Longtime Super Mario voice actor Charles Martinet: Everything You Need to Know!

Who is Charles Martinet?

Charles Martinet is a renowned voice actor best known for his iconic portrayal of Nintendo's beloved character, Mario. He has been the original voice of Mario since the mid-1990s, voicing the character in numerous Nintendo games and other media. Martinet's distinctive and enthusiastic voice work is closely associated with Mario's catchphrases, including the famous "It's-a me, Mario!" His portrayal of Mario has become an integral part of the character's identity and is instantly recognizable to gamers worldwide.

In addition to Mario, Charles Martinet has also provided voices for other well-known Nintendo characters, including Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario, and more. His versatile vocal talents have brought life to a wide range of characters within the Nintendo universe, endearing him to generations of gamers.

Beyond his voice acting career, Charles Martinet is celebrated for his dedication to interacting with fans, often attending conventions and events to meet with Mario enthusiasts. In 2023, he transitioned into a new role as a "Mario Ambassador," allowing him to continue sharing the joy of Mario with fans around the world, even though he stepped back from recording character voices for Nintendo games.


Longtime Super Mario Voice Actor Charles Martinet Retires

Charles Martinet, the iconic voice actor synonymous with Nintendo's beloved Super Mario series, has announced his retirement from the role he has passionately portrayed since the 1990s. Nintendo revealed that Martinet, who has lent his voice to Mario's character in numerous games, will be stepping away from voicing the beloved plumber.

However, this isn't a farewell but rather a transition, as Martinet assumes the role of a "Mario Ambassador," a new endeavor announced by the game company. From his initial appearance in Super Mario 64 to his portrayal in subsequent titles spanning GameCube, Wii, Wii U, and Switch platforms, Martinet's infectious "wahoo" exclamations have become an integral part of the gaming experience.

His departure comes as a surprise to many, especially since his distinctive voice has been closely associated with Mario for decades. This transition signifies a new chapter for Martinet, where he'll continue to engage with fans worldwide, spreading the joy of Mario through personal interactions and events. In addition to his contribution as the voice of Mario, Martinet has also breathed life into other iconic Nintendo characters, including Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Baby Mario.

This change arrives on the cusp of Nintendo's release of Super Mario Wonder, a highly anticipated addition to the Mario series. While the new voice for Mario is yet to be revealed, fans can look forward to a special video message from both Charles Martinet and Shigeru Miyamoto, the visionary creator of Mario, as they celebrate the journey of the beloved character.


Mario Voice Actor Charles Martinet's Retirement and Transition

After a storied career spanning back to the early '90s, Charles Martinet, the iconic voice actor behind Mario, has decided to retire from his cherished role in Nintendo's Super Mario game series. Recognized for his role as the original voice of Mario since Super Mario 64, Martinet is embarking on a fresh adventure. Nintendo's recent announcement reveals that Martinet's connection with Mario won't cease, but will manifest in the role of a "Mario Ambassador."

Martinet's journey began with voicing Mario during tradeshows in the '90s, leading to his landmark portrayal in Super Mario 64, which catapulted the character to new heights. The warmth and enthusiasm Martinet infused into Mario's character made his exclamations and phrases unforgettable to players around the world. His departure from recording character voices for Nintendo games marks a significant moment, yet fans can take solace in the fact that he will continue to spread the exuberance of Mario by engaging with audiences globally.

Beyond Mario, Martinet's vocal talents extended to Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario, and other Nintendo personalities. His legacy, as well as the iconic voice he bestowed upon Mario, will undoubtedly be cherished by gamers for generations to come. As anticipation builds for Nintendo's upcoming release, Super Mario Wonder, which Martinet will not voice, fans can look forward to a heartfelt video message from both Martinet and Shigeru Miyamoto, a tribute to the enduring impact of Mario.

Charles Martinet's Endearing Legacy Beyond Mario

Charles Martinet's illustrious career as a voice actor spans far beyond the realm of Mario. While his portrayal of the iconic plumber remains his most recognizable contribution, Martinet has lent his vocal talents to an array of beloved Nintendo characters. From the timid Luigi and mischievous Wario to the playful Waluigi and endearing Baby Mario, Martinet's versatile voice has given life to a colorful cast of characters, each leaving its mark on the gaming landscape.

Luigi's charming nervousness in the Luigi's Mansion series, Wario's boisterous antics, and the whimsical tones he brings to Baby Mario are testaments to Martinet's extraordinary ability to capture the essence of diverse personalities. His dedication to creating distinct voices for each character has enriched the gaming experience, providing players with memorable moments and iconic catchphrases that have become woven into the fabric of gaming culture.

As Charles Martinet steps into his new role as a "Mario Ambassador," his influence will undoubtedly extend to the broader Nintendo universe he helped shape. While his days of recording character voices may be transitioning, the impact of his contributions will be felt for years to come, reminding players of the joy and magic he brought to their favorite gaming worlds.

Charles Martinet's Continuing Legacy: A Look Ahead

As Charles Martinet, the cherished voice behind Mario embarks on a new chapter as a "Mario Ambassador," fans eagerly anticipate the path he will pave in this fresh role. With decades of lending his distinct voice to Nintendo's most iconic characters, Martinet's impact on the gaming community is immeasurable. As he continues to travel the world and interact with fans, one can't help but wonder how his legacy will shape the future of Mario and gaming as a whole.

With Martinet's retirement from voicing Mario, the question of who will now bring the beloved plumber's voice to life remains. Nintendo's decision to honor voice actors' in-game credits indicates a potential shift in how characters' voices will be approached. As the gaming landscape evolves, Martinet's influence will extend beyond the realm of voice acting, marking a turning point in his extraordinary journey and leaving fans to reflect on the joy he's brought to their lives.

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