Imlie Written Update 25th June 2023: Imlie saves Arto from Reyansh’s grasp


Reyansh approaches Imlie with a gun at the beginning of the episode. She escaped from him when he shot her hand. She is sought after by Reyansh, and Rana tells Kairi how much they have missed her.

Why did Chini leave Arto close to Imlie, Anu queries? She will continue to wow him, and he will be happy to have her in his life. She won’t permit that to occur. Chini claims that after leaving, she called the police because she wanted to protect both herself and Kairi.

Imlie praises God for saving Arto as he regains consciousness. She claims that because Arto is content with their breakup, she won’t disturb him. She observes the police showing there, and when they discover Arto there, Imlie departs. Shivani worries as she considers what Kairi’s kidnappers did to her.

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She is instructed by Anu to identify Imlie as the kidnapper. However, Reyansh and Mr. Mehta were taken into custody by the police, according to Rudra.

Nowhere could they find Imlie. Anu claims that after learning that Chini had saved Kairi, she fled out of fear of being jailed. Rudra responds that there is no use in speaking to Devika after she asserts that Anu is correct. Imlie is constantly to blame in her eyes.

What demonstrates Imlie’s involvement in the kidnapping? The strongest evidence, according to Anu, is that she is not in the house. When Arto returns home, Devika gives him a joyful hug.

After she performs his aarti, Kairi instructs her to also perform her aarti. When Arto inquires about Imlie, Devika responds that she is unsure.

Kairi receives an apology from Arto for his failure to save her. But Imlie and Chini, dressed as the Joker, saved her, according to Kairi.

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Anu claims Kairi is perplexed since the kidnappers were dressed like the Joker. Chini put on the disguise to help Kairi. Chini tells lies to everyone, claiming that Imlie prevented her from rescuing Kairi.

Both Arto and Kairi are hesitant to accept it, even if Arto claims to have seen Imlie’s glance. Imlie can’t perform all of these, he claims. Reyansh abducted him because he was worried about his professional future.

Imlie Written Update 25th June 2023: Imlie saves Arto from Reyansh’s grasp

Imlie, according to Chini, is insecure since she doesn’t want their marriage, so she teamed up with Reyansh. Imlie and Dhairya hear everything. Dhairya questions her on why she put her own life in danger to help an unappreciative sister like Chini.

She lacks compassion. She is not valued by Arto either. He promises to be honest with everyone. Dhairya is stopped by Imlie, who expresses hope that Chini will change in the future.

Chini is unhappy because she has resumed her previous games and lying. She was unable to thank Imlie because Anu warned her to use her head or Imlie would take Arto from her if the truth came out.

Dhairya questions Imlie as she transforms into Paty.

Imlie claims that since she is not permitted to enter Rana House, she must change her name to Paty. She is doing this for Kairi since Arto and Chini should get married for Kairi’s future.

Kairi shouldn’t be labeled as an unlicensed child. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s rage, but she wants Arto and Chini to wed for Kairi’s sake.

Arto is about to eject Dhairya from the home when Imlie intervenes. Imlie claims that Dhairya is her future husband, thus no one may exclude him. Knowing that shocks Arto and Chini.







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