Len Wiseman and CJ Franco Are Engaged: A Magical Moment in Cabo San Lucas

Who is Len Wiseman?

Len Wiseman is a renowned American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for his work on successful film franchises like the Underworld series and Live Free or Die Hard, as well as the 2012 film Total Recall. Beyond his directorial achievements, Wiseman is also recognized for running the production company Sketch Films.

Prior to his engagement with actress CJ Franco, Len Wiseman was previously married to actress Kate Beckinsale. He proposed to CJ Franco during a romantic holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on July 4th, and the couple celebrated their engagement on the eighth anniversary of the day they first met.


Who is CJ Franco?

CJ Franco is a talented actress and model who is engaged to director Len Wiseman. Born in the United States, she has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her acting skills and stunning looks. CJ and Len Wiseman first crossed paths at a July 4 party in Malibu in 2015, and their connection quickly blossomed into a loving relationship.

She gained widespread attention after the news of her engagement to Len Wiseman was announced exclusively to PEOPLE magazine. CJ Franco is also an influencer, sharing glimpses of her adventures and happy moments with Len on her social media platforms.



Len Wiseman and CJ Franco Are Engaged

The love story between Len Wiseman and CJ Franco reached a significant milestone when the couple got engaged in a beautiful setting in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The proposal took place during a memorable holiday weekend, as they celebrated eight years of togetherness. Len proposed to CJ at their favorite restaurant, Arbol at Las Ventanas, and the magical moment coincided with a fireworks display that made it even more special.

Though the proposal was heartwarming, it also had a small mishap when CJ's engagement ring accidentally fell into the pool. The couple didn't let this dampen their spirits and quickly took to searching for the ring underwater. The night continued with candles, rose petals, and a romantic swim, making the engagement a dream-like experience for the couple.


Len Wiseman and CJ Franco's Romantic Getaway in Cabo San Lucas

Len Wiseman and CJ Franco's romantic getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, turned into an unforgettable milestone as they got engaged during the Independence Day weekend. The couple celebrated their eighth anniversary together, and Len seized the perfect moment to propose at their favorite restaurant, Arbol at Las Ventanas. The atmosphere was enhanced by a mesmerizing fireworks display, making the occasion feel magical and intimate.

After the heartfelt proposal, the couple spent the evening swimming surrounded by candles and rose petals, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime. CJ Franco, a talented actress and model, shared the happy news on her social media platforms, along with delightful photos from their trip. The engagement ring, beautifully designed by Len with the help of Cartier, graced CJ's finger, symbolizing their love and commitment to each other.


Len Wiseman and CJ Franco Relationship 

Len Wiseman and CJ Franco's relationship has been a journey filled with love and adventures. They met in 2015 at a July 4 party, and their connection was so strong that it eventually led to an engagement on the same holiday eight years later. Sharing their lives in Los Angeles, the couple has enjoyed creating cherished memories together, as seen in the photos from their trips and happy moments shared on social media.

Len, with his successful directing career, and CJ, with her talents as an actress and model, have supported each other's endeavors. The engagement was a heartwarming declaration of their commitment to spending their lives together, embracing the highs and overcoming any challenges that come their way.

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