How Old Was Edot When He Died?


The drill scene in New York is in sorrow following the loss of one of its brightest stars, Edot Baby (actual name Edward Johnson). Edot was born in early February 2005, and his first hit single, Ready 4 War, was released in 2020. He released two albums in 2020: E With The Dot and You Started, I Finish.

Edot told On the Radar about his musical influences: “Growing up, it was the melodic rappers.” When you’re in New York, you can’t escape the [drill music]. Because it’s all around you, I figured why not? Allow me to give it a shot.”

How Old Was Edot When He Died?

How Old Was Edot When He Died

Edot was 17 years old (2005–2022) when he died. He died on the 3rd of November, 2022.

Most reports have suggested that the 17-year-old artist ended his life after shooting himself. A self-inflicted wound to the head became the reason for the rapper’s death.

It’s unclear why Edot Baby allegedly committed suicide

According to reports, Edot Baby died as a result of a self-inflicted head wound. The rapper was reportedly brought to the hospital, but medics were unable to resuscitate him.

It’s unclear why Edot apparently killed himself. His career was on the rise, and he appeared to be on the verge of a major break. On August 28, 2022, he uploaded images of a successful show with the caption:


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The tragedy has upset Edot’s buddy DD Osama, who lost his younger sibling in July 2022. Following a disagreement, DD’s brother, Notti Osama, was stabbed by a rival at a metro station. Osama’s Instagram profile photo features him trapped between his late sibling and a buddy.

Edot’s admirers have been devastated by his passing and have flocked to Twitter to express their grief.@BlastGoated said:

“RIP Edotbaby, keep an eye on your man’s pals. Mental illness is really real. Never bottle up your emotions to talk to someone, and if no one is around, write it down and talk to yourself. Get clean; don’t use drugs to avoid dealing with your mental health.”

Unverified reports suggest Edot didn’t commit suicide and that his girlfriend set him up

How Old Was Edot When He Died

According to some accounts, the authorities are still investigating Edot’s death and have not yet deemed it a suicide. Edot’s fiancée is apparently being investigated for allegedly concealing the pistol and stealing Edot’s jewels.

Screenshots uploaded by @woosupremacy, apparently obtained from Edot’s niece, portray Edot’s girlfriend as implicated in his death.@ZayysBurner shared his thoughts on the saga on Twitter:

“Watch out for your ‘girlfriends.'” Niggas never know when they might be the line, or anything else. Edot Baby died as a result of a possible suicide. Others claim he was framed and his girlfriend used suicide as a cover-up. Know your surroundings, for the ones nearest to you, cause the most harm.”


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