiving nature shines through, and she once again extends the offer to join your ranks. However, be wary, for if the valiant Lae'zel graces your company, a Persuasion check shall determine the course of events in your quest to recruit her.

As fate unfolds its wondrous tapestry, rest assured, you shall not escape encounters with Shadowheart. Whether she awaits you still within the pod on the beach or eventually reveals herself within the druid enclave, her resolute determination shall lead her to your camp, brimming with a sense of purpose.

In these encounters, your wit and persuasion may sway her heart, and in time, the paths of destiny shall unite you. Be it sooner or later, the roads shall converge, and Shadowheart shall weave her way into your extraordinary tale.

Shadowheart’s Proficiencies

Having Proficiency in a Skill brings forth a wondrous advantage, bestowing a bonus upon your skill checks and bolstering the odds of your success.

Behold the multifaceted talents of Shadowheart, for she possesses prowess in the realms of:

In the genesis of your journey, during character creation, you hold the power to tailor your path by selecting two skill proficiencies from the alluring array below. Yet, take heed and choose wisely, as you cannot opt for a skill already blessed by your Background or Race.

The choices that lay before you encompass the captivating domains of

  • History 
  • Medicine 
  • Persuasion

Such is the tapestry of her skills, and together they weave the grand tapestry of your adventure, guiding you through the labyrinthine paths of your destiny.

  • Simple Weapons
  • Morningstars
  • Spears
  • Pikes
  • Halberds
  • Glaives
  • Light Armour
  • Medium Armour
  • Shields

Shadowheart’s Class Features

In the vast realm of divine magic, Clerics stand as revered emissaries of the gods they devoutly worship, wielding their potent powers for both benevolent and malevolent purposes.

Behold, Shadowheart, a resolute Cleric whose path is steadfast and fixed, her class and subclass etched in the annals of fate, unchangeable at the inception of your grand journey.

As a Cleric, she embraces the following class features, each a testament to her divine connection:

  • Level 1 Spell Slots Unlocked: Within her spiritual arsenal lie two level 1 spell slots, replenished with the embrace of a Long Rest, ready to bestow miracles upon the deserving or bring wrath upon the wicked.
  • Domain Spells: Embracing the unique essence of her chosen domain, she wields a collection of spells, ever at the ready, forever bound to her sacred purpose.

In addition to these Cleric class features, her path of Trickery unveils an array of captivating subclass features:

  • Blessing of the Trickster: With an artful touch, she grants another creature the boon of advantage on their Stealth checks, shrouding them in elusive shadows.
  • Charm Person: Weaving a charm of enchantment, she bends the will of humanoids, preventing them from striking her and gifting her the advantage of persuasive charisma in dialogue.
  • Disguise Self: The power of illusion lies in her hands, allowing her to mystically alter her appearance, a master of transformation, a face in the crowd or a phantom in the night.
  • Thus, the story of Shadowheart unfolds, a Cleric of unyielding devotion and a Trickery domain adept, weaving her divine tapestry in the fabric of your grand tale.

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