Everything You Need To Know About Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Whether you are planning to vary your lifestyle along with a dramatic hair transformation, want a protracted, luscious mane for an occasion, or might not have the patience to look ahead to hair to grow out, you could have considered getting hair extensions. 

While there are generally a million methods out there, as hair professionals, we recommend the Invisible Bead Extension method. If it is new in your direction and 100 % comfortable idea what hand-tied extensions are, fear not!

You’ll find made a beginner’s owner’s manual for hand-tied hair extensions which will talk all you need to know.

What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?

Your hair during extensions is woven together in your hand, rather compared to a machine. What this leads to can be an ultra-thin weft, or strip, of hair anytime applied lays flat against your mouth and appears extremely natural. This natural look permits you to throw hair within a ponytail or style it within a glam updo without worrying that a extensions will show.

Other hair extensions like machine-tied, tape-in, or beaded extensions provide a thicker weft, that can be problematic for a couple of reasons. On people with finer hair, these extensions might look bulkier and less natural. Another concern is that all these extensions can be heavier, that can be uncomfortable perhaps even damaging for the hair.

Ultimately because each hand-tied weft is offered individual attention, they find yourself staying longer, making trips on the salon less frequent.

Hand-Tied Extension Installation

Specialists that hand-tied extensions you should never require any heat or chemicals in the application form process, which will keep your natural hair healthy and damage-free. Hand-tied wefts are sewn into your natural hair in rows.

There are as long as 6 wefts per row and the quantity of rows you get getting is dependent upon hair type and also the specific look you’re going for. We recommend organising a session along with a hair extension expert or stylist to help determine whatever suits you.

If the installation is complete it’s possible to keep them between six to 10 months! Remember the fact that you have to look at the salon every couple of months to have your extensions moved up and tightened as hair grows.

Maintenance With Hand-Tied Extensions

When you need your extensions to be as durable as they can be, you have to take care of them by applying sulfate and paraben-free hair products. Stylists also recommend using leave-in conditioners and dry shampoo (on your natural hair) between regular washes.

Its also wise to make sure you are making plans to safeguard your extensions from damage once you determine and see a beach. A number of products and special sunscreens that a stylist can suggest in your direction keeping hair intact and searching flawless.

How Much Do Hand-Tied Extensions Cost?

Getting hand-tied extensions is a financial commitment. Initial installation for hand-tied extensions, which will is known for a cut and styling aside from the application itself, can begin at around $1000. Maintenance appointments could be an extra cost to factor in.

 You can find cheaper alternatives out there, but remember you receive what it will cost for. Hand-tied wefts are made of real, healthy human hair and are also sewn together 1 by 1, in your hand to guarantee quality hair which will keep going for a long time. 

How Do I Know If Hand-Tied Extensions Are For Me?

If you need extensions, hand-tied is definitely a alternative for folks who are thinking about maintaining healthy natural hair. These types a fantastic option for brides or anyone who desires extensions for an occasion since they can be simply styled.

 Remember, if you choose want your extensions for an occasion, you don’t necessarily wait prior to the day of to let your stylist know. Plan as a minimum two months at the start to verify hair could be ideal the beneficial day.

 Whether you are convinced you are looking for hand-tied extensions or want a bit more information, before taking the plunge, the first task is organising a session with the hairstylist or possibly a hair extension professional. It’s not necessary good genes to create hair dreams!


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