Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Coming to Xbox? Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Cross Platform?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk offers an exhilarating experience of advanced funkstyle, with its gameplay unfolding at a pace of one second per second. Players engage in dynamic battles against rival crews while also taking on militarized police forces to establish dominance over the five boroughs of New Amsterdam. The ultimate goal is to achieve the coveted "All City" status, marking your supremacy throughout the game world.

As of now, there are no user reviews available to gauge the reception, and the game's anticipated release date is August 18, 2023. Developed and published by Team Reptile, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk promises a unique and immersive adventure that blends style, action, and strategy in a vibrant urban setting.


Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Coming to Xbox?

Yes. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Team Reptile, draws significant inspiration from the iconic title Jet Set Radio. The game is set to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on August 15, creating excitement among players. Furthermore, the game is scheduled for release on Xbox and PlayStation platforms on September 1, which is exactly two weeks after the initial launch.

This strategic release pattern aims to maximize the game's accessibility and impact, allowing PC and Nintendo Switch players to enjoy the game first before extending the experience to Xbox and PlayStation users. With its vibrant urban setting, stylish art style, and thrilling gameplay reminiscent of Jet Set Radio, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is poised to capture the hearts of gamers across various platforms. 


Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Cross Platform? 

Unfortunately, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk does not offer Cross-Play functionality, meaning that players on different platforms will not be able to play together. Additionally, the game does not support Cross Save, which implies that players won't have the capability to transfer their game progress and data seamlessly between different platforms.

This could potentially impact players who prefer to switch between devices while retaining their in-game accomplishments. It's important for players to be aware of these limitations when considering their gameplay experience across multiple platforms.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Switch Release Date 

Scheduled for an initial launch in the year 2023, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is set to be available across various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The game's release date is Aug 18, 2023. Developed by Team Reptile, the game falls within the genres of indie, platform, and adventure gaming, promising a blend of creative gameplay elements.

The game's foundation is built upon the Unity game engine, which serves as the technological framework driving its immersive experience. Notably, Team Reptile takes on the role of both developer and publisher for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, indicating a level of creative control over the game's design and distribution. This amalgamation of distinctive platforms, genres, and development choices anticipates an engaging and diverse gaming encounter for players.

What is Xbox? 

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This pioneering move by Microsoft marked the first American video game console after the discontinuation of the Atari Jaguar in 1996. The original Xbox garnered remarkable success, with over 24 million units sold by May 2006. Subsequently, the Xbox 360, released in 2005, achieved substantial popularity, amassing 86 million units sold as of October 2021.

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