Eyadini Lounge Owner Jabulani Mjey Zama Died, What Happened To Jabulani Mjey Zama? How Did Jabulani Mjey Zama Die?

Eyadini Lounge Owner Jabulani Mjey Zama Died

Shortly after announcing a temporary closure, the iconic Durban establishment Eyadini Lounge faced another blow as its founder, Jabulani Mjey Zama, passed away. The news of his death was confirmed by IOL’s sister publication Isolezwe via a Facebook post, and social commentator The Instigator shared the news on Twitter.

Despite hopes for a full recovery after Zama suffered a stroke, his family and friends were met with the tragic news of his passing. Eyadini Lounge, in a statement, expressed deep sadness over Zama's condition, known also as Jigga Money, revealing that he had experienced a severe stroke.

"Due to his health condition and the road to recovery, Eyadini Lounge will be temporarily closed until further notice. His family asks for your prayers during these trying times. We believe he will be better and back in joyful spirits," the statement concluded.

Although the specifics surrounding Zama's passing remain undisclosed, his family has yet to issue an official statement. The restaurant's website, as of Sunday, indicated temporary unavailability.

Eyadini Lounge, a renowned establishment in Umlazi, Durban, and widely recognized as one of the most popular Shisa Nyamas, had been a fixture in the local scene. Jabulani ‘Mjay’ Zama, who initially pursued a career in law enforcement before venturing into the tow truck business in Umlazi, leaves behind a legacy that has deeply impacted the community.

What Happened To Jabulani Mjey Zama?

Entrepreneur Jabulani Mjey Zama, known by the moniker Jigga Money and celebrated as the visionary behind the beloved Durban eatery, Eyadini Lounge, has sadly passed away.

News of the departure of Jabulani Mjey Zama, affectionately referred to as Jigga Money, reverberated through news outlet Isolezwe's Facebook account on Saturday, August 12. “May Jabulani Mjay Zama’s soul rest in peace. He was also known as Jigga Money. He was the founder and owner of iYadi (Iyadini), eMlazi,” shared the publication.

The news followed the restaurant's Instagram announcement that Zama had endured a severe stroke. Consequently, Eyadini Lounge declared a temporary closure until further notice, while earnestly requesting prayers during this challenging period.

“His family asks for prayers during these trying times. We believe he will be better and back with joyful spirits.” More comprehensive details regarding his memorial and funeral arrangements will be furnished by The South African once the family has made an official statement.

In earlier statements to the media, Zama had suggested that his establishment faced a smear campaign from envious competitors who aimed to undermine his business, which had flourished for nearly seven years. Eyadini Lounge stands as a paramount entertainment hub in the nation, renowned for hosting prominent events like the annual Metro FM affair and Heatwave festivals.

Its doors have swung open to welcome not only patrons seeking relaxation but also prominent figures including business magnates and politicians, such as President Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile.


How Did Jabulani Mjey Zama Die?

Isolezwe has confirmed the unfortunate news regarding the passing of Jabulani Mjey Zama. The somber announcement was shared on Saturday through Isolezwe's statement. It was also disclosed that Eyadini Lounge, the establishment associated with Zama, will be temporarily closed for an unspecified period. Following the news of Jabulani Mjey Zama's demise, a wave of sorrow and distress has swept over many, prompting a multitude to take to their social media platforms to mourn his loss.

Reports indicate that the proprietor of Eyadini Lounge met his end after grappling with a severe stroke. Indeed, it has been verified that Jabulani Mjey Zama's passing resulted from a heart attack. This revelation was confirmed by Isolezwe in their statement shared on Saturday. Sadly, Jabulani Mjey Zama's health took a downturn, rendering him unable to overcome the grave consequences of the severe stroke. His departure came prematurely, leaving a void in many hearts.

Before embarking on the journey of Eyadini Lounge, Jabulani Mjey Zama's career trajectory included a stint as a policeman. Subsequently, he transitioned into the realm of towing business, steering his own tow trucks in the locale of Umlazi. His path further led him to venture into the hospitality industry, where he conceived the idea of Eyadini Lounge.

In 2009, Jabulani Mjey Zama initiated his foray into the realm of hospitality with the inception of Eyadini Lounge, although its operational launch took place in 2011. It was noted last year that the late co-founder of Eyadini Lounge was grappling with critical health issues and undergoing treatment in a medical facility.

Jabulani Mjey Zama garnered widespread recognition for his brainchild, Eyadini Lounge, situated in the heart of Umlazi, Durban. Renowned for attracting luminaries from the realms of celebrity and politics, Eyadini has solidified its status as a prime hangout destination and a pivotal tourism magnet for KwaZulu-Natal.

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