Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI: Revolutionizing Texture Spraying for Professionals


In the world of professional painting and coating applications, achieving a flawless texture finish is essential. Graco, a renowned name in the industry, has introduced the TexSpray RTX 5000PI, a state-of-the-art texture sprayer designed to revolutionize the way professionals handle texture applications. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, the Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI sets new standards for efficiency, performance, and versatility.

  1. Power and Performance

At the heart of the Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI lies its powerful and efficient performance. Equipped with a 2.0 horsepower brushless DC motor, this texture sprayer delivers consistent power to tackle even the most challenging texture materials. Whether it’s stucco, acrylics, elastomerics, or any other high-viscosity coatings, the RTX 5000PI handles them with ease, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

  1.  Advanced Precision Drive System

The TexSpray RTX 5000PI boasts an advanced Precision Drive System that ensures a smooth and reliable texture spray application. This system provides precise control over the material flow, enabling professionals to create uniform and consistent finishes on various surfaces. The result is a high-quality output that meets the highest standards of excellence.

  1.  SmartStart Technology

Graco’s TexSpray RTX 5000PI comes equipped with SmartStart Technology, a game-changer for professionals. This intelligent feature automatically starts and stops the motor when the trigger is pulled, reducing wear and tear on components, and saving energy. SmartStart eliminates the need for constant on/off switching, enhancing the overall longevity and reliability of the texture sprayer.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Cleanup

Maintaining and cleaning a texture sprayer can be a time-consuming task for professionals. However, the Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI streamlines this process with its innovative design. With removable components and easy-to-access parts, maintenance becomes a breeze. Additionally, the sprayer’s ProConnect Pump Removal System allows for quick and tool-free pump replacement, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

  1. Enhanced Ergonomics and Mobility

Recognizing the physical demands of texture spraying jobs, Graco designed the RTX 5000PI with enhanced ergonomics and mobility features. The sprayer’s lightweight design and ergonomic handle enable comfortable handling, even during extended periods of use. Furthermore, the built-in cart with large wheels ensures easy transportation around the job site, improving overall efficiency.



The Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI has set a new benchmark for texture sprayers in the professional painting and coating industry. With its exceptional power, advanced technology, and user-friendly design, it empowers professionals to achieve superior texture finishes efficiently and effortlessly. From its SmartStart Technology to its easy maintenance and ergonomic features, every aspect of the RTX 5000PI is tailored to optimize productivity and performance on the job site.




Q1: Can the Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI handle both small and large-scale texture spraying projects?

Yes, the TexSpray RTX 5000PI is designed to cater to a wide range of texture spraying projects, from small residential applications to large-scale commercial projects. Its powerful motor and precise control allow professionals to handle various textures and coatings with ease.


Q2: What type of texture materials can be used with the RTX 5000PI?

The Graco TexSpray RTX 5000PI is compatible with various texture materials, including stucco, acrylics, elastomerics, and other high-viscosity coatings.


Q3: Is the TexSpray RTX 5000PI easy to clean after use?

Yes, cleaning the RTX 5000PI is a straightforward process. The sprayer’s removable components and easy-to-access parts make maintenance and cleanup hassle-free. Additionally, the ProConnect Pump Removal System allows for quick and tool-free pump replacement, enhancing convenience and reducing downtime.

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