How to Get Venonat in Pokemon Go & Can It Be Shiny?

Venonat in Pokemon Go


Venonat stands as one of the Bug-type creatures accessible within the realm of Pokemon Go. Delve into the details of how to capture this critter and whether a Shiny variant is attainable. Hailing from the original Generation 1 game, Venonat emerges as a dual-typing, being both Bug and Poison, eventually evolving into Venomoth. 

Curiously, there was once speculation that Venomoth would serve as the ultimate evolution of Caterpie, but Game Freak subsequently revised this, designating Butterfree for that role. While the appearance of Venonat in the world of Pokemon Go is a rather infrequent occurrence, players are afforded a heightened opportunity to stumble upon it during its designated Spotlight Hour.

For more insights into the likely habitats where Venonat might manifest and the potential availability of its Shiny variation in the untamed wilderness, read on.

How to Get Venonat in Pokemon Go & Can It Be Shiny?

Catching Venonat in Pokemon Go involves exploring the game's mechanics and strategic locations. Venonat, a member of the Bug-type species, resides within the game's virtual world, waiting to be encountered by players. This creature traces its origins back to the Generation 1 game and carries a distinctive dual Bug/Poison typing. Evolving into Venomoth, Venonat offers a unique evolutionary path that once led players to believe it was Caterpie's final stage until the game developers introduced the iconic Butterfree.

While Venonat might be a rare sight during regular gameplay, there's a ray of hope for trainers. The Spotlight Hour, a dedicated event, provides an opportunity to increase your chances of stumbling upon Venonat. This event sets the stage for a higher spawn rate of this elusive creature, enhancing the excitement of the hunt.


Can It Be Shiny?

The allure of Shiny Pokemon adds an extra layer of excitement to Pokemon Go, and Venonat is no exception. Shiny Venonat, distinguished by its striking blue eyes and nose, made its debut during the Throw Back Challenge 2020: Kanto event. This alternate coloration lends a touch of uniqueness to the experience of catching this creature. Interestingly, aspiring trainers seeking a Shiny Venomoth must first obtain a Shiny Venonat, as this transformation carries over to its evolved form, resulting in a captivating blue-hued Venomoth.

Pokemon Go Venonat Evolution

The evolutionary journey of Venonat leads to the formidable Venomoth. This transformation, fueled by the accumulation of 50 Candy, enhances Venonat's battle prowess and capabilities. The process of evolution has been made even more appealing during Venonat's Spotlight Hour. This event introduces a valuable advantage: double Catch Candy, effectively easing the journey towards obtaining the evolved form.

Pokemon Go Venonat Spotlight Hour Date & Time

A notable event for every Pokemon Go enthusiast, the Venonat Spotlight Hour is a dedicated timeframe to celebrate and encounter this Bug-type creature. Scheduled for Tuesday, August 22, 2023, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, this hour provides an exclusive opportunity to engage with Venonat on a heightened scale. During this period, the spawn rate of Venonat increases significantly, enhancing the chances of encountering this intriguing Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Overview

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game that forms a part of the renowned Pokemon franchise. Developed in collaboration between Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company, the game is designed for iOS and Android devices. It revolutionizes gameplay by utilizing GPS technology to seamlessly integrate virtual creatures, known as Pokemon, into the real world.

As players navigate their physical surroundings, they can locate, capture, train, and even battle these Pokemon, fostering an immersive and interactive experience. Upon its release, Pokemon Go garnered mixed reviews, with commendation for its innovative concept tempered by criticism for technical glitches. The game quickly rose to prominence as one of the most downloaded and profitable mobile apps in 2016, accumulating over 500 million downloads worldwide within the first year.

Notably, the game's introduction of location-based and AR technology spurred physical activity and benefited local businesses through increased foot traffic. However, it also faced controversies related to accidents and public disturbances caused by player interactions. The gameplay is supported by a freemium model, allowing players to access the game for free while offering in-app purchases for supplementary in-game items.

The original roster of approximately 150 Pokemon species has expanded significantly, reaching around 700 by 2021. This growth contributes to the game's ongoing popularity and the continued exploration of new features, events, and challenges.

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