Did Stephen A Smith Leave First Take? Where is Stephen A Smith?

Who is Stephen A. Smith?

Stephen A. Smith is an American sports television personality, sports radio host, and sports journalist. He is widely recognized for his prominent roles in sports media and his passionate and often outspoken commentary on various sports topics. Born on October 14, 1967, in The Bronx, New York, Smith has become a well-known figure in the world of sports analysis and reporting.

He has made frequent appearances as an NBA analyst on ESPN, providing insights and commentary on programs like "SportsCenter" and "NBA Countdown." Smith is also prominently featured on the sports debate show "First Take," where he engages in lively discussions and debates on various sports issues alongside co-hosts like Molly Qerim.

Smith's career in sports journalism has included hosting his own radio show, "The Stephen A. Smith Show," on ESPN Radio. He has contributed as a columnist for both ESPN and The Philadelphia Inquirer, sharing his opinions and analyses on a wide range of sports topics.

Known for his energetic and animated on-air presence, Stephen A. Smith's expertise spans across multiple sports, with a focus on basketball, particularly the NBA. He has built a reputation for his candid and often provocative commentary, making him a polarizing yet influential figure in the sports media landscape.


Stephen A. Smith




TV Personality

Date of Birth

October 14, 1967


Winston-Salem State University


Did Stephen A Smith Leave First Take? 

Rumors and apprehensions circulated among ESPN viewers regarding the potential departure of Stephen A. Smith from "First Take." These concerns were sparked when co-host Chris Russo (Mad Dog) hinted at a significant shift during the show. Russo's remark of a "new era beginning" and Stephen A. Smith's absence led to speculation about his exit from "First Take."

The clarification highlighted that he's presently on vacation and anticipated to return to "First Take" soon. Despite the uncertainties, it's affirmed that Stephen A. Smith will persist as a vital contributor to the show, countering the departure speculations.

In essence, Stephen A. Smith remains with "First Take." His absence is due to vacation, with his return imminent. The preliminary concerns were rectified, solidifying his ongoing role as a significant broadcaster on ESPN's "First Take."


Where is Stephen A. Smith?

There were speculations and concerns among ESPN viewers about Stephen A. Smith's potential departure from the show "First Take." This uncertainty arose when co-host Chris Russo (Mad Dog) made a statement suggesting a "new era" on the show, hinting that Stephen A. Smith might not be part of it anymore. This led to rumors circulating about Smith's departure.

It was disclosed that he was on vacation during the time of the speculations, and there were no intentions for him to permanently leave "First Take." The source emphasized that despite the concerns and rumors, Smith's absence was a result of his vacation, and he was expected to return to the show.

The initial concerns about Stephen A. Smith's departure from "First Take" were triggered by comments from Chris Russo, suggesting a "new era." The exclusive update from The Sun U.S. debunked these rumors, confirming that Smith was on vacation and would be making a full return to the show. This reaffirmed his integral role on "First Take" and dismissed any notions of his permanent departure from the program.

Stephen A. Smith General Hospital

"Brick" is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital," portrayed by Stephen A. Smith. Brick is a recurring character on the show, known for his role as a surveillance/tech expert for the Corinthos mob family. His first appearance was on March 31, 2016, and he has made multiple returns to the show since then.

As an African-American male character, Brick plays a significant part in the show's storylines. He assists Sonny Corinthos, a prominent character within the mob family, with various tasks that involve surveillance, technology, and the criminal operations of the mob. Despite his involvement in criminal activities, Brick's skills and expertise in surveillance and technology make him an important asset to Sonny's operations.

Stephen A. Smith's portrayal of Brick adds an intriguing layer to "General Hospital." While the character is part of the criminal world, his recurring presence indicates his relevance to the show's plotlines.

Brick's sporadic appearances over the years have allowed the character to become intertwined with the Corinthos family's affairs, contributing to the complexities of relationships, alliances, and conflicts that are central to the soap opera's narrative.

Stephen A. Smith's portrayal of Brick in "General Hospital" showcases his versatility as a television personality, as he takes on a fictional role that involves both criminal intrigue and technical expertise within the context of the show's storyline.

Stephen A. Smith First Take News

Rumors and apprehensions arose among ESPN viewers regarding Stephen A. Smith's departure from "First Take." The speculation stemmed from comments made by co-host Chris Russo, suggesting a possible "new era" on the show without Smith. This sparked rumors and uncertainty about his status on the popular sports debate program.

However, an exclusive update from a source offered clarity on the matter. The information revealed that Stephen A. Smith had not left the ESPN program; rather, he was on a scheduled vacation during the period in question.

The rumors were promptly addressed and corrected, confirming that Smith's absence was temporary, and he remains a vital part of the "First Take" team. This clarification provided assurance to concerned fans and viewers who had been worried about the potential departure of one of the show's prominent figures.

To sum up, initial rumors and concerns surrounding Stephen A. Smith's departure from "First Take" were dispelled as it was made clear that he is on vacation and will be resuming his role on the show. This sequence of events underscores his ongoing significance to the program.

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