How to Create Your Own Barbie Dreamhouse

There are few things in this world that have been more successful than the marketing of the new Barbie movie. Pink is everywhere, from clothes to cars the girly hue is here and it’s looking hot. 

If you’re wrapped up in Greta Gerwig’s world (we really are just living in it) then why not splash some of that femininity over your house? After all, the Barbie Dreamhouse was the first home most of us girlies owned. 

We’ve come up with a few tips to transform your home into the world of Barbie, so you can go live your fantastic, plastic life. 


Okay, this one maybe doesn’t need spelling out for you. But pink, pink everywhere. You can go for a mono-colour wash of your house and make everything pink. Paint the walls in a shade of bubblegum, a baby pink couch, hot pink curtains and anything fluffy or furry. 

You can get pink plates, cutlery and cookware. A pink fridge is the ultimate kitchen feature (and hey, why not go the whole hog and make some pink food to go in there?). 

Also don’t forget about the bathroom, get yourself some pink shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. Even a full range of pink skincare, and store it all in a nice pink wash bag. 

A Light Touch of Reality 

Although we’d love EVERYTHING to be plastic and pink, there are some lines you have to cross. The flooring, for example, is not a pink zone. Barbie wears stilettos constantly, she can’t be dealing with them sinking into the carpet! 

In fact, Barbie deserves a touch of class. We think her heels would tap best on a decent solid wood floor which will really compliment the shades of pink. Not that you have to be Barbie to live in her house. We think you will like the floor too. 

Also, windows probably need to stay their normal clear glass. But thinking about pink tinted glass windows is really getting me thinking… Maybe for the car. 

The Car 

The car is a pretty important part of the Barbie Dreamhouse, even if it’s not technically an actual feature. And it MUST be topless. And pink. 

Many people may recommend a newer, flashier pink car for your Barbie house. This is perhaps an oversight. Something about Barbie and the pink surely takes me back to my childhood, where the most awesome and sought-after was the classic Golf Mk4 Cabriolet. 

One of those wrapped or sprayed pink would just about drive me right back there. 

The Wardrobe 

That wardrobe needs to be a walk-in girlie! Think Sarah Jessica Parker vibes in Sex and the City but make it pink. If you can create a closet that resembles the dressing room of a drag bar then you’ve successfully accomplished the Dream(house). 

We want pink feather bowers and sheer frilly nighties hanging from dividing screens and a chaise lounge you can drink pink bubbly on. 

Go Live Your Best Life 

If you really go for a Barbie Dreamhouse makeover, then you got to embrace the lifestyle, feel feminine and smash the patriarchy. Because you’re worth it.


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