John Castic Missing: Where was John Castic Found? What Happened to John Castic?

Who was John Castic?

John Castic was a 27-year-old Goldman Sachs analyst who went missing after attending a concert at the Brooklyn Mirage nightclub. He was last seen leaving the club around 3 a.m. on a Saturday. The NYPD released a photo of him as part of their efforts to locate him. Unfortunately, his body was later discovered in Newtown Creek, confirming his tragic death. It appears that John Castic was a well-liked individual, as a friend who had planned to volunteer in the search for him expressed fond memories of their time together.

The friend's statement suggests that he had many good times and memories shared with John. This is the second incident of a missing person in the Brooklyn Mirage area in two months, as another 27-year-old man named Karl Clemente went missing previously. Karl was last seen outside the club and was later found dead in the nearby creek.

City Council Member Jennifer Gutierrez expressed her sorrow over the incidents and emphasized the importance of ensuring people's safety during nightlife activities. She mentioned that while they want people to have a good time, it is crucial for everyone to return home safely to their families.  John Castic's untimely death is a tragic loss, and it serves as a reminder of the need to prioritize safety and responsible enjoyment during nightlife events.

Where was John Castic Found?

John Castic was found in Newtown Creek, which is a branch of the East River tributary, specifically in an area known as English Kills. He had disappeared three days earlier, around 3 a.m., after leaving a concert at the Brooklyn Mirage nightclub. Surveillance video captured him wearing a light-colored floral shirt and khaki pants as he walked past a pizza-vending vehicle on the night he went missing.

His body was discovered near 1100 Grand St., which is less than a mile from where he was last seen after attending a performance by the electronic music group Zeds Dead. A concerned individual noticed a bloated, shirtless body floating in the water and alerted the authorities. Police sources reported that there were no apparent signs of trauma on the body, except for indications consistent with drowning.

The tragic incident left family, friends, and colleagues in shock and sadness. Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO David Solomon expressed his condolences, describing John Castic as a "dedicated, driven member" of the investment bank's controllers team. The circumstances surrounding how he ended up in the water remain unclear, leaving loved ones with unanswered questions.


John Castic Missing

The recent incidents of two men disappearing near the Brooklyn Mirage and later being found dead in Newtown Creek have raised concerns and questions about safety in the area. Both John Castic, 27, and Karl Clemente, also 27, experienced a similar fate after attending events at the nightclub. Karl Clemente was turned away from the venue on June 11 and was subsequently found dead in Newtown Creek a few days later.

It remains unclear whether foul play was involved in either man's death. Sources have mentioned that Karl Clemente's death did not appear to be suspicious. The local community, including those in the music scene where John Castic was a part of, are deeply concerned about these incidents happening close to home. Cooper Robinson, who was present at the nightclub during the performance attended by John Castic, expressed his fear and distress about the situation.

He mentioned that there is no apparent cause for these tragedies, and there are questions about the actions taken by the police and the ongoing investigations. The recurrence of such incidents within a short span of time has left the community horrified and seeking answers. Authorities will likely continue their investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding these deaths and to provide clarity and reassurance to the public.

What Happened to John Castic?

John Castic tragically passed away after attending a concert at the Brooklyn Mirage nightclub. According to William Sullivan, a friend and a 31-year-old financier who was with Castic at the concert, John was not feeling well and decided to leave the event on his own. He intended to call an Uber to get back home. However, there is uncertainty surrounding whether he actually got into the Uber or not.

Unfortunately, John Castic's body was later found in Newtown Creek, a branch of the East River tributary, three days after he went missing. There were no apparent signs of trauma on the body, indicating that the cause of death was likely drowning. The circumstances leading up to how he ended up in the water remain unclear, and his friends and colleagues at Goldman Sachs are mourning the loss of a dedicated and driven member of their team. The CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, expressed deep sadness and offered condolences to John's family during this difficult time.

John Castic's death is undoubtedly a sad and tragic event. Losing a young individual with promising potential and a bright future is always heart-wrenching. His sudden disappearance and subsequent discovery in Newtown Creek have left family, friends, colleagues, and the community devastated and in mourning. The circumstances surrounding his death only add to the sorrow and uncertainty surrounding the tragedy. It highlights the importance of prioritizing safety and looking out for one another during social events and nightlife activities.


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