How to Get the Angle Eraser Achievement in Fontaine Genshin Impact? Angle Eraser Hidden Achievement

Angle Eraser Hidden Achievement

The "Angle Eraser" Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact involves conquering three Beastly Rifts located in the Beryl Region. This achievement challenges players to engage in combat against Rifthounds in each of these rifts and successfully complete the battles to earn Precious Chests as rewards. The achievement is earned by overcoming these challenges and collecting the associated rewards.

To clarify further, the Beastly Rifts are specific locations within the Beryl Region, where players must defeat waves of Rifthounds. These Rifthounds are formidable enemies that you need to defeat using your team's combat skills and abilities. Successfully completing each challenge results in the appearance of a Precious Chest, which holds valuable rewards.

In summary, the "Angle Eraser" Hidden Achievement involves locating and conquering three Beastly Rifts in the Beryl Region of Genshin Impact. Within each of these rifts, you must combat Rifthounds and secure a Precious Chest as a symbol of your triumph over these challenges. The achievement showcases your combat prowess and rewards you with valuable items for your accomplishments.

How to Get the Angle Eraser Achievement in Fontaine Genshin Impact? 

Step 1: Preparation

Ensure that your team is well-equipped and leveled up for combat challenges. Make sure you have characters with a good mix of damage-dealing abilities, crowd control, and healing. This will help you tackle the waves of enemies effectively.

Step 2: Locating the Beastly Rifts

The "Angle Eraser" achievement involves battling Rifthounds within three distinct Beastly Rifts in the Beryl Region near Elynas. Here's how to find each rift:

Beastly Rift 1:

Travel south from Elynas until you find a tranquil pond.

The first rift is situated beside this pond.

Activate the rift to trigger waves of Rifthounds.

Beastly Rift 2:

Head north from the first rift towards the western side of Elynas.

Look for the second rift, which is located to the west of Elynas.

Interact with the rift to initiate the battle.

Beastly Rift 3:

Continue your journey northward from the second rift.

You'll eventually reach the third and final rift.

Activate the rift to confront the Rifthounds.

Step 3: Battling the Rifthounds

Each rift will unleash waves of Rifthounds that you need to defeat. These enemies can be challenging, so use your team's abilities wisely. Focus on dealing damage while also prioritizing healing and crowd control when needed. The key to success is maintaining the Crystals found within the rifts.

Step 4: Protecting the Crystals

The Crystals within the rifts are crucial for maintaining the stability of the rifts. If the Crystals are destroyed, you'll fail the challenge. Assign a character or two to protect the Crystals while the rest of your team deals with the enemies.

Step 5: Claiming Rewards

After successfully defeating all the waves of Rifthounds and safeguarding the Crystals in each of the three Beastly Rifts, you'll earn the "Angle Eraser" achievement. Along with the achievement, you'll also receive five Primogems as a reward. Additionally, you'll obtain an Enigmatic Page, which adds to your knowledge and lore collection.

Final Notes:

Don't underestimate the difficulty of the battles; proper team composition and strategy are key.

Make use of Elemental Reactions and character synergies to maximize your damage output.

Consider bringing characters with healing abilities to ensure your team's survivability.

Use Elemental Shields and Burst abilities strategically to handle tough situations.

By following this guide and carefully tackling each Beastly Rift's challenges, you'll be well on your way to earning the "Angle Eraser" achievement in the Fontaine region of Genshin Impact. 


Beastly Rift

The Beastly Rift in Genshin Impact is thought to be a fantastical creation born from intricate arcane craftsmanship, attributed to an unidentified member of the Fontaine society. This mystical phenomenon spawns forth in the form of these rifts, each giving rise to waves of relentless Rifthounds. These Rifthounds exhibit an unwavering determination to obliterate the Crystals nestled within the rift, effectively disrupting the arcane composition responsible for the formation of the Beastly Rift and aiming to halt its existence.

Players who venture into the world of Genshin Impact are entrusted with the responsibility of confronting this challenge head-on. Their primary goal revolves around countering the successive surges of adversaries. Their mission is to not only repel these relentless waves of Rifthounds but also to ensure the preservation of the Crystals against their onslaught. Emerging victorious from these battles, adventurers reap the rewards bestowed upon them, including valuable treasures such as Primogems, resources for character enhancement, and the sought-after Enigmatic Page III, a profound addition to Genshin Impact's lore and narrative.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, developed and published by miHoYo, is an action RPG that offers a captivating anime-style open-world experience. Released in 2020 for Android, iOS, PS4, and Windows, with a PS5 version in 2021 and a Nintendo Switch version in the works, the game features an intricate combat system using elemental magic and character-switching. Set in the fantasy realm of Teyvat, divided into seven nations each governed by a deity, players embody The Traveler, seeking their lost sibling with the help of Paimon. 

they explore, they forge bonds with various characters, uncover secrets, and navigate political landscapes. The game draws inspiration from sources like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, weaving a rich tapestry of influences, including anime aesthetics and global mythologies. Genshin Impact's monetization is through gacha mechanics, and its success is underscored by its substantial revenue of nearly $3.6 billion by September 2022, highlighting its position as a monumental entry in the gaming world.

Genshin Impact Gameplay

Genshin Impact's gameplay revolves around an expansive open-world action RPG experience. Players control a diverse roster of characters in a party, seamlessly switching between them during combat to unleash a variety of skills and attacks. These characters can be strengthened by leveling up and equipping artifacts and weapons.

The game is rich with challenges and bosses scattered throughout its vast world, offering coveted rewards that can be acquired using Original Resin, a gradually replenishing currency. As players advance their Adventure Rank by completing challenges, they unlock quests and raise the World Level, influencing enemy difficulty and reward rarity.

Character control encompasses running, climbing, swimming, and gliding, all dependent on stamina. Certain characters possess abilities that reshape the environment, aiding traversal and exploration. The world is dotted with fast travel nodes and Statues of The Seven, which heal characters and provide benefits like stamina increase.

Resource gathering includes hunting animals, collecting ingredients, and procuring ores, with enemies and chests yielding materials to enhance characters. Cooking meals from gathered ingredients grants advantageous effects. Multiplayer mode permits cooperative play in the overworld and Domains, featuring cross-platform compatibility.

Character acquisition occurs through quests, events, and the gacha system known as "Wishes," where premium in-game currencies are spent. A pity system ensures valuable items after a set number of pulls. Genshin Impact's gameplay intricacies provide a captivating blend of exploration, combat, strategy, and character progression.

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