National Cinema Day 2023, When is National Cinema Day 2023

National Cinema Day 2023

National Cinema Day, observed on August 27, 2023, in the United States, serves as a vibrant celebration of the cinematic world's unifying influence. This day invites people of all ages to rekindle their passion for the unparalleled magic of the big screen experience.

Originating in 2022, National Cinema Day was established by the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), a prominent trade association dedicated to representing the interests of movie theaters across the United States.

Marked by participating theaters, National Cinema Day offers an exciting opportunity for film enthusiasts to enjoy discounted tickets for any movie, format, or showtime. For a mere $4, moviegoers can indulge in a much-anticipated film or revisit a timeless classic. With over 3,000 theaters expected to partake, this event is orchestrated by the Cinema Foundation, a nonprofit affiliated with the National Association of Theater Owners.

Beyond its entertainment value, National Cinema Day provides a wonderful occasion to delve into the rich history of cinema and gain insights into the pivotal role of the movie theater industry. Countless online resources and local libraries offer ample information to deepen your appreciation for this iconic medium.

When is National Cinema Day 2023

On August 27, National Cinema Day is set to bring a delightful twist to the movie scene across the United States. This upcoming Sunday, the allure of the silver screen will be made even more irresistible as participating theaters offer an extraordinary deal: for less than $4, audiences can revel in any movie, regardless of format (yes, even the awe-inspiring IMAX presentations), at any showtime throughout the day.

The anticipation is building, with over 3,000 venues, equipped with approximately 30,000 screens, poised to join in on this one-day cinematic extravaganza. Now in its second year, National Cinema Day, orchestrated by the Cinema Foundation, aims to do more than just provide an enticing reason to embrace the theater. It's about recognizing the unparalleled ability of movies to bring people together, a communal experience that lights up multiplexes even during the sweltering summer days.

This event is unfolding as the summer box office registers a promising 16.6% growth compared to 2022, though it still lags behind 2019 by 5.4%, as per Comscore. Last year, approximately 8.1 million moviegoers flocked to theaters on the inaugural National Cinema Day, making it the most attended day of 2022, according to the National Association of Theater Owners. And where there are audiences, there's the aroma of fresh popcorn and bustling concession stands.

Building on the triumph of the inaugural event, we cordially invite everyone to partake in the quintessential American pastime: a trip to the movies. As Jackie Brenneman, president of the Cinema Foundation, warmly states, "We eagerly anticipate this collective experience, embracing a captivating lineup that spans from cherished family favorites and uproarious comedies to thought-provoking dramas and pulse-pounding adventures. Whether it's beloved classics or new releases, there's something for everyone."

On National Cinema Day, audiences can expect an array of cinematic treasures to grace the big screens. From the biographical "Golda" and the high-octane "Gran Turismo" to Dennis Quaid's sports saga "The Hill" and the enchanting "Barbie," the selection is diverse and dynamic.

In addition, the roster includes contemporary hits like "Oppenheimer" and "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," and even classic re-releases such as "Jurassic Park" and Disney's melodious "The Little Mermaid" sing-along. It's a cinematic celebration that invites everyone to relish the magic of the movies.


Unveiling National Cinema Day 2023: Irresistible $4 Ticket Prices to Enchant Audiences

Prepare to rearrange your Sunday plans, because August 27 is no ordinary day. It's the highly anticipated National Cinema Day, sweeping in with a sensational offer of discounted tickets at theaters all around the U.S., inviting movie enthusiasts to revel in the enchantment of the silver screen.

Embrace the excitement as over 3000 theaters join the festivities, and you can easily find the full list of participating venues on the official National Cinema Day website. This exceptional one-day event sets the stage for a theater experience like no other, with $4 tickets for both fresh releases and beloved classics, such as the iconic Jurassic Park, the timeless American Graffiti, and the captivating Oldboy.

The cinematic world has a unique ability to bind us in the joy, thrill, and magic of captivating stories told on the grand stage," stated Michael O’Leary, President & CEO of the National Association of Theatre Owners, reflecting on the event's significance. "National Cinema Day celebrates the fervor of movie fandom and the unifying role theaters hold in our communities."

Jerramy Hainline, Senior Vice President of Fandango Ticketing, a proud sponsor of the event, added, "We're excited to stand behind the second annual National Cinema Day in collaboration with The Cinema Foundation, driving more movie enthusiasts to theaters this summer.

With a strong appetite for top-notch entertainment and a lineup of blockbuster summer movies still captivating audiences, National Cinema Day grants film lovers across the nation the opportunity to catch one or multiple titles at an incredible price.

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