Palia 0.166 Update Patch Notes (August 2023)

Palia 0.166 Update

Palia's inaugural update post its public beta release is here, marked as version 0.166, and it brings along a plethora of intriguing improvements detailed in the patch notes. Among the noteworthy alterations are the introduction of fresh quests, adjustments to experience point acquisition, enhancements to the in-game store, and a pivotal addition: pets.

The most exciting part is that these delightful companions will be accessible to all players, irrespective of their in-game currency holdings. Below, you'll find the comprehensive rundown of patch notes for Palia's update 0.166.

Palia 0.166 Update Patch Notes


At a Glance

  • New Quests & found items to discover
  • Zeki’s Wondrous Machine gets some new additions
  • Adjustments to EXP rate and resources
  • Improvements and additions to the Premium Store
  • Introducing…PETS!

New With Palia Update 0.166

The Adventure Continues

Prior to this patch, the main story would end just as you’ve chosen a Shepp. We’ve now added a new quest, “The Acceptance Ceremony”, for you to continue the journey! Please enjoy this special area and cutscene we’ve prepared as you are fully welcomed as a resident of Kilima Village.

Introducing: Found Item Quests

While exploring Palia, you may stumble upon items that trigger the start of a quest. They all have various start requirements, so see if you can find them all!

Adjustments To Experience Points

  • We’ve increased the experience gained from Fishing and Mining across the board.
  • Foraging EXP has been adjusted – you’ll get less from picking up gatherables, but we’ve doubled the EXP gained from chopping wood in return.

New items have been added to Zeki’s Wondrous Machine.

There is now a rare chance to obtain exclusive decor items as a reward from the Lucky Ball.

  • Four items from the Valley Sunrise Set have been added: Valley Sunrise Bed, Valley Sunrise Vase, Valley Sunrise Side Table, and Valley Sunrise Chandelier.
  • As a reminder, the Lucky Coin is given as a daily promotion for buying anything from Zeki’s General Store (resets every 24 hours IRL time).

All Sunrise Set items you can get from Zeki’s Wondrous Machine

  • A new Events tab hinting at our upcoming themed event has been added.

Additional Quality of Life Updates

  • The spawn locations and appearance rates of several resources have been adjusted for both Kilima Village and Bahari Bay.
  • Our goal is to better distribute things on the maps so it does not feel too overly concentrated in some areas, yet too sparse in others.

Kilima Adjustments:

  • Increased the frequency at which Clay spawns substantially
  • Reduced the density of forage-ables across Kilima
  • Decreased the spawn density of hunting creatures a bit in Kilima for a better hunting experience
  • Reduced the density of insects across Kilima so they are less concentrated in certain locations
  • Increased the number of Fishing hotspots in the Mirror Pond Ruins

Bahari Bay Adjustments

  • Fixed a number of Heat Root spawn points that were inaccessible.
  • Reduced the density of forage spawning on the beach.
  • Slightly decreased forage spawning in the Meadows.
  • Sharply increased forage spawning in the Forest.
  • Added several more locations for forage, insect, hunting creatures, and mining nodes to less populated areas
  • Moderately increased Iron spawning across the zone.
  • Increased the number of Fishing hotspots in the Pavel Mines.
    We will continue evaluating the availability and distribution of resources in future patches. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on this matter.

Palia UI Related Patch Notes

  • Items in your inventory will automatically “snap” to the first available empty slot when dragging into inventory/storage.
  • The UI for the Modification Bench window has been improved.
  • When in the “H” menu on your housing plot, you can now rotate your camera. We hope this helps players have more control when decorating their housing plot!

You can now sell related items when browsing Guild Shops

  • For example, Einar’s Fishing Store will accept any fish you wish to sell, and Hodari’s Mining Store will accept ores and ingots.

Insect Catching – Smoke Bombs now have an “Area of Effect”

  • We wanted to make it a little more forgiving when aiming at insect targets, so now smoke bombs will explode on impact in a small AoE.
  • This means it is now possible to catch multiple bugs with just one bomb if they are close enough in range.

The amount for various items you can Request have been adjusted.

  • We have noticed some items had request amounts that were too high to be fulfilled easily, so the requirement has been lowered to make it easier to fulfill these requests. Likewise, Worms and Glow Worms can now be requested at higher amounts.

Animation canceling has been added to some actions.

  • While this was partially in the game, we have fleshed this out to be a fully supported feature now.
  • Foraging, Chopping, and Mining animations can be canceled instead of needing to wait for the animation to complete.

Game performance has been improved for lower-end machines.

  • We are constantly working to improve overall game performance and optimization. For this patch cycle, the work is specifically targeting lower-spec players.

Palia Store Update Patch Notes

  • The Premium Store has received slight visual changes to improve the purchase experience.
  • The language in the store has been tweaked to better distinguish individual Outfit versus full Bundle prices.
  • A description that shows how the bundle discount is applied—with a greater discount after the first outfit purchased—has also been added to provide more clarity.

New Cosmetic Outfits

Spa Day Bundle (850 Palia Coins/Outfit, 1700 Palia Coins/Full Bundle) Includes:

  • Unwind Outfit
  • Snooze Outfit
  • Hibernate Outfit

Builder Bundle (1275 Palia Coins/Outfit, 2549 Palia Coins/Full Bundle) Includes:

  • Skyscraper Outfit
  • Log Cabin Outfit
  • Treehouse Outfit

Ruffled Redingote Bundle (850 Palia Coins/Outfit, 1700 Palia Coins/Full Bundle) Includes:

  • Uptown Outfit
  • Moorland Outfit
  • Capital Outfit

Update: The Ruffled Redingote outfit has been temporarily made unavailable in the store after reports of visual issues. It will be corrected in an upcoming hotfix and made available again.

Introducing: Pets

  • Pets have arrived in Palia, ready to provide companionship by following you throughout your adventures! Our first pet will be the adorable Palcat — available as a bonus add-on with the purchase of Palia Coins.
  • The addition of pets is something we wanted to have at the start of Beta but needed a bit more time to add. Please think of this as our thank you to the players who have supported us thus far.

The Palcat comes in four options:

  • The Sandy Palcat is available as a one-time bonus for purchasing any Palia Coin amount.
  • The Nocturnal Palcat, the Island Palcat, and the Snowy Palcat all unlock together once you’ve accumulated a total of 3,000 Palia Coins purchased.

We are also making these bonuses retroactive for all players who have already made purchases prior to this update. It does not matter if the coins are still in your wallet or have already been spent – the Palcat is yours! You can summon or dismiss your Palcat through a dedicated Pets interface, found in the Collections button of the Player Menu on the top right (or accessed with the Y key). The Palcat has no gameplay effects, but it does make your photos look super cute.

To adopt your furry friend, click the new “pet” button in the inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • Certain fish that were abundant in the Mayor’s Estate have migrated on.
  • Messages now send as expected in server chat after moving between servers.
  • If you had multiple storage chests across multiple housing plots, your inventory may now be overflowing. We encourage you to craft, gift, and sell to your heart’s content!
  • Players no longer lose axe and pick durability if striking a tree or node too high a level for their tools.
  • You can now access your lockbox storage chest.
  • The casting VFX no longer appears red in the fishing pond south of Mirror Fields in Bahari Bay. Fish away!
  • There is no longer a floating tassel (or as many thought, a broom) on the front deck outside the General Store. You will be missed, Jerry the Broom.
  • Insects are now able to be caught when hit with a smoke bomb to a much higher success rate.
  • Fixed the ability to expand storage beyond the intended limits through the use of multiple housing plots. The limit of eight chests should extend across all plots.
  • Mountain Morel Mushrooms no longer disappear from the player’s Housing Plot after they relog, or leave their plot
  • Fixed various experiences that occur when switching from Windowed Fullscreen to other Window Modes.
  • The Server Sync button now works when players are on the same map, but on different servers.
  • Huntable creatures should no longer randomly disappear.
  • Fixed the issue of Tish, Ashura, Delila, Eshe and Jina teleporting to their target location instead of walking.
  • The QE object rotation is now functioning in the H menu topdown mode as intended.
  • The Tent can now be picked up properly, and no longer triggers the “need to pick up all interior decor” error message, which occurred even if there was no decor inside.

Palia Update 0.166 Patch Notes – Known Issues


  • Our localization work is ongoing – you may notice some mismatch of dialogue, some areas of the game that are only available in English, or small errors in certain languages. We aim to improve this with every update in the near future! Please note: Our Launcher uses the language settings of your computer if supported. We will be adding ways to select a dedicated language for the Launcher in the future!

Quest Progression Blockers

  • We continue our work to unblock quests due to early Beta progress reset issues.


  • Players are seeing items that are not theirs appear on their housing plot.


  • When selecting the button to gift an NPC, sometimes the menu will not pop up as expected. Instead, you will see a small menu showing only gold and renown. Relogging, or allowing a full Palian day to cycle, can fix this issue.
  • Star quality items gifted through Requests turn into regular quality items.



Palia, a highly anticipated creation of Singularity 6, stands as an upcoming pinnacle in the realm of gaming. This immensely multiplayer online community simulation game unfolds its captivating narrative within a meticulously crafted high fantasy world, transporting players into a breathtaking realm of possibilities.

Unlike its predecessors in the simulation genre, Palia breaks new ground with its ingenious integration of robust online multiplayer elements and an engaging third-person perspective. This dynamic combination imbues the virtual experience with unprecedented depth and richness, captivating players in ways previously unexplored.

Within the enchanting confines of Palia, players are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection. The game grants them the remarkable ability to not only inhabit a fantasy world but to actively shape it. Every facet of existence within Palia is at the discretion of the player, from forging bonds with fellow inhabitants to crafting the minutiae of their everyday lives. This emphasis on personal agency weaves a tapestry of experiences, each as unique as the individual behind the screen.

The very essence of Palia's allure lies in its namesake, "Palia," a term derived from the ancient Greek language, meaning 'old'. This choice of nomenclature carries profound significance, alluding to the rich historical tapestry that the game is meticulously threading.

The virtual realm is steeped in lore, beckoning players to unearth its secrets and connect with its storied past. This interplay between modern interactivity and ancient history adds layers of complexity to the narrative, elevating Palia beyond a mere game and into the realm of immersive storytelling.

While an exact release date for Palia remains a closely guarded secret, the palpable excitement echoing throughout the gaming community serves as a testament to its potential impact. As anticipation continues to mount, it becomes evident that Palia is not just a game; it's a portal to a vibrant living world where players are not passive spectators but active architects of their destinies. In this convergence of technology and imagination, Palia paves the way for an unprecedented era of interactive entertainment, where players are no longer bound by the constraints of reality but are free to explore, create, and belong.

Palia Gameplay

Palia's gameplay is a harmonious fusion of two distinct yet interconnected genres: the immersive dynamics of a massively-multiplayer community simulation and the exploratory thrill of an open-world adventure game. Set against the backdrop of a meticulously crafted high fantasy realm, Palia beckons players to embark on an enchanting journey, brimming with opportunities for both social connection and personal growth.

In Palia, players find themselves immersed in a world teeming with vibrant communities, each inhabited by fellow adventurers and inhabitants. The heart of the gameplay lies in the art of forging connections, as players engage in meaningful interactions, cultivate relationships, and contribute to the shared narrative tapestry. The game encourages collaboration and communication, fostering a sense of belonging within its cozy and welcoming virtual environment.

Beyond the social dynamics, Palia's open world beckons explorers to venture into uncharted territories, revealing breathtaking landscapes, mysterious ruins, and hidden treasures. As players traverse diverse environments, they unearth the lore of the realm, unearthing tales of forgotten civilizations and enigmatic histories. The captivating fusion of community simulation and open-world adventure empowers players to shape their own destinies, from creating their unique abodes to mastering the arcane arts of magic.

It's important to note that the showcased gameplay snippet provides a tantalizing glimpse into Palia's evolving world, offering a serene atmosphere and a preview of the visual aesthetics. However, as a work-in-progress, elements such as facial animations and user interfaces are subject to further refinement. Palia's gameplay experience is designed to transcend traditional boundaries, inviting players to partake in an immersive journey of connection, exploration, and self-discovery within a realm where the possibilities are as boundless as the imagination.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.

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