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Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is an Indian drama web television series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video in March 2019. The show has been created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, and it follows the lives and struggles of two wedding planners in Delhi, Tara Khanna (played by Sobhita Dhulipala) and Karan Mehra (played by Arjun Mathur).

The series focuses on the themes of societal norms, class divides, and the complexities of relationships. Each episode of the show is centered around a new wedding that Tara and Karan are planning and explores the various challenges and obstacles that they face in their personal and professional lives.

Made in Heaven has been widely praised for its nuanced portrayal of contemporary Indian society, and for its exploration of themes that are often considered taboo in Indian culture. The show has also been commended for its diverse cast and crew, which includes actors and filmmakers from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities.

The series has been lauded by critics and audiences alike for its sharp writing, complex characters, and stunning cinematography. It has been praised for its ability to tackle difficult and sensitive topics with sensitivity and nuance, while still maintaining a sense of humor and levity.

Made in Heaven is a groundbreaking and thought-provoking series that has helped to redefine the boundaries of Indian television. Its success has paved the way for a new era of Indian content that is more progressive, diverse, and authentic, and it continues to inspire and engage audiences around the world.

Made In Heaven Season 2 Episode 1 Recap Ending Explained

Tara and Karan found themselves relocating to a makeshift office arranged by their business partner Ramesh Jauhari, who was upfront about the company's grim financial state. The situation was an inevitable consequence of various factors, including the loss of valuable contacts possibly due to Adil and Tara's separation becoming public knowledge, along with the office being targeted by a political group.

In a city like Delhi, news spreads swiftly, and it had a significant impact on the company's revenue. Jauhari's solution was to generate more income by organizing bigger weddings, the key to their financial recovery.

Jauhari's role turned out to be pivotal as he identified the company's problem areas. It appeared that Adil had withdrawn his investment from "Made in Heaven" after the split. Jauhari enlisted his wife Bulbul as the company's auditor to curtail unnecessary expenses. Bulbul was uncompromising and proficient in her role. However, her partnership with Jauhari seemed unconventional due to the age difference between them.

Despite their backgrounds, a younger wife paired with an older husband drew attention. Bulbul actively worked to cut down needless costs that could have jeopardized the company, even if it caused some inconvenience. It was a necessary sacrifice to prevent the permanent shutdown of "Made in Heaven." Remarkably, the main partners remained composed through this ordeal.

Adil's attitude towards Tara and her company had turned cold after she revealed the CCTV footage leak. Tara had to accept this change and recognize that Adil was no longer a part of her life. She now faced the challenge of adjusting to a different lifestyle after years of opulence. The couple pursued a mutual divorce and settlement, an unexpected move on Tara's part. Previously, she seemed willing to forgive Adil and fight for her rights.

This shift in Tara's character was significant. Her undisclosed secret predates her marriage with Adil, making it unrelated to alimony negotiations. If Tara initiated a legal battle, Adil would likely comply, given his infidelity. The decision on how she obtains money from him lies with her.

The split had an impact on Tara's life, compelling her to scale back not only the company's spending but also her personal luxury. The abrupt change disrupted her lavish lifestyle, and she lost touch with her previous friends who now avoided her. This realization dawned on her when she observed their behavior towards Faiza, who had been ostracized for a similar reason.

The same friends who had shunned her were now friendly with Faiza after Tara left Adil. This experience awakened Tara to the insincerity of her friendships, revealing their true intentions tied to her association with Adil. In this time of upheaval, she encountered Raghav, a chef, and friend of Kabir, with whom she connected instantly.

Kabir completed his documentary, earning recognition in the industry. As he applied to New York University, he remained torn between his achievements and the desire to do more. Despite being in a relationship with Dilshad, unresolved feelings lingered between him and Jazz.

Amazon offered Kabir the opportunity to direct a documentary series, capitalizing on his attention to detail and impactful storytelling. Jazz grappled with fitting into Kabir's world, expressing herself openly. Their conversations hinted at a budding love story.

"Made in Heaven" took charge of Sarina and Aman's wedding, hoping to benefit from the high-profile event. The opulent Punjabi family from London wanted an Indo-British wedding for their son. Sarina, anxious about her skin color, demonstrated the societal pressure many Indian women face. Her insecurity stemmed from a deep-seated complex perpetuated by family and society.

A cameo by Sabyasachi, a brand known for inclusivity, added depth to the episode. Aman's mother's objections to Sarina's appearance due to her skin color highlighted the shallowness that prevails in certain communities. Education does not necessarily equate to enlightened perspectives. The episode concluded with Tara learning of Adil's father's health crisis. Tara's presence during the emergency underscored the lingering bond between her and Adil, arising from their years as a family.


Made In Heaven Cast



Sobhita Dhulipala

Tara Khanna

Arjun Mathur

Karan Mehra

Kalki Koechlin

Faiza Naqvi

Jim Sarbh

Adil Khanna

Shashank Arora

Kabir Basrai

Shivani Raghuvanshi

Jaspreet "Jazz" Kaur

Mona Singh

Bulbul Jauhari

Trinetra Haldar

Meher Chaudhry

Made In Heaven Plot

Made in Heaven is an Indian drama web television series that follows the lives of two wedding planners in Delhi, Tara Khanna (played by Sobhita Dhulipala) and Karan Mehra (played by Arjun Mathur). The series revolves around the various weddings that the duo plans and the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives.

The show explores various themes such as societal norms, class divides, and the complexities of relationships. Each episode of the series is centered around a new wedding, and the plot delves into the lives of the characters involved in the wedding, including the bride and groom, their families, and the people who work behind the scenes to make the event a success.

The series also delves into the personal lives of Tara and Karan, who each struggle with their own set of issues. Tara is dealing with a troubled marriage, while Karan is trying to come to terms with his sexuality and the challenges that come with being a gay man in India.

As the series progresses, the plot becomes more complex, and the characters face increasingly difficult challenges. The show explores various taboo topics such as extramarital affairs, domestic abuse, and homosexuality, and it delves into the social and cultural norms that perpetuate these issues in Indian society.

Made in Heaven is a gripping and thought-provoking series that explores the complexities of modern Indian society. Its nuanced plot, complex characters, and stunning cinematography have been widely praised by audiences and critics alike, and the show has become a landmark achievement in Indian television.

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