Escape From Tarkov 0.13.5 Patch Notes and Updates

Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is a first-person shooter game developed by Battlestate Games. The game is set in a fictional city in Russia called Tarkov, which has been sealed off due to political conflict and is now under the control of private military companies. The game is known for its intense gameplay and realistic depiction of combat.

The gameplay of Escape From Tarkov is centered around survival and looting. Players take on the role of a mercenary who is stranded in Tarkov and must fight to survive and escape. The game features a variety of maps, each with different objectives and challenges.

One of the unique features of Escape From Tarkov is its hardcore realism. The game includes realistic ballistics, weapon handling, and health mechanics, which means that players must be careful in their movements and tactics. For example, players must manage their stamina and hunger levels, and injuries can have a significant impact on their ability to fight.

The game also features a complex economy system, where players can buy, sell, and trade items with each other and with AI-controlled vendors. This allows players to acquire better weapons and equipment but also means that they must manage their resources carefully.

Escape From Tarkov also features online multiplayer, where players can team up with each other to complete objectives or engage in PvP combat. The game is known for its intense firefights and high stakes, as losing a character means losing all of their equipment and progress.

Escape From Tarkov is a highly challenging and immersive first-person shooter game that offers a unique and realistic gameplay experience. Its hardcore realism, complex economy system, and intense multiplayer combat make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Escape From Tarkov 0.13.5 Patch Notes


Added new boss Kaban. He once had a small legal business in Tarkov but was not afraid to use criminal methods of money acquisition. After the general evacuation, he remained in the city, and his gang has grown. 

His size allows him to fire various heavy machine guns without resting the gun, but at the same time, Kaban cannot afford to be mobile and therefore either stays in position or moves slowly from point to point during combat. He has a large number of well-armed guards, some of whom are former military men who have organized a strong defense for him.

The boss dwells in the area of the car repair shop on "Streets of Tarkov". The area is heavily defended, entrances are fortified with stationary machine guns and AGS, the paths are mined, and there are snipers on the roof of the car service center.

Kaban uses a custom rig to store machine gun boxes, wears body armor under his clothes, and has unquestionable authority among his guards. Scavs nearby help the boss with defense and will engage in combat for Kaban.

Kit presets

  • Added the ability to save a gear preset and quickly equip it. The player can name the preset, select the one he wants to equip, see its contents, weight, and compare it with other equipment sets;
  • The screen of the selected equipment set is divided into two tabs:
    • "Equipment" which will display all available gear slots;
    • "Pouches" which display the contents of the rigs, pockets, backpack, and secured container;
  • The selected equipment set is assembled from matching items in the player's stash. If the player does not have enough items in the stash to assemble the kit, the missing items can be purchased from merchants/the flea market;
  • After character creation, 15 basic sets of equipment are available to the player;
  • The player can create up to 50 custom gear sets.

Random container spawn

Containers will now spawn at random points. The number of spawn points for containers has been increased in all locations. 

Large wooden crates, some TerraGroup crates, large cash registers, and file cabinets will now always spawn at their respective locations.

Sidearm quick swap

When the holstered weapon hotkey is pressed twice (key 1 by default), the character will swap weapons quicker. This action consumes arm stamina, and if it is insufficient, the weapon equipped in the hands will tremble. Upon training weapon mastering and corresponding with the weapon type skill the amount of arm stamina consumed on quick swapping will decrease, and the speed of action will increase.

Improvements to the peaceful behavior of bots

  • Added routes for looting containers by Scavs on the "Streets of Tarkov" location;
  • The barrel of the bots' weapons oscillates up and down slightly during peaceful walking. Peaceful routes of bots now have slight deviations from a straight line between points, mimicking the player's movement. During combat or in case of danger, bots return to "ready" mode;
  • Reduced reloading speed of low-difficulty bots;
  • Bots can no longer rotate instantly. Now, to rotate by a significant angle while prone, the bot assumes a sitting position and continues firing;
  • Bots now search corpses and take weapons, rigs, backpacks, and whatever contents they like from them. If a bot has a backpack and a rig, it will drop the backpack and rig next to the corpse. Contents taken by bots are not refundable by insurance;
  • Bots can share an item with a player playing as a Scav by calling out to them;
  • Improved visibility of bots at dusk. Now it corresponds more correctly to the change in light level. Flashlight still gives better visibility at this time of day;
  • Corrected spawn time when playing as a Scav on all maps.

Bot groups

The AI Scav groups system has been improved. Now a group of Scavs that will operate as a team will spawn at a certain chance. They are going to be better organized in combat and are essentially small gangs.

Commands to bots

When playing as Scav, new commands to bots are available to the player. The chance that a bot will execute a command depends on its reputation with the Fence. All commands have a cooldown.

  • "Help". When this command is used, all bots with a certain chance and in a significant radius will go to the player and engage in combat with the enemy on;
  • "Spread out". With a certain chance the bots in a reasonable radius will take cover and spread out over the area;
  • "Take cover". With a certain chance, the bot next to the player will take the nearest cover;
  • "Quiet." With a certain chance, the bots in a reasonable radius will stop talking and start listening;
  • "Stop". With a certain chance, the bot next to the player will stop for a short time, look at the player, and then continue moving;
  • Now the command "Follow" when playing as Scav can be given not only with a gesture but also with the phrase "Follow me".


  • The user interface of the trade, quests, and Ragman services screens has been redesigned;
  • The player can now quickly equip or replace an item with any of the available items in the stash via a drop-down menu by clicking on a character slot;
  • The FPS meter no longer overlaps the raid timer;
  • Double-clicking on consumables automatically uses the item. In terms of functionality, double-clicking is similar to the "Use" option in the context menu of the item;
  • You can turn on the tactical device or helmet-mounted lights by pressing the H key. You can switch the modes of tactical devices by pressing the CTRL + H key combination;
  • The list of available mods for OpsCore helmet rails as well as the 6B47 helmet has been expanded;
  • When holding the 4-0 hotkeys when using the first aid kit and other medical supplies, a drop-down list of body parts to treat will now appear. When using the first aid kit, the list shows all of the character's wounds. When using other medical items, only those body parts that can be healed with the item are shown. To activate it, you need to set the hotkey mode to "release";
  • Added new images to the loading screens.

Gun Stand

A new module "Weapon Stand" has been added to the Hideout. The stand has 3 levels of pumping. Each level can hold a certain number of weapons (Level 1 - 108 cells, Level 2 - 132 cells, Level 3 - 182 cells.) Only weapons with all critical components can be placed on the shelves of the Weapon Stand.

A quick sale of Scav's gear

A "Sell Equipment" button has been added to Scav's gear transfer screen. The player can sell all the equipment he has after extracting as a Scav, including currency that Fence doesn't normally buy.

Improved display of the crafting process

  • Added animation and a color indication to the icon of the module where the crafting is in progress;
  • The finished craft is now displayed first in the module list;
  • Clicking on the complete craft counter takes you to the module that has a ready-for-pickup item.

Graphics and performance

  • The visual effect of anesthetic has been changed;
  • New technology of fog rendering has been implemented on the Streets of Tarkov;
  • Added a new culling system to the Lighthouse location;
  • Improved the culling system on Streets of Tarkov, increased the accuracy and performance of the system;
  • Optimization of resource consumption by the sound system.

Weapons and equipment


  • SVT-40 and AVT-40 rifles; 
  • AK-12 assault rifle;
  • PKM and PKP light machine guns;
  • Ryzhy’s sawed-off;
  • PM and PB pistols have been updated.

New ammo:

  • .300 Blackout CBJ;
  • 12/70 Piranha;
  • 4.6x30mm JSP SX;
  • 7.62x39mm FMJ;
  • 7.62x39mm SP;
  • 7.62x39mm PP gzh;
  • 7.62x54mm R FMJ;
  • 7.62x54mm R HP BT;
  • 7.62x54mm R SP BT;
  • 9x19mm FMJ M882.

Added a number of new weapon modifications, and equipment models.

Balance changes

  •  Various balancing changes to the characteristics of the ammo;
  •  Various balancing of trade changes;
  •  Various balancing changes to crafts.

Adjusted resizing for the following mods

  • JP Enterprises Flat-Top 30mm ring scope mount;
  • Recknagel Era-Tac 30mm ring scope mount;
  • Recknagel Era-Tac 34mm ring scope mount;
  • Nightforce Magmount 34mm ring scope mount with Ruggedized Accessory Platform;
  • Burris AR-P.E.P.R. 30mm ring scope mount;
  • Steyr AUG 5.56x45 42-round magazine;
  • STANAG magazine receiver for HK G36;
  • HK G36 STANAG magwell;
  • VPO-101 "Vepr-Hunter" stock;
  • VPO-101 "Vepr-Hunter" SVD-style stock.

Balancing changes to quests

Adjusted quests:

  • The Huntsman Path - Trophy;
  • The Huntsman Path - Sellout;
  • The Huntsman Path - Woods Keeper;
  • Hunting Trip;
  • Tourists;
  • Psycho Sniper;
  • A Shooter Born in Heaven;
  • The Tarkov Shooter - Part 8;
  • Capturing Outposts;
  • The Stylish One;
  • Farming - Part 4;
  • Grenadier;
  • Crisis;
  • Insomnia;
  • Sew it Good - Part 3;
  • Test Drive - Part 1.

Shooting range

Reduced requirements for building a level one module, new requirements:

  • Lighting: 1 level;
  • Rubles: 20,000;
  • Nuts: 1 pcs;
  • Bolts: 1 pcs;
  • Metal spare parts: 1 pc.

Defective Wall

New conditions for the module construction:

  • Medblock: Level 1;
  • Water collector: 1 level.


Added new conditions for module construction:

  • Lighting: level 2;
  • Ventilation: level 2.


  • Fixed the problem of the client hanging after pressing the "back" button upon reconnecting;
  • Fixed incorrect display of player's hands when using stationary weapons;
  • Fixed bugs causing soft locks when using under barrel grenade launchers;
  • Fixed missing sounds of grenade explosion thrown by the bot in some cases;
  • Fixed incorrect positions of Zryachiy and his guards at the raid start;
  • Fixed a number of visual artifacts on the Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Fixed a number of visual artifacts in Hideout;
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of target visibility through bushes and trees for bots;
  • Fixed visual artifacts in optics on Interchange;
  • Fixed unnatural viewing angle when going in/out of aiming with the "Berserk" perk (with the elite skill "Stress Resistance");
  • Fixed errors when using flashlights, IR flashlights, NV, and thermal imagers;
  • Fixed bugs that in some cases caused locations to take longer to load;
  • Fixed the lack of sound when firing the RSP-30;
  • Fixed lack of container looting sound in third-person.

The stash upgrade, obtained as a reward for the quest "The TerraGroup trail" and for the ranking season prize, will occur during August.


Escape From Tarkov Gameplay

Escape From Tarkov is a first-person shooter game with a focus on realistic survival and looting gameplay. Players take on the role of a mercenary in a fictional Russian city called Tarkov, which has been sealed off and is now controlled by private military companies.

The main objective of the game is to survive and escape Tarkov by completing various tasks and objectives. These objectives take place on different maps, each with their own challenges and loot opportunities.

The game includes a variety of weapons that players can use, ranging from pistols and shotguns to sniper rifles and heavy machine guns. Each weapon has its own unique handling and recoil, and players must manage their ammunition and supplies carefully.

Combat in Escape From Tarkov is highly realistic, with accurate ballistics and physics models. Players must take cover, aim carefully, and manage their stamina to survive firefights. The game also includes realistic damage mechanics, where injuries can have a significant impact on a player's ability to fight.

One of the unique features of Escape From Tarkov is its economic system. Players can buy, sell, and trade items with other players and AI-controlled vendors, allowing them to acquire better weapons and equipment. However, players must also manage their resources carefully, as losing a character means losing all of their equipment and progress.

The game also includes RPG elements, where players can level up their characters and skills by completing objectives and engaging in combat. This allows players to customize their characters and play styles to suit their preferences.

Escape From Tarkov also features online multiplayer, where players can team up with each other to complete objectives or engage in PvP combat. The game's intense firefights and high stakes make for a highly challenging and immersive gameplay experience.

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