Is Luca Bish Dating? Who is Luca Bish Dating?

Is Luca Bish Dating?

No, currently, Luca Bish is single. After the dramatic breakup announcement by Gemma Owen, it's been almost six months since their split. This Love Island breakup story has earned a reputation for being one of the most intense in the show's history.

As time has passed and emotions have settled, the spotlight has turned towards Luca Bish's current relationship status, prompting curiosity about his single life. In the aftermath of a breakup, it's common to explore new interests and activities.

Luca Bish was spotted DJing at a charity event in February, an unexpected collaboration with EastEnders' Patsy Palmer. Despite the seemingly unusual pairing, Luca considers Patsy a close family friend and even refers to her as his auntie.

Their connection originates from Patsy's friendship with Luca's family. Meanwhile, Luca has also been seen hanging out with Ron, a contestant from Winter Love Island, suggesting that he's embracing his single years by spending time with friends.

Although rumors about rekindling his relationship with Gemma continue to circulate, there has been little information regarding Luca's romantic life in the past few months. He appears to prefer a low-key and relaxed lifestyle, avoiding any drama or partying. Surprisingly, a humorous incident occurred when fans mistook a photo of Luca skiing with his mother for one of him with Gemma, leading to a cascade of comments. Amidst this lack of relationship updates, it remains to be seen who will be the next person to enter Luca Bish's romantic journey.

Is Luca Bish Still With Gemma Owen?

No, Luca Bish is not with Gemma Owen now. The couple had formed a strong connection during their time on the reality show, capturing fans' attention with their closeness and chemistry. Unfortunately, their journey together ended after three months, and Gemma opened up about the challenges she's faced since the split.

Speaking candidly about the breakup at a festive event, Gemma revealed that dealing with the aftermath of their separation has been quite tough. Navigating the scrutiny of the media and the opinions of others has added to the difficulty, but she expressed her determination to overcome this period. She emphasized that despite the challenges, she's managing to stay resilient and busy.

Gemma also highlighted the support she's received from her Love Island co-stars, acknowledging their kindness during this trying time. She mentioned that each of her fellow contestants reached out to offer comfort and a listening ear, providing her with a sense of solace. Gemma's focus remains on moving forward, and while the breakup wasn't easy, she and Luca have expressed their intentions to maintain a positive and amicable friendship.


Who is Gemma Owen?

Gemma Rose Owen is a 20-year-old female who gained recognition as an islander on Season 8 of the revived series Love Island. Born on May 1, 2003, Gemma hails from Chester, England. She is known for her occupation as an international dressage rider and business owner.

Gemma entered the Love Island villa on Day 1 and became a prominent figure throughout the season. Her journey on the show concluded on Day 58, where she was crowned the runner-up alongside fellow contestant Luca Bish. Gemma's notable family connection includes being the daughter of Michael Owen, a well-known figure in the world of football.With her background as an international dressage rider and business owner, Gemma Owen brought a unique profile to the Love Island experience, making her presence felt during her time on the show's eighth season.

Who is Luca Bish?

Luca Bish is a familiar face in the realm of reality television, having made his mark on popular shows like Love Island and Celebrity MasterChef 2023. At 23 years old, he gained prominence as a contestant on the hit dating show Love Island, where he ventured into the renowned Majorcan villa during the previous summer.

His journey on the show led him to form a connection with Gemma Owen, the daughter of football star Michael Owen. The duo's relationship blossomed within the Love Island villa, and they managed to make it to the final, securing the second-place spot. However, their romance lasted for about three months after the show ended before they decided to part ways.

Luca's experience on Love Island showcased his personality and charm, making him a notable figure among fans of reality TV. His post-Love Island journey led him to take on a new challenge as a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef 2023.

As he steps into the MasterChef kitchen, his previous career as a fishmonger might provide him with a unique edge when it comes to showcasing his culinary skills. With his presence on multiple high-profile shows, Luca Bish continues to capture the attention of audiences and enthusiasts of reality entertainment.

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Luca Bish Biography

Luca Bish is a British reality TV star who gained widespread recognition through his appearance on the eighth season of Love Island as a contestant. Born in Brighton, United Kingdom, around the year 1999, Luca is known for his profession as a fishmonger. As of 2023, he is approximately 24 years old. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about Luca Bish's family and personal life. Details about his parents and siblings remain undisclosed. Any updates regarding his family background will be provided as soon as they become available. Luca became a prominent figure in the world of reality TV through his participation in the eighth season of Love Island. As a contestant, he showcased his charismatic personality and distinctive career as a fishmonger, capturing the attention of the general public.

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Luca Bish

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Luca Bish


Reality TV Star



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24 years




Brighton, United Kingdom


Brighton, England, United Kingdom



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$150k USD 

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