Is Cody Rhodes Leaving WWE? Know About His Life and Career Journey

Who is Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes is an American professional wrestler and actor. He was born on June 30, 1985. Cody is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand. He is also known for his tenure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) from 2019 to 2022, during which he held the role of an executive vice president and achieved considerable success as the inaugural and three-time AEW TNT Champion, tying a record in the process.

Cody Rhodes gained significant recognition during his initial stint with WWE, where he wrestled from 2006 to 2016. During this period, he used his real name as well as the ring name Stardust. Under the Stardust persona, Cody portrayed an overly deep, dramatic, and sparkling character, inspired by his half-brother's Goldust character. Cody's performances as Stardust garnered attention and added an intriguing twist to his family's wrestling legacy.

In addition to his time in WWE and AEW, Cody has competed in various other prominent wrestling promotions, including Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), Ring of Honor (ROH), and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). His journey through different wrestling organizations has allowed him to showcase his skills and versatility as a performer.

Outside of wrestling, Cody Rhodes has explored other ventures. He served as a judge on the competition series Go-Big Show and appeared on the reality show Rhodes to the Top, which featured him and his wife, Brandi Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes is known for his passion for wrestling, his dedication to his craft, and his willingness to take on diverse roles and challenges within the industry. His contributions to both WWE and AEW, as well as his experiences in various other wrestling promotions, have solidified his status as a respected and accomplished figure in the world of professional wrestling.

Is Cody Rhodes Leaving WWE?

Cody Rhodes left WWE in 2016 but in 2023 he actually returned for a third match with Brock Lesnar in Summer Slam. Cody Rhodes' departure from WWE in 2016 was a pivotal moment in his career and the wrestling business as a whole. After leaving WWE, he ventured into the independent wrestling scene and made some unexpected and groundbreaking moves. Rhodes joined the Bullet Club, a popular faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and formed a close bond with The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), who were also part of the Bullet Club at the time.

Their collaboration and creative efforts led to the creation of the All In event in 2018, which was a massive success and proved that non-WWE wrestling shows could draw significant crowds and attention. The event featured a mix of established independent wrestlers and former WWE talent, signaling the growing influence and appeal of the independent wrestling circuit.

Following the overwhelming success of All In, the seeds for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) were planted. In 2019, AEW was officially announced, with Cody Rhodes being one of the key executives and wrestlers involved in its formation. AEW aimed to provide an alternative to WWE, focusing on a more sports-oriented and fan-friendly product.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Cody Rhodes announced in early 2022 that he was leaving AEW. This news shocked fans and the wrestling community, as Cody had been a driving force in the success of AEW. Weeks later, he made an unexpected return to WWE at WrestleMania 38, leaving fans with mixed emotions and speculations about his motivations.

In a Q&A session with Sam Roberts, Cody Rhodes admitted that he had never wanted to leave WWE in the first place. He revealed that he felt helpless and frustrated with the creative direction he was given during his time there. One particular writer, whom he didn't name, had become a point of contention for him, and Cody expressed his desire to punch the writer in the face, although he clarified it never escalated to that point.

Cody's departure from WWE in 2016 and his subsequent journey through the independent wrestling scene and AEW showcased his resilience and determination to carve his path in the wrestling world. His involvement in the rise of AEW played a significant role in promoting competition in the wrestling industry, which ultimately benefits both wrestlers and fans.

The announcement of Cody Rhodes' return to WWE for a third match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam has generated immense excitement and anticipation among wrestling enthusiasts. The clash with the dominant and hard-hitting Lesnar will undoubtedly be a tough challenge for Cody, but it also signifies his willingness to face the toughest opponents and his desire to prove himself on the grandest stage of them all.

Cody Rhodes' departure from WWE and subsequent journey through the independent circuit and AEW have had a profound impact on the wrestling business, revitalizing the industry and offering wrestlers more opportunities to thrive outside the traditional WWE system. His return to WWE for a high-profile match at SummerSlam further adds to his legacy as a wrestler who isn't afraid to take risks and pursue his dreams.


Cody Rhodes Early Life

Cody Rhodes, whose birth name is Cody Garrett Runnels, was born on June 30, 1985. He is the son of the legendary professional wrestler Virgil Runnels Jr., better known by his ring name Dusty Rhodes, and his second wife, Michelle Rubio. Cody has a half-brother named Dustin (also known as Goldust) from his father's first marriage, as well as a half-sister from the same marriage. He also has a full-blooded sister named Teil from Dusty Rhodes and Michelle Rubio.

During his teenage years, Cody legally changed his name to Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes. He attended Lassiter High School, where he had a successful high school wrestling career. Cody's talent and dedication to wrestling were evident when he placed sixth in the 171 lb (78 kg) weight division during his sophomore year. In his junior year, he achieved a significant milestone by winning the Georgia state wrestling tournament at 189 lb (86 kg) in 2003. He repeated this achievement in his senior year, solidifying his reputation as a formidable wrestler in his home state.

Originally, Cody had planned to pursue collegiate wrestling at Penn State University. However, he eventually decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become a professional wrestler. Wrestling was in his blood, and he chose to enter the world of sports entertainment instead of pursuing a college wrestling career. Even during his high school years, Cody Rhodes was actively involved in the wrestling business. He served as a referee in his father's promotion, Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. This early exposure to the wrestling industry likely fueled his passion and desire to make a name for himself as a professional wrestler.

After completing high school, Cody attended an acting school, which suggests he had interests beyond wrestling and was exploring other avenues in the entertainment industry. Cody Rhodes' journey to becoming a professional wrestler was shaped by his family's wrestling legacy, his success in high school wrestling, and his decision to pursue a career in sports entertainment instead of collegiate wrestling. These early experiences laid the foundation for his future accomplishments and contributions to the world of professional wrestling.

Cody Rhodes Marital Life

Cody Rhodes is married to fellow professional wrestler Brandi Rhodes, formerly known as Brandi Reed. Brandi is not only a professional wrestler but also a ring announcer and television personality. She is best known for her work in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where she has been actively involved alongside her husband. Brandi is also the cousin of former AEW TNT and Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky.

Cody and Brandi tied the knot in September 2013 and have been happily married ever since. Their love story began when they met in WWE. At the time of their meeting, Cody Rhodes was already an established name in the wrestling business, while Brandi was relatively new to the industry. She joined WWE as a ring announcer and used the name 'Eden Stiles' during her time with the company.

According to an interview with WrestlingInc in 2017, Brandi revealed that Cody initially wasn't interested in her, but she was smitten by him and began pursuing him. She mentioned that she rejected his advances numerous times before finally giving in and starting a relationship with him. They eventually went on their first date to a Waffle House, and their connection was instant.

One moment that stood out for Brandi Rhodes was when Cody took her to Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios. Unbeknownst to Cody, Brandi was a huge horror fan, and this thoughtful gesture made her realize that he was the one for her. In 2021, Cody and Brandi welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named Liberty Runnels. The arrival of their daughter brought immense joy to the couple, and they have been cherishing their roles as parents ever since.

Throughout their relationship, Cody and Brandi have been supportive of each other's careers and have shared a deep bond both inside and outside the wrestling ring. They continue to be prominent figures in the wrestling world and are admired by fans for their talent, dedication, and love for each other.

Cody Rhodes Net Worth

Cody Rhodes' primary source of income comes from his career as a professional wrestler. He has been a part of various wrestling promotions, including WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he has competed in high-profile matches and storylines. As a wrestler, he earns a salary, performance bonuses, and merchandise royalties from the sales of his merchandise, such as T-shirts, action figures, and other memorabilia.

Additionally, Cody Rhodes has held executive positions in AEW, where he has contributed to the company's growth and decision-making process. As an executive vice president of AEW, he may receive a salary and possibly additional financial incentives based on the company's success. Outside of wrestling, Cody has ventured into acting and television appearances, such as being a judge on the competition series Go-Big Show and starring in the reality show Rhodes to the Top alongside his wife, Brandi Rhodes. These ventures may provide additional sources of income for him.

Cody Rhodes Net Worth


Cody Rhodes

Net Worth

$8 million


professional wrestler and actor

Source of income

Through his Career



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