Maryland Native Artist Iamyungp is back with his new single “Homicide”

Originally from Maryland, Iamyungp is an emerging artist whose passion for music exceeds his natural talent. With eight years of experience, Iamyungp quickly made his mark in the music industry and his hard work paid off. He has worked with many different artists and producers, and his skill as a musician is evident in the variety of music he has discovered. 

Iamyungp is not only a musician but also a successful businessman. For the past seven years he has been running a successful and growing clothing brand called Stoneville.

The young artist’s drive to succeed and his unmatched quality work make him a source of inspiration for  musicians and entrepreneurs.One of the main drivers of 

Iamyungp’s success is his mother, who is his biggest fan and the reason why he works so hard. He is passionate about giving his life a better life, and his music and work are a testament to his unwavering determination. 

Iamyungp’s musical style is a mix of hip-hop,R&B and pop, and his voice has captured the attention of fans  all over the world. His music reflects his experiences in life  and  his songs are written with strong content and  purpose.

He is a rising star in the music industry and his music is sure to appeal to listeners of all ages. 

Iamyungp is  known for his style and fashion as well as his musical talent. As Director of stonaville she has a great sense of fashion and is always looking for new and innovative ways to express herself through her clothing collections. He’s truly creative and his ability to combine a love of fashion with music has made him stand out in both industries. 

Despite his growing success remains humble and down-to-earth person, always looking for ways to give something back to his community.

He is a  supporter of many charities dedicated to making the world a better place. 

Overall, Iamyungp is a very talented artist who resonates in the music and fashion worlds. Heinspires us all with his passion for music,business and dedication to contributing to his community. We look forward to seeing herfuture and we are confident her star will continue to rise. 

Iamyungp is back with the new “Crime Crime”you can watch on all platforms.

In his new song, Iamyungp tells the world that he is one of the lucky people to create this song

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