How to Defeat Gwendil the Unburnt in Remnant 2?

Defeat Gwendil the Unburnt in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, while progressing through the main storyline, you'll encounter a series of challenging bosses that must be defeated. One such formidable adversary is Gwendil, a boss that proves to be particularly difficult. Defeating her is imperative if you find yourself on a specific storyline and venture into the Losomn area for the first time.

Inflicting damage on Gwendil may not pose much of a problem; however, her attack patterns, combined with the treacherous battlefield environment, can easily overwhelm even the most skilled players. To emerge victorious in this battle, it becomes essential to master every mechanic that comes into play during the encounter. If you're eager to triumph over Gwendil The Unburnt, refer to the comprehensive guide on "How To Defeat Gwendil The Unburnt In Remnant 2."

How to Defeat Gwendil the Unburnt in Remnant 2?


In this intense battle, the arena is divided into an upper floor where the boss resides and a ground floor. Unfortunately, you won't have the opportunity for melee attacks as there's no way to reach the upper floor where Gwendil stands. However, your trusty companion, The Handler, proves to be a valuable asset by dealing with enemies on the ground floor, giving you room to focus on Gwendil and other adversaries above.

The key to taking down Gwendil lies in her incendiary grenade attack. She primarily uses her right hand (left from your perspective) to throw these grenades. Here's the magic trick: Continuously shoot at Gwendil's right hand while she holds the grenade. If your aim is true and you manage to hit the grenade in her hand, it will explode, dealing substantial damage (nearly 300) to Gwendil herself.

This method is especially effective if you can keep targeting the grenades she grabs in quick succession. For those not using The Handler character class, you'll need to periodically shift your focus from Gwendil to deal with enemies on the ground floor, prolonging the fight.

Be aware that Gwendil possesses the Regenerator passive skill, allowing her to heal over time during the battle. To counter this, you must maintain consistent damage on her to deny the healing effect. As the battle progresses and Gwendil's health falls below 20%, she will change her location on the upper floor. To ensure victory, you'll need to stay alert and swiftly track her movements around the arena, continuing to deal damage before she can heal herself.

Remember these strategies to conquer Gwendil the Unburnt and emerge victorious in Remnant 2.


Gwendil the Unburnt Location

In Remnant 2, there are three randomized areas: Yaesha, Losomn, and N'Erud. Throughout your playthrough, you'll encounter each of these regions, but the order in which you visit them may vary. Additionally, each area features two distinct storylines, and you can only experience one of them in your Campaign.

If you venture into the Losomn area through the Beatific Palace entrances, you will eventually come face to face with Gwendil. As you progress along several main paths, you'll arrive at an area known as Cotton's Kiln. Here, Gwendil awaits, accompanied by a host of new enemies to challenge you. It's worth noting that your reliance on firearms might prove to be a disadvantage in this particular area.

Prepare yourself for the battle as you encounter Gwendil The Unburnt in the Losomn region of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2

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