Is Faye Brookes Married? Who is Faye Brookes Married to?

Who is Faye Brookes?

Faye Brookes is a prominent English actress renowned for her versatile talents. She gained widespread recognition for her role as Kate Connor in the popular ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Faye's portrayal of Kate was celebrated for its depth and authenticity, making her a beloved figure among fans of the long-running series. Her contributions to the show showcased her exceptional acting abilities and contributed significantly to its success.

In addition to her soap opera stardom, Faye Brookes also demonstrated her impressive skills on the ice when she participated in the thirteenth series of Dancing on Ice in 2021. During the competition, she displayed remarkable grace and determination, ultimately finishing in a well-deserved second place. Faye's journey in the entertainment industry continues to captivate audiences, solidifying her status as a talented and versatile actress in the world of British television.

Is Faye Brookes Married?

Yes, Faye Brookes is indeed married. She tied the knot with her partner, Iwan Lewis, in a picturesque Cotswolds church ceremony. The wedding took place after a whirlwind 10-month romance. Faye and Iwan had announced their engagement in January, just four months after they started dating.

The wedding ceremony was described as a traditional church wedding, followed by a grand reception at a posh venue nearby. The couple's friends and family attended the celebration, and the weather was sunny, making it a perfect day for their special occasion. Faye wore a stunning fairytale lace wedding gown, and Iwan looked smart in a black suit. It was an intimate affair with their nearest and dearest in attendance, and it appears to have been a beautiful and memorable event for the couple.


Who is Faye Brookes Married to?

Faye Brookes is married to Iwan Lewis. He is a Welsh actor with a notable presence in both theatre and film. He is recognized for his versatile performances, including the role of Emmett in the UK tour of the stage adaptation of Legally Blonde and Bahorel in the film adaptation of Les Misérables. Iwan's journey in the world of acting began when he graduated from the Guildford School of Acting in 2010, where he also received an award from the Elizabeth Evans Trust during his time there.

In addition to his roles in Les Misérables and Legally Blonde, Iwan Lewis took part in the 2010 London Revival of Stephen Sondheim's Passion. He has a diverse portfolio, having appeared as Oarsman in the Park Theatre transfer of Therese Raquin in 2014. In March 2017, he assumed the position of Artistic Director at the Barn Theatre, where his directorial skills earned acclaim, particularly for productions like the folk reimagining of The Secret Garden musical.

His talents have not only earned critical recognition but also led to a 2018 The Stage Debut Awards nomination for his direction of Simon Stephens' One Minute as part of the theatre's 2018 Built By Barn production. In a more personal note, in 2023, Iwan became engaged to Faye Brookes after a three-month courtship, marking an exciting chapter in his life.

Faye Brookes Past Relationship

In 2012, Faye Brookes' life took a romantic turn when she met Gareth Gates while both were working together in a production of Legally Blonde. Gareth was portraying the role of her character's boyfriend in the play, and their on-stage chemistry evidently spilled over into real life. Their connection deepened, leading to a romantic relationship, and eventually, the couple became engaged. However, their engagement was not destined to last, and in 2018, the pair made the difficult decision to call it off, ending their engagement.

During their time together, Faye Brookes and Gareth Gates not only shared a personal bond but also collaborated professionally. They established a stage school called Fates Academy, a testament to their shared passion for the performing arts. While their romantic relationship had its ups and downs, their joint venture in the world of theater education highlighted their commitment to nurturing young talent in the industry.

Faye Brookes Family

Faye Brookes hails from a close-knit family with strong familial bonds. She grew up in Stretford, Trafford, as part of a large family consisting of her parents, two sisters, Nicky and Jodie, and a brother named Jack. Her father, Carl Barber, and her mother, Inger Barber, provided the foundation for her upbringing.

During her formative years, Faye attended Flixton Junior School and later continued her education at Knutsford High School. Her early experiences seem to have fostered her interest in musical theatre. To pursue this passion, she initially studied performing arts at Pendleton College starting in 2004.

Later, she furthered her education in the field by attending the prestigious Guildford School of Acting. In 2010, Faye Brookes successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Musical Theatre, and she even received the Principal's Choice Award, a testament to her dedication and talent in the performing arts. Faye's family and educational background likely played a significant role in shaping her career in the entertainment industry.

Faye Brookes Career

Faye Brookes' career trajectory has been marked by a strong presence in the theater before making her mark on television. She graced the stage in various notable theatre productions, showcasing her talent in shows like Grease, Shrek, Legally Blonde, and The Sound of Music.

However, her breakthrough in the world of television came when she joined the cast of Coronation Street in October 2015. Brookes was cast as Kate Connor, expanding the Connor family within the show's ensemble. Her portrayal of Kate was well-received, earning her the Best Newcomer award at the 22nd National Television Awards in January 2017.

In April 2019, Faye Brookes made the decision to leave Coronation Street, and her final scenes on the show aired later that year. She continued to embrace new challenges in her career, and in September 2020, she was announced as a contestant for the 2021 series of Dancing on Ice.

Initially partnered with Hamish Gaman, she later teamed up with Matt Evers after Gaman's withdrawal due to an injury in week 6. Faye Brookes displayed her grace and determination on the ice, finishing the competition in a commendable second place. Her versatility and talent continued to shine when it was revealed in November 2021 that she would take on the role of Roxie Hart in the UK tour of the musical Chicago in 2022, marking another exciting chapter in her career.

Faye Brookes Net Worth

Faye Brookes, as an actress and performer, primarily derives her income from the entertainment industry. Faye has been a part of both theater and television productions. Her acting roles in popular shows like Coronation Street, theater productions like Legally Blonde, and musicals contribute significantly to her income.

Brookes' appearances on television shows, especially in long-running series like Coronation Street, provide a steady source of income through acting contracts and royalties. Her roles in various theater productions, including musicals like Grease and Shrek, contribute to her income through ticket sales and performance fees.

Faye Brookes Net Worth


Faye Brookes

Net Worth

$3 million



Source of income

Through her career

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