Is Gethin Jones Dating? Everything Need to Know!

Who is Gethin Jones?

Gethin Jones, a prominent Welsh television presenter, has carved a noteworthy path in the world of television through his involvement in various engaging programs. His career began on the Welsh language channel S4C, where he skillfully hosted children's shows such as Popty, Mas Draw, and the popular program Uned 5. Gethin's profile experienced a significant boost when he took on the esteemed role of the 31st presenter on the iconic BBC children's program, Blue Peter. His dynamic personality and hosting skills made him a beloved figure among viewers.

Further showcasing his versatility, Gethin ventured into hosting "Morning Live," a compelling BBC1 morning magazine show, which quickly became a permanent fixture on the BBC1 schedule. Beyond his television endeavors, Gethin displays a passion for sports, including football, tennis, and golf. These interests add to his charm, making him a well-rounded and admired figure in the entertainment industry.

Is Gethin Jones Dating?

Recent rumors have sparked speculation about Gethin Jones's romantic life. While he was previously engaged to Welsh star Katherine Jenkins in 2011, it appears that he has moved on from that chapter. Reports indicate that Gethin is currently in a relationship with Cici Coleman, a well-known personality from the popular TV show "First Dates."

The duo has been spotted spending quality time together, with a notable instance being their joint attendance at the play "2:22 A Ghost Story" in London's vibrant West End. Despite the lack of an official statement from either Gethin or Cici about their relationship, the close bond they share has piqued interest and speculation among fans.


Who is Gethin Jones Dating?

Gethin Jones, the charming and well-known Welsh TV presenter, seems to have found companionship with none other than Cici Coleman, a familiar face from the hit TV show "First Dates." Their recent public appearances together have raised eyebrows and sparked speculations about their relationship status. Their night out in London's vibrant West End, where they enjoyed the play "2:22 A Ghost Story," and their subsequent visit to the prestigious celebrity hotspot,

The Groucho Club, have fueled the rumors further. Although Gethin and Cici have not officially confirmed their romantic involvement, insiders close to the situation have hinted that they've developed a strong bond and are spending quality time together. Their connection seems to have deepened, and fans are eagerly watching for any official confirmation.

Who is Cici Coleman?

Cici Coleman is a familiar face to fans of the beloved TV show "First Dates." She gained recognition when she joined the show as a charming waitress in 2015, injecting her own unique charisma into the program. Beyond her television role, Cici also holds the role of a fitness coach, highlighting her commitment to health and wellness.

Her dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle is evident in her recent showcase of an incredible body transformation, sharing before and after photos on her active Instagram account. Cici has not only made a mark through her work on "First Dates" but has also become an inspiration for many due to her personal journey and positive outlook on life.

Cici Coleman Age

Cici Coleman, the familiar face from the popular TV show "First Dates," is currently 36 years old. Known for her role as a waitress on the show, Cici has become a well-recognized personality in the entertainment world. Beyond her television presence, she has also ventured into the realm of fitness coaching, demonstrating her commitment to health and wellness.

Recently, Cici showcased an inspiring body transformation, sharing before and after photos on her Instagram, providing a glimpse into her journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Her age and her dedication to her work and personal growth make her a relatable and inspiring figure for fans who follow her on social media.

Cici Coleman Instagram

Gethin Jones Age

Gethin Jones, the charismatic Welsh television presenter with a versatile career, was born on February 12, 1978, making him currently 45 years old. Throughout his journey in the entertainment industry, Gethin has left a significant mark, starting with his early days on Welsh language channel S4C, where he hosted children's programs that captured the hearts of young viewers.

His role as the 31st presenter of the iconic BBC children's program Blue Peter elevated his status, showcasing his skills as a talented and engaging host. More recently, Gethin's hosting prowess has extended to the BBC1 morning magazine show "Morning Live," which has become a permanent part of the BBC1 schedule. In addition to his television endeavors, Gethin's interests in sports, including football, tennis, and golf, further enrich his dynamic personality, contributing to his enduring appeal to audiences across the United Kingdom.

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