Emmerdale Legend Matthew Wolfenden 'Quits' ITV Soap After 17 Years


Emmerdale, formerly Emmerdale Farm until 1989, is a prominent British television soap opera broadcast on ITV. Set in the fictional village of Emmerdale (previously Beckindale until 1994) nestled in the scenic Yorkshire Dales, the show was created by Kevin Laffan and premiered as Emmerdale Farm on 16 October 1972. Filming has occurred at Leeds Studios for interior scenes, while initial exterior scenes were shot in Arncliffe, Littondale, possibly inspired by the area's ancient name, Amerdale.

Production later shifted to Esholt and presently, a custom-built set on the Harewood estate. Initially, a daytime series planned for three months, its popularity led to extended episodes and a transition to early-evening prime-time broadcasts across regions by 1978. Notable changes in the late 1980s brought a name alteration, more intense storylines, and increased episodes, propelling Emmerdale's stature in British soap opera circles.

Emmerdale Legend Matthew Wolfenden 'Quits' ITV Soap After 17 Years

Emmerdale fans are in for a major shift as long-standing star Matthew Wolfenden, known for his portrayal of David Metcalfe, is rumored to be bidding farewell to the beloved ITV soap after an impressive 17-year run. The news, first brought to light by The Sun, has sent shockwaves through the show's dedicated audience.

Wolfenden's decision seems rooted in his desire for a fresh chapter, prompted by a perceived dearth of substantial and challenging storylines for his character over the past few months. This potential departure marks a significant turning point for both the actor and the show's narrative landscape, leaving viewers curious about the future trajectory of Emmerdale in the wake of this impending change.


Emmerdale Legend 'Quits' ITV Soap After 17 Years

Recognized within the world of Emmerdale, Matthew Wolfenden has firmly established his reputation as a true icon through his outstanding portrayal of David Metcalfe over an impressive span of 17 years. Since his introduction in 2006, Wolfenden has made a lasting impact on the show, becoming closely associated with his character.

However, recent information indicates that this longstanding period is coming to an end, as the actor is reportedly saying goodbye to his role on the well-established ITV soap opera. With his choice to leave the soap opera scene, a significant chapter is reaching its conclusion, leaving a legacy that will surely be remembered by both fans and fellow cast members.

Who was Matthew Wolfenden?

Matthew Wolfenden, born on 5 May 1980, has undoubtedly etched a remarkable path in the realm of English acting, garnering extensive acclaim for his exceptional depiction of David Metcalfe in the illustrious British soap opera, Emmerdale.

Through his embodiment of this character, Wolfenden has not only demonstrated his remarkable acting skills but has also firmly established himself as a significant figure in the dynamic entertainment industry. His unwavering commitment to his role has transformed him into a recognizable figure for television viewers, playing an indispensable role in shaping the ongoing triumph of Emmerdale's narrative journey.





Matthew Wolfenden


5 May 1980 (age 43)


Norwood Green, West Yorkshire, England



Years active



Emmerdale (2006–2023)


Charley Webb (m. 2018)



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