Is Simone De Alba Leaving News 4? Who is Simone De Alba?

Is Simone De Alba Leaving News 4?

San Antonio's News 4 anchor, Simone De Alba, is bidding farewell as she embarks on a new journey outside of Texas. In a heartfelt Facebook post on August 15, De Alba shared that she has accepted a position in Washington, D.C., and her final appearance on San Antonio airwaves will be on August 30.

Having held the role of weeknight evening co-anchor at News 4 since November 2020, De Alba excitedly announced her upcoming role as an anchor at WUSA in Washington, D.C. Her post expressed her anticipation for this new chapter, a dream she has cherished since her early days as a journalist. She conveyed her deep gratitude for the chance to continue pursuing her passion.

While thrilled about the career move, De Alba admitted the decision to leave San Antonio stirred mixed emotions. She recognized the profound impact the city had on her both personally and professionally. Throughout her tenure, she tackled a range of topics, from Texas politics to winter storms, always keeping the community informed.

Acknowledging the unwavering support of her colleagues, De Alba highlighted how the experience transformed her, not only as a journalist but also as an individual. She praised the compassionate and collaborative spirit of her newsroom, emphasizing the invaluable lessons she learned from her team.

As she concluded her post, De Alba expressed the difficulty of bidding adieu to her News 4 family and the vibrant city of San Antonio. She extended her heartfelt appreciation to the city for making her feel at home, even as a "Colorado kid" in Texas.

Who is Simone De Alba?

Simone De Alba, an accomplished American journalist, currently holds the role of Evening Anchor at News 4 in San Antonio, Texas. Collaborating with her co-anchor Randy Beamer, the dynamic duo graces the screen for News 4 San Antonio's late newscast, "News 4 San Antonio at 10 PM," while also contributing to the early evening newscasts. De Alba's arrival followed Irene Cruz's departure, as she stepped into her shoes at News 4, San Antonio.

With a prolific presence, she also takes the spotlight during the 5 PM, 6 PM, and 6:30 PM shows. De Alba joined the esteemed news channel in November 2019. Before becoming a prominent figure at News 4 in San Antonio, De Alba contributed her talents at KTXL FOX40 News, a Nexstar-owned station situated in the Sacramento, California Area.

During her four-year tenure from December 2015 to October 2019, she held the position of Morning News Anchor, making her mark on the broadcasting landscape. Her journey commenced in Great Falls, Montana, where she embarked on her career at KRTV, a CBS affiliate station. Here, she flexed her skills as a multimedia reporter and morning anchor.

Her commitment to excellence led her to KTVQ Billings in Montana, where she adorned the role of Statewide Anchor for two fruitful years. Impressively, De Alba's talents extended even further, as she made notable appearances on CNN's local edition.


Simone De Alba Career

Simone De Alba's journey through the realm of journalism is rich with experiences and accomplishments. Her odyssey commenced as an intern at NBC Denver, CBS Denver, and NBC Sacramento, laying the foundation for her remarkable career. Venturing further, she embraced the role of a morning anchor and reporter in the captivating landscapes of Great Falls, Montana, where her storytelling prowess began to flourish.

Subsequently, she assumed the responsibility of a statewide news anchor in the vibrant city of Billings, Montana, leaving an indelible mark on the media landscape. Steering her path to Sacramento, California, De Alba continued to elevate her profile as a morning anchor at Fox40, contributing her skills to the broadcasting industry.

In November 2020, her journey led her to News4 San Antonio, where she found her footing as the weeknight evening co-anchor and a distinguished reporter. Her dedication and talent have garnered her accolades, including an esteemed Emmy award for her outstanding coverage of the Oroville Dam crisis.

During her tenure in San Antonio, De Alba's journalistic endeavors have encapsulated a diverse array of topics, including Texas politics, Uvalde, the impactful winter storm, the intricacies of the prison system, and even the world of cryptocurrency.

These experiences have encompassed a challenging yet transformative couple of years since her inception at News 4, solidifying her resilience and tenacity. Reflecting on this journey, she expressed her admiration for her colleagues, who have become an integral part of her journey, rekindling her faith in humanity and the power of collaboration within the newsroom. As De Alba steps forward into new horizons, the bonds formed and lessons learned in San Antonio will remain etched in her heart.

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