Is Kelly Osbourne Pregnant? Who is Her Baby's Father?

Who is Kelly Osbourne?

Kelly Osbourne is an English television personality, singer, actress, model, and fashion designer. She was born on October 27, 1984, and is the daughter of famous rock musician Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne. Kelly gained widespread fame when she appeared alongside her family on the reality television show "The Osbournes," which aired from 2002 to 2005. The show was a huge success and earned the Osbourne family an Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Program in 2002.

In 2009, Kelly Osbourne participated in the popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars" and secured third place with her professional dance partner Louis van Amstel. She has also been involved in various television projects, such as being a presenter on "Project Catwalk" from 2007 to 2008 and on "Fashion Police" from 2010 to 2015. Additionally, she served as a judge on "Project Runway Junior" from 2015 onwards and "Australia's Got Talent" in 2016.

Beyond her television career, Kelly Osbourne is also known as a singer and has released two studio albums: "Shut Up" in 2002 and "Sleeping in the Nothing" in 2005. She collaborated with her father Ozzy Osbourne on the single "Changes," a cover of a Black Sabbath song, which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart in 2003. In the animated series "The 7D," she provided the voice for the character Hildy Gloom, which aired on Disney XD from 2014 to 2016. Throughout her career, Kelly Osbourne has shown her talents in multiple fields, making her a well-known and versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

Is Kelly Osbourne Pregnant?

No, Kelly Osbourne is not pregnant now. She gave birth to her first child in December 2022. In a candid revelation, Kelly Osbourne, the renowned reality star, discussed her decision not to share photos of herself during her pregnancy. Kelly welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Sidney, with her boyfriend Sid Wilson at the beginning of 2023. Despite the excitement surrounding her pregnancy announcement, she chose to keep it off social media and rarely posts about her son.

When a follower commented on her recent Instagram photos, noting the absence of any pregnant pictures, they questioned whether she used a surrogate. Kelly responded, explaining that she hid her pregnancy for nine months to avoid being subjected to fat-shaming. She has been vocal about her struggles with body-shaming in the past and how it has affected her mental health. Kelly clarified that the changes in her appearance were the result of weight loss and minimal cosmetic procedures, such as Botox.

Kelly has always been transparent about her battles with body image issues, and in 2021, she called out a tabloid for inquiring about her fluctuating weight. She had previously lost 85 pounds after undergoing a gastric-sleeve procedure. The challenges she faced in the past year made her feel broken, but she remained focused on her happiness and well-being.

Announcing her pregnancy in May 2022, Kelly expressed her joy and excitement about becoming a mother. However, her mother, Sharon Osbourne, inadvertently revealed the baby's birth and name on a British chat show called "The Talk." Kelly expressed her discomfort with this revelation, stating that it was her decision to share information about her baby.


Who is Kelly Osbourne's Baby Father?

Kelly Osbourne's baby father is Sidney George Wilson, an American musician best known as the turntablist for the renowned heavy metal band Slipknot. Born on January 20, 1977, Sid Wilson has made a significant impact in the music industry through his unique talent and contributions to Slipknot's distinctive sound. Sid and Kelly first crossed paths in 1999 when Slipknot was on tour with Ozzfest, a music festival founded by Kelly's famous parents, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

Despite their initial encounter happening on the music scene, it wasn't until January 2022 that the couple publicly revealed their romantic relationship. However, they have been friends since their first meeting, sharing a connection that ultimately blossomed into a loving partnership. Though the couple prefers to keep their relationship mostly private, there have been rare sightings of them together in public. They do, however, express their affection for each other openly on social media during special occasions and significant milestones.

In the course of their relationship, Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson's bond grew stronger, leading to the joyful news of their pregnancy. Less than a year after officially announcing their romance, the couple welcomed their first child together. The arrival of their baby brought immense happiness and fulfillment to both Kelly and Sid. Sid Wilson's role as the turntablist and designated member #0 in Slipknot has garnered him a devoted following of fans. He is widely recognized for his energetic stage presence and innovative use of turntables in the band's performances, adding a distinct element to Slipknot's intense and theatrical shows.

Together, Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson form a dynamic and talented couple with a shared love for music and a desire to protect their personal lives. Despite the public interest in their relationship, they have chosen to cherish their precious moments privately and focus on building a loving and nurturing environment for their growing family.

Kelly Osbourne Family

Kelly Osbourne comes from a diverse and well-known family with strong ties to the music industry. She was born in Westminster, London, and is the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon Osbourne. Kelly has an elder sister named Aimee and a younger brother named Jack. Additionally, from her father's first marriage, she has two half-siblings, Jessica Hobbs and Louis John Osbourne. Growing up, Kelly had a unique family dynamic, including an "unofficially adopted" brother named Robert Marcato. After Marcato's mother passed away, Sharon and Ozzy took him in as part of their family.

Kelly's childhood was anything but ordinary. She often traveled with her father as he embarked on his tours, resulting in a life filled with constant movement. Over the years, the family lived in more than 20 homes, primarily in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom. Her maternal grandfather, Don Arden (birth name Harry Levy), was a prominent English music manager, adding another layer of musical influence to her family background. On her mother's side, Kelly has a heritage that includes Irish and Jewish roots.

For her education, Kelly Osbourne attended private schools in England, including Pipers Corner School. With her upbringing in the midst of the music world and a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, it's no surprise that Kelly Osbourne found her own path in showbiz, becoming a well-known television personality, singer, actress, model, and fashion designer. Her family's diverse background and musical legacy have certainly played a significant role in shaping her life and career.

Kelly Osbourne Net Worth 

Kelly Osbourne's source of income comes from various avenues, reflecting her diverse career in the entertainment industry. Kelly gained widespread fame through her appearances on reality television. She starred alongside her family in the reality show "The Osbournes," which aired from 2002 to 2005, and contributed to her family's income through the show's success. She has also been a presenter on shows like "Project Catwalk" and "Fashion Police," as well as a judge on "Project Runway Junior" and "Australia's Got Talent." These television roles have earned her salaries and potentially lucrative contracts.

Kelly Osbourne is a singer and has released two studio albums, "Shut Up" in 2002 and "Sleeping in the Nothing" in 2005. While her music career may not be her primary source of income, album sales, concerts, and royalties from her music can still contribute to her earnings. Besides reality TV, Kelly has dabbled in acting, taking on roles in films and television series. For instance, she voiced the character Hildy Gloom in the Disney XD animated series "The 7D." Acting roles can provide additional income for her.

Kelly Osbourne has also pursued a career in modeling, collaborating with various brands and appearing in photo shoots and campaigns. Modeling contracts and endorsements can bring in significant earnings. Kelly has ventured into fashion design and has her own clothing line. Income from her fashion endeavors can come from clothing sales, licensing deals, and collaborations. As a well-known personality, Kelly receives offers for public appearances, speaking engagements, and brand endorsements. These activities can contribute to her income.With a significant following on social media platforms, Kelly may earn money through sponsored posts and partnerships with brands.

Kelly Osbourne Net Worth 


Kelly Osbourne 

Net Worth

$16 million


television personality, singer, actress, model, and fashion designer 

Source of income

Through her Multiple Career

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