How To Play As Connie in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

How To Play As Connie in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Connie embodies a cautious yet ambitious gameplay approach. Leveraging her starting loadout Skills, players can employ Connie to efficiently identify Tools and Doors, strategizing an effective escape route from the basement.

Upon encountering a basement door with a tool, Connie's Focus skill becomes pivotal. Despite its drawbacks of stamina reduction and proximity warning suppression, activating a basement door will inevitably awaken Grandpa and trigger an unavoidable sound source, causing minimal harm.

Capitalizing on her Proficiency, Connie's strategy should involve latching doors to impede the Family's progress. However, maintaining clear communication with fellow Victims is essential to ensure her latching doesn't hinder their efforts. Leading the search for Exits is another role Connie excels in, given the high likelihood of locked Exits with security measures to be disarmed.

Connie's substantial Stealth attribute renders her an adept scout on the surface. Swift and silent movement through bushes grants her a tactical advantage for surveying the terrain. This aids in identifying Exits, locating Tools and health items, and pointing out Grandpa's presence for fellow Victims to act accordingly.

Among the default Perks in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, "Must Have Been The Wind" holds particular value for Connie. It promptly highlights unlocked doors for teammates, simplifying their navigation. This Perk can indeed be the most beneficial for both Connie and the team. Additionally, unlocking Perks like "Must Have Been The Wind" can further enhance Connie's Stealth advantage, countering the downsides of her Focused ability – after all, if the Family can't locate her, they can't apprehend her.

What Are Connie's Strengths And Weaknesses?

Connie's character design distinctly showcases her as agile and lightweight. Boasting one of the highest Stealth scores across the roster, she proves incredibly advantageous in early-game scenarios, particularly when seeking an escape from the basement. This advantage further amplifies once she ascends above ground, as she gains an array of concealment options and enhanced maneuverability.

Supplementing her remarkable Proficiency stat, Connie's technical prowess stands out. She excels in swiftly collecting items and interacting with objects in a discreet manner, setting her apart from fellow Victims. This attitude is underscored by her unique Focus ability, enabling her to pick locks with remarkable speed. Moreover, her solid Endurance stat equips her for rapid getaways when urgency strikes.

While Connie brings an array of strengths, certain limitations temper her capabilities. In terms of physical attributes, she leans toward the weaker end. Her below-average Toughness stat renders her susceptible to swift elimination at the hands of Leatherface or other family members.

Regrettably, Connie's weakest trait lies in Strength, which poses a challenge despite her other commendable attributes that position her as an ideal candidate for stealthy attacks. Presently, it's advisable for Connie to refrain from engaging the Family members in direct confrontation, as the odds are stacked against her in grappling situations.


Connie Skills




Lucky Lock-picker


This skill mitigates the risk of consuming unlock tools, providing a chance that the tool won't be used up.

Bomb Squad


Countering the Hitchhiker's traps, this skill lets Connie disarm them without requiring Bone Scrap.

Must Have Been The Wind


Minimizing noise is vital; this ability ensures that collected items and opened crawl spaces remain silent.



Despite avoiding combat, Connie can sneak up on Grandpa with this skill, significantly setting back the Family Bond.



Strengthening Connie's latch, this skill enhances the effectiveness of doors as both defenses and obstacles.

Clear Eyes


Guarding against Sissy's traps, this perk enables Connie to detect any poisoned objects.

What is The Optimal Build For Connie?

Connie's skill set positions her as both an offensive and a supportive character. She excels at rapid mobility, making her an asset in offensive maneuvers, while her adeptness at interacting with elements lends itself to a supportive role. Given this perspective, crafting Connie's build should revolve around amplifying her strengths rather than attempting to rectify her weaknesses.

By embracing this approach, Connie can evolve into a versatile and indispensable component of the team. Among the Victims' abilities, Connie boasts one of the most valuable ones - "Focused." This skill grants her the remarkable ability to swiftly unlock doors, albeit at the cost of stamina and Family proximity warnings. Enhancing this ability through leveling can mitigate these drawbacks.

Opting for Perks that synergize with this ability benefits the entire team, extending beyond Connie herself. This strategic approach streamlines navigation across The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's map for all team members. Hence, it's judicious to tailor Connie's development strategy to harness her strengths, rather than fixate on rectifying her weaknesses. Such an approach will elevate Connie to a multifaceted and integral contributor to the team dynamic.

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