Is Melinda Messenger Engaged? Who is Melinda Messenger Boyfriend?

Who is Melinda Messenger?

Melinda Messenger is a versatile personality known for her career as a TV presenter and her previous stint as a glamour model. Born in 1971, she first gained recognition as a Page 3 girl, gracing the pages of popular tabloids. However, she transitioned to television and became a prominent host on various shows, showcasing her talent and charm. Some of her notable appearances include hosting "Cowboy Builder" and participating in "The Jump," a winter sports show.

Throughout her career, Melinda has been through personal ups and downs, having been previously married to Wayne Roberts, with whom she shares three children. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2012. Following her divorce, she had a relationship with ski instructor Warren Smith, which ended a few years later due to lifestyle differences. Despite the challenges, Melinda's resilient spirit shines through her passion for adventure and self-development. Notably, she embarked on a challenging 48-mile hike across Nepal and met her current fiancé, Dr. Raj Joshi, during this expedition.

Is Melinda Messenger Engaged?

Yes, Melinda Messenger is engaged to Dr. Raj Joshi, a survival expert and renowned expedition leader. The couple's love story unfolded during their stay in New Zealand, where Raj proposed to Melinda in a beautiful gesture. The delightful news was shared by Melinda on her Instagram account, where she also expressed their intention to get married next year.

Dr. Raj Joshi is well-known for his work in organizing and leading celebrity expeditions, such as the BBC Comic Relief climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, where prominent personalities like David Beckham participated. Through his expertise and adventurous spirit, Raj and Melinda found a deep connection, bonding over their shared love for exploration and challenging experiences. As they embark on this new chapter together, it's evident that Melinda and Raj are excited about their future as a couple and the adventures they will continue to embrace.


Melinda Messenger Boyfriend

Melinda Messenger's boyfriend and now fiancé is Dr. Raj Joshi, an accomplished expedition leader and survival expert. Their relationship blossomed during the preparations for a charity trek across Nepal. Dr. Raj, the founder of The Adventure Boutique, a London-based travel company specializing in unique tailor-made trips, shared his passion for adventure and exploration with Melinda. Together, they engaged in a 48-mile hike through Nepal's Langtang Valley, an experience that brought them closer and ultimately led to their engagement.

In addition to his expedition leadership, Dr. Raj has collaborated on various TV documentaries, including working with the likes of David Beckham on "Into The Unknown." Melinda and Raj's mutual love for the thrill of exploration and their commitment to challenging themselves make them a dynamic and adventurous couple, eager to create meaningful memories together.

Melinda Messenger Age

At 52 years old, Melinda Messenger, born in 1971, exemplifies a vibrant and active lifestyle, embracing each day with enthusiasm and zest. Her unwavering adventurous spirit remains undiminished, propelling her to seek new challenges and embark on thrilling adventures. Melinda's positive outlook on life and her willingness to embrace novel experiences serve as an inspiring example for others.

Despite the passage of time, she continues to radiate energy and enthusiasm, constantly pursuing growth and development in various aspects of her life. Melinda Messenger's age has not hindered her from living life to the fullest, and she continues to inspire people to embrace every opportunity that comes their way with optimism and determination.

Melinda Messenger's Adventurous Journey

Melinda Messenger's life has been marked by thrilling adventures and TV appearances. From her days as a glamour model to becoming a well-known TV presenter, she has always pushed herself to new heights. Following her divorce from Wayne Roberts, she met ski instructor Warren Smith on "The Jump," but their relationship eventually ended.

Melinda's love for Nepal led her to embark on a 48-mile hike, where she met her now-fiancé, Dr. Raj Joshi. Raj, an expedition leader, has worked with famous personalities like David Beckham. Their shared love for adventure and exploration has brought them closer together, and they are now engaged and looking forward to their wedding.

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