Is Red Sea Diving Resort True Story? Plot, Cast, Trailer and Review

Red Sea Diving Resort

"Red Sea Diving Resort," alternatively titled "Operation Brothers," is a gripping 2019 spy thriller film directed by Gideon Raff. The story revolves around the daring exploits of an Israeli Mossad agent, portrayed by Chris Evans, during the 1980s. The agent leads a covert operation aimed at rescuing Ethiopian-Jewish refugees who are in grave danger in Sudan due to political upheaval and famine.

To execute the operation, the Mossad agent proposes a risky plan: utilize an abandoned Sudanese coastal hotel, known as the Red Sea Diving Resort, as a cover to facilitate the refugees' escape to safety in Israel. The film brings to life the challenges, risks, and triumphs faced by the Mossad team as they navigate treacherous terrain, evade Sudanese authorities, and strive to save lives.

Is Red Sea Diving Resort True Story?

"The Red Sea Diving Resort" is a film that draws inspiration from historical events, although it takes creative liberties for cinematic storytelling. Loosely based on real events, the movie centers on Israel's Operation Moses and Operation Joshua, collectively known as Operation Brothers, which occurred in the 1980s.

These covert operations aimed to rescue Ethiopian Jews who were facing persecution and danger in Sudan due to political turmoil and famine. The film's narrative centers on an Israeli Mossad agent, portrayed by Chris Evans, who devises a plan to rescue Ethiopian-Jewish refugees from Sudan.

While the core concept of using an abandoned Sudanese coastal hotel, the Red Sea Diving Resort, as a cover for the rescue mission is rooted in history, certain aspects of the film are fictionalized for dramatic effect. The portrayal of characters, events, and the challenges faced by the Mossad team is a blend of historical context and creative interpretation.

Although "The Red Sea Diving Resort" takes liberties with the details of the true events, its premise shines a light on the remarkable efforts of the Mossad agents and their collaboration with the Ethiopian Jewish community to save lives. While it may not provide a strictly accurate retelling of the events, the film offers a cinematic portrayal of a significant historical chapter that combines heroism, danger, and the complexities of international covert operations.


Red Sea Diving Resort Cast



Chris Evans

Ari Levinson

Michael K. Williams

Kabede Bimro

Haley Bennett

Rachel Reiter

Michiel Huisman

Jacob 'Jake' Wolf

Alessandro Nivola

Sammy Navon

Greg Kinnear

Walton Bowen

Ben Kingsley

Ethan Levin

Alex Hassell

Max Rose

Mark Ivanir

Barack Isaacs

Chris Chalk

Col. Abdel Ahmed

Alona Tal

Sarah Levinson

Red Sea Diving Resort Plot

"The Red Sea Diving Resort" unfolds as a captivating spy thriller set in the tumultuous 1980s. The story follows the determined Israeli Mossad agent, played by Chris Evans, who embarks on a daring mission to rescue Ethiopian-Jewish refugees trapped in Sudan, a country marred by political turmoil and famine.

To execute the operation, the agent devises a bold plan: repurpose an abandoned Sudanese coastal hotel known as the Red Sea Diving Resort. This establishment becomes the cover for their covert mission to smuggle refugees to safety in Israel. As the Mossad team sets up the resort, they unexpectedly attract genuine tourists, necessitating the maintenance of a dual façade – one as hoteliers, the other as clandestine operatives.

Amid the challenges of managing the unexpected influx of visitors and staying one step ahead of Sudanese authorities, the Mossad agent and his team navigate a high-stakes world where lives hang in the balance. The film masterfully weaves tension, danger, and courage, portraying the risks taken and sacrifices made to save innocent lives.

In the face of growing adversity, the Mossad team executes multiple perilous evacuation operations, often narrowly escaping detection. However, as the operation gains momentum, so does the danger.

Threatened by the Sudanese Colonel Abdel Ahmed, played by Chris Chalk, the team's cover is at risk of being blown. The tension reaches a boiling point when a final mission to evacuate refugees via cargo plane is devised.

Supported by a CIA officer, portrayed by Greg Kinnear, the Mossad team and the refugees engage in a daring escape attempt that culminates in a gripping climax. "The Red Sea Diving Resort" brilliantly combines espionage, heroism, and the resilience of the human spirit, underscoring the lengths people are willing to go to make a difference in the lives of others.

Red Sea Diving Resort Review

"The Red Sea Diving Resort" offers a captivating glimpse into a lesser-known chapter of history, portraying the daring rescue mission of Mossad agents during the 1980s. While the film's portrayal of heroism and the creative use of an abandoned resort as a cover for the operation are commendable, it has garnered mixed reviews.

Some praise the film's focus on a remarkable true story and the courage of those involved, while others criticize its use of a "white savior" narrative and oversimplification of complex historical dynamics. Despite the divisive reception, the movie sheds light on the perseverance and sacrifices of individuals who risked everything to save lives, and serves as a reminder of the ongoing refugee crises around the world.

The Red Sea Diving Resort Where to Watch?

"The Red Sea Diving Resort" is available for streaming on Netflix, allowing audiences to delve into the captivating world of espionage, heroism, and daring rescue. The film's depiction of the Mossad agents' mission to save Ethiopian-Jewish refugees through a covert operation at the Red Sea Diving Resort can be experienced from the comfort of your own screen on the Netflix platform.

With its mix of historical inspiration and cinematic storytelling, the movie provides an opportunity to explore a remarkable true story that unfolds against the backdrop of political turmoil and human determination.

The Red Sea Diving Resort Trailer


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