E8 Funding Scam or Legit? Traders Union Experts Investigate Legitimacy and Safety

Experts at TU, backed by their extensive knowledge and experience, thoroughly investigate the legitimacy and safety of prop trading firms like E8 Funding, whose popularity among Forex traders has surged in 2023. Novice traders, seeking reassurance and guidance, frequently raise concerns regarding the trustworthiness of such platforms. To alleviate these doubts, Traders Union analysts meticulously compile precise and comprehensive details, leaving no room for ambiguity, to definitively determine whether E8 Funding is a scam or a secure and reliable option for traders to consider.

What is E8 Funding?

E8 Funding, established on November 5th, 2021, operates from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices in Prague. The firm’s primary objective is to identify undiscovered talent within the community and offer them strategic partnerships along with cutting-edge software solutions. Notably, E8 Funding sets itself apart by collaborating directly with first-level providers, rather than working with brokers.

How safe is E8 Funding?

Despite speculations, TU analysts find no validity to the accusation of E8 Funding scam. E8 Funding is a safe company with several security measures in place for its users. Two-Factor Authentication is available for funded trading accounts and is an excellent way for users to enhance security. As the firm provides all the capital, traders need to undergo a thorough Know Your Client (KYC) check to receive profits. If a trader fails to meet the KYC requirements or does not pass Deel’s biometric verification, they won’t be able to withdraw profits from their funded trading account. 

What are the pros and cons of E8 Funding?

According to analysts at Traders Union, there are many crucial advantages and disadvantages of the E8 Funding prop trading firm.

Advantages of E8 Funding:

  • There are no restrictions on traders holding positions overnight or trading on weekends.
  • Three different account options are available to investors based on their individual needs.
  • A user-friendly dashboard is provided by the proprietary trading firm, enhancing the overall trading experience.
  • Traders gain access to higher trading capital, enabling them to explore more significant opportunities.
  • Trading styles are not restricted, so traders can implement their preferred strategies.
  • E8 Funding provides access to multi-featured trading platforms like MT4/5, enhancing trading efficiency.
  • Investors can leverage up to 1:100, which enables them to potentially amplify their gains.
  • Traders can diversify their portfolios by engaging in trades across five different instruments.

Disadvantages of E8 Funding:

  • Investors are required to pay upfront fees for the audition process, which could be seen as a potential drawback.
  • The firm does not have a call center for customer support, which may affect accessibility and responsiveness.
  • E8 Funding incurs relatively high commission costs, which might impact profitability for some traders.

Is E8 Funding legit?

E8 Funding, established in 2021, has quickly emerged as one of the reputable and leading prop trading firms, serving thousands of traders worldwide. The firm is registered in both the USA and the Czech Republic and operates in multiple countries. E8 Funding has gained prominence for providing one of the most attractive funded trading accounts, and it holds an impressive 25th position among 756 active competitors.

However, it’s essential to note that, like many prop firms, E8 Funding is not subject to regulation since prop firms are distinct from brokers in terms of regulatory oversight. Regarding its legitimacy in various countries, E8 Funding is generally accessible and legitimate worldwide, except for specific restricted nations.


TU experts thoroughly investigate and analyze the legitimacy and safety of prop trading firms like E8 Funding. Their precise analysis provides valuable insights, confirming that E8 Funding is indeed a legitimate and leading player in the industry. While the firm is not regulated like most prop firms, it offers one of the best funded trading accounts and maintains a high ranking among competitors.


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