Dreaming Freedom Chapter 102, Recap, and Release Date

Dreaming Freedom Chapter 102

In the highly anticipated Chapter 102 of the romantic-comedy manga "From Dreams to Freedom," fans are on the cusp of a moment they've longed for. Following an emotional exchange between characters Jeongmin CHOI and Siyun BAEK, Jeongmin's heartfelt confession of her true feelings has left fans eagerly awaiting the chapter's release.

Recapping Chapter 101, Jeongmin and Siyun navigated their emotions amidst Siyun's mood swings, showcasing their resilience. Jeongmin's courageous declaration of love was the pinnacle, moving Siyun and readers alike.

While the anticipated release date for Chapter 102 is approximately August 8th, 2023, its official release remains unconfirmed, with timing varying across different time zones; readers are eager to witness Siyun's reaction to Jeongmin's confession and the potential evolution of their relationship.

The manga's availability on platforms like Naver Comics and Naver Series allows fans to immerse themselves in the characters' journey. With the excitement palpable, Chapter 102 is poised to captivate readers once more through its storytelling, emotions, and endearing characters.

What’s Next for the Couple?

As the echoes of Jeongmin's confession linger, fans are now eagerly speculating about Siyun's reaction and the potential trajectory of this charming couple's journey. Will Siyun's feelings mirror Jeongmin's? Anticipation abounds over whether their relationship will ascend to a deeper connection. The forthcoming chapter is poised to unveil the resolutions to these burning questions, promising to quench the thirst for insights into the duo's evolving dynamics.


Dreaming Freedom  Release Date

Scheduled for a potential release on August 8th, 2023, with an unconfirmed status, Chapter 102's timing diverges across time zones, stirring curiosity about Siyun's reaction to Jeongmin's confession and the progression of their relationship. Fans from different parts of the world can refer to their specific time zones to determine the precise release time.

Time Zone



Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

August 8, 2023

8:00 AM

Central Daylight Time (CDT)

August 8, 2023

10:00 AM

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

August 8, 2023

11:00 AM

British Summer Time (BST)

August 8, 2023

4:00 PM

Central European Time (CEST)

August 8, 2023

5:00 PM

Indian Standard Time (IST)

August 8, 2023

8:30 PM

Chinese Standard Time (CST)

August 8, 2023

11:00 PM

Singapore Standard Time (SGT)

August 8, 2023

11:00 PM

Philippines Standard Time (PHT)

August 8, 2023

11:00 PM

Japanese Standard Time (JST)

August 9, 2023

12:00 AM

Korean Standard Time (KST)

August 9, 2023

12:00 AM

Australia Central Daylight Time (ACDT)

August 9, 2023

12:30 AM

From Dreams to Dreams to Freedom Chapter 101 Recap

In the preceding Chapter 101 of "From Dreams to Freedom," an emotionally charged dialogue unfolds between the central characters, Jeongmin CHOI and Siyun BAEK, as they engage in a seemingly ordinary conversation. The narrative takes an unexpected twist when Siyun candidly discusses his struggle with mood swings, a predicament that has inflicted considerable pain and emotional distress upon Jeongmin.

This emotional ordeal leads her to shed tears and endure mental turmoil. Subsequently, the storyline reveals that Siyun possesses a deep understanding of his mood swings, prompting him to implore Jeongmin to alert him when his emotions become overwhelming. Concern for her well-being becomes apparent when Siyun notices Jeongmin's fever after an intimate moment.

In a subsequent scene, Jeongmin is depicted resting on a bed, prompting Siyun to tend to her fever. Her reluctance to let him go highlights her desire for his presence during this vulnerable time.

The plot takes an unexpected turn with the revelation that Jeongmin's father's purported business trip masks an affair with another individual. The revelation of his termination from employment adds to Jeongmin's disillusionment, branding him as a hopeless figure. This information stirs anger in Siyun when Jeongmin shares the details, seemingly unable to fathom the extent of her father's actions.

As the chapter progresses, the narrative delves into Jeongmin's aversion to violence, stemming from prior experiences. Despite being aware of Siyun's violent tendencies, she forges a connection with him, even cultivating romantic feelings.

The pinnacle of the chapter arrives with Jeongmin's long-awaited confession of her affection for Siyun. She expresses her love in an earnest and romantic manner, stating her determination to mend him rather than sever their bond in trying times.

Siyun's reaction is a mix of surprise and emotion upon hearing the three words he yearned for, as a solitary tear escapes his eye. Jeongmin's playful comment adds a touch of levity, concluding Chapter 101 of "From Dreams to Freedom" on a poignant note.

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