Ibrahim Richmond South Africa Goes To Hajj


Mecca: More than two million Muslims have traveled to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, including Reverend Abraham Richmond.

The former preacher, a South African citizen, changed his religion to Islam after repeatedly having the same dream. As a priest, he had thousands of devotees.

He claimed that in his dream, a man told him to dress his disciples in Muslim garb. I eventually converted to Islam after the dream reappeared and the voice got louder.

As Richmond traveled to Saudi Arabia to do the Hajj, he was accompanied by a sizable group of his supporters.

Abraham Richmond, also known by his Islamic name Ibrahim, reportedly stated in a video clip posted on Twitter by the official Saudi government communication account:

“I was a priest 15 years ago, and I was the leader of worshipers in the church, and it has 100,000 followers until the dream came to me.” I slept in a modest chamber in the church, he continued.

“In a dream, I heard a voice telling me to tell my men to dress in white,” the dreamer said. His adherents reportedly converted to Islam as well.


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