Is Erin Andrews Dating, Who is Erin Andrews Dating?

Who is Erin Andrews?

Erin Jill Andrews is a prominent figure in American media, celebrated for her multifaceted career as a sportscaster, television personality, and actress. Her rise to fame commenced when she became a correspondent on ESPN in 2004, showcasing her talents in sports reporting and commentary. In a notable transition, Erin later became a lead sideline reporter for Fox Sports, specifically recognized for her role in the network's NFL broadcasts.

Beyond her sports-related endeavors, Andrews garnered further acclaim by participating in ABC's hit show, Dancing with the Stars, where she showcased her dancing skills and charismatic presence. Her contributions were so impactful that she went on to co-host the show from 2014 to 2019, solidifying her position as a versatile and admired media personality.

Is Erin Andrews Dating?

Erin Andrews is not currently dating, as she is happily married to former NHL star Jarret Stoll. The couple's love story began during the 2012 World Series when they first crossed paths. Following their initial meeting, their connection grew stronger, and they started dating. In a beautiful culmination of their relationship, Erin and Jarret exchanged vows in Montana in 2017, marking the start of their marital journey.

Despite facing personal challenges, including fertility struggles, Erin has maintained openness about her experiences. This transparency has only deepened the bond between her and Jarret. Their journey reached a joyous milestone in July 2023, as they welcomed their son into the world through a surrogate, further solidifying their commitment to one another and their growing family.


Who is Erin Andrews Dating?

Erin Andrews is presently in a blissful marriage with Jarret Stoll, a former professional hockey player who left his mark in the NHL. Their enduring love story culminated in a joyous wedding ceremony in 2017, marking the beginning of their shared journey. Jarret Stoll, having achieved considerable success in his hockey career, notably clinching two Stanley Cups, brings a wealth of experience and achievement to their partnership.

Even after his retirement from active play, Stoll's commitment to the sport remained unwavering, as he continued to contribute to the hockey world, particularly with his involvement in the L.A. Kings. This dynamic duo has undoubtedly found a deep and enduring connection, blending Erin's vibrant media career with Jarret's rich sports legacy into a harmonious and thriving relationship.

Erin Andrews Husband 

Jarret Stoll, the esteemed husband of Erin Andrews, boasts a storied background as a former professional hockey luminary, carving a notable niche for himself in the NHL. His illustrious career saw him don the jerseys of prominent teams like the Edmonton Oilers, L.A. Kings, New York Rangers, and Minnesota Wild. During his tenure with the L.A. Kings, Stoll achieved the pinnacle of success by securing two coveted Stanley Cups, etching his name in hockey history.

Post-retirement from the competitive arena, Stoll's unwavering dedication led him to a new role as an analyst and player development member for the L.A. Kings, further contributing to the sport he holds dear.

The path to love saw Stoll and Andrews' fateful encounter during the 2012 World Series, culminating in their heartfelt union in 2017. Their journey was marked by triumphs and trials, including a poignant fertility struggle, which they triumphed over as they welcomed their cherished son via surrogate, symbolizing the resilience and depth of their bond.

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