How to Fix PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6? Cause of PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6

What is PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6

PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6 is indicative of an issue encountered during the update process of the system software on the PlayStation 4 console. When this error code appears, it signifies that an obstacle has arisen that prevents the successful completion of the system software update.

The error can arise due to various factors, including the possibility of a corrupted update file, network connectivity problems disrupting the download or installation, issues with the console's hard drive that hinder the update, temporary glitches within the system software, challenges related to updating through Safe Mode, or even underlying hardware concerns.

The specific cause can vary, but the error code points to difficulties in maintaining a smooth update process. To address this issue, users can attempt a range of troubleshooting steps such as checking their network connection, updating through Safe Mode, using a USB flash drive for installation, and seeking assistance from PlayStation Support if needed.

How to Fix PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6?

To address PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6, which typically pertains to issues with the system software update process, you can try the following steps:

1. Power down your console and disconnect it from the power source. Turn off your router/modem as well. Wait for a minimum of 5 minutes before restarting the router/modem.

2. Reconnect your console to power and turn it on.

3. Access Notifications from the PS4 console function zone. Highlight the update file, press the OPTIONS button, and opt for the Delete option.

4. Navigate to Settings > System Software Update.

5. Should the update encounter another failure, kindly refer to the system software guides below for further instructions.


Cause of PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6

PS4 Error Code SU-42118-6 typically indicates a problem with the system software update process. This error code can be triggered by various factors, including:

  1. Corrupted Update File: If the downloaded system software update file is corrupted during the download process, it can lead to error SU-42118-6 during installation.

  2. Network Issues: A weak or unstable internet connection can cause interruptions during the download or installation of the system software update. This can result in incomplete or corrupted files.

  3. Hard Drive Problems: Issues with the PS4's hard drive, such as bad sectors or data corruption, can interfere with the installation of the system software update.

  4. System Software Glitch: Sometimes, a temporary glitch in the system software itself can cause errors during the update process.

  5. USB Installation Issues: If you're trying to update the system software using a USB flash drive and the drive isn't formatted correctly or the update file isn't properly saved, it can lead to error SU-42118-6.

  6. Safe Mode Issues: Attempting to update the system software through Safe Mode might encounter errors if the USB drive isn't recognized correctly or if the process is interrupted.

  7. Hardware Problems: In some cases, underlying hardware issues could potentially lead to errors during the update process.

PS4 Wiki

The PS4, or PlayStation 4, stands as a domestic video game console brought to life by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Following its announcement as the heir to the PlayStation 3 in February 2013, it made its debut on distinct dates: November 15, 2013, in North America; November 29, 2013, across Europe, South America, and Australia; and lastly, on February 22, 2014, in Japan. Positioned within the eighth generation of consoles, it locks horns with Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo's Wii U and Switch.

Diverging from its predecessor's intricate Cell microarchitecture, the PS4 adopts an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) founded on the x86-64 architecture. This APU can potentially reach a performance peak of 1.84 teraflops, marking it as AMD's most formidable APU at the time.

The PS4 highlights augmented social interaction and integration with external devices and services. This encompasses features like playing games remotely on the PlayStation Vita and other compatible devices ("Remote Play"), streaming gameplay online, and permitting friends to take control remotely ("Share Play").

The controller design underwent a transformation from the PlayStation 3, introducing enhanced buttons, analog sticks, and a built-in touchpad. Notably, the console supports HDR10 High-dynamic-range video and facilitates the playback of 4K resolution multimedia.

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