Breakfast Slang Meaning In Nigeria


Many Nigerians, particularly those who use Twitter, are familiar with the slang term “breakfast”. When a man or woman abruptly breaks up with their partner, breakfast is frequently regarded as a sad and emotional event in the relationship.

Breakfast can take one of two forms: the “known” or the “unknown.” The ”known” moment is when your lover breaks up with you verbally or through text messages.

The “unknown” is when he terminates the relationship abruptly and you are completely unaware that you have been dumped. It’s a one-sided breakup, to put it simply.

It goes without saying that being dumped by your significant other is not a fun experience, especially if you’ve never had a meaningful conversation about parting ways.

7 Ways to Know if you have been served breakfast

To save you from the delusion of thinking your relationship still exists, here are seven ways to tell that you have been dumped.

He doesn’t pick up your calls or respond to your texts.

Without communication, what is a relationship? There is a very good likelihood that your partner is ghosting you if he doesn’t return your calls or respond to your texts for numerous days or weeks.

Some guys would rather take the cowardly option of ghosting their women than informing them outright that the relationship is ended. The result is that they either block their contacts or mark communications as unread.

Cut off from family and friends

People in relationships increasingly take it for granted to get to know their partners’ families and friends. It frequently results in a kind of bond between the two parties. However, it is obvious that the friendship formed will suffer if a relationship has problems.

There is a good chance his pals have been told about the one-sided breakup and urged to avoid you if you discover they have ceased talking to you or canceled hangout plans.

Post motivational quotes or memes about being single.

If he puts quotes like “Single all the way” or “Don’t need a woman to survive” on his WhatsApp status or Instagram stories, the relationship is over. He would most likely do this to obliquely signal that he is back on the streets and doesn’t want to interact with you.

There are memes as well. You should approach your boyfriend if he regularly uploads memes about breakups or being single in order to find out if your relationship is a joke.

Changes his relationship status on social media.

Time to grab your phone and visit your partner’s social media profile. If his relationship status has transformed from “in a relationship” to “single,” I’m sorry to inform you that your relationship has been declared obsolete, and the entire world knows except you.

Takes your photos off his social media accounts.

When you break up with someone, the first guideline is to remove their photos from your social media profiles. Not the only digital red flag to watch out for is someone changing their relationship status. Additionally, look through his posts to see if there are any pictures of you.

You may tell he is starting fresh with his next girlfriend if you see that the photos you appeared in have been removed from his page.

Retrieves things he gave to you.

A man can show a woman his love by giving her a gift. During your relationship, your partner will undoubtedly give you at least one gift. There is a chance he wants his “investment” back before entirely ghosting you if he asks for it one day and gives an excuse.

Be cautious if he transfers any of his possessions out of your house since he might be moving in with someone else.

Starts openly dating another person.

Please consider the possibility that your relationship may be finished before you discount your friend’s claim that she saw your boyfriend making out with another woman.

The truth is that no one wants to confront the possibility that someone they care about has moved on, but if you learn from several sources that your partner has made public displays of affection for another woman, accept the fact that you have been dumped.



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