Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2023 Voting Issue Update, Winner List, and More

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo, also known as the "Pride of Cebu," is a festive celebration that commemorates the founding anniversary of Cebu province. The event features a dance and cultural presentation involving 50 cities and municipalities from the province. This Sinulog-like festival gathers festival queens, dancers, and elaborate floats for a grand ritual showdown and street dancing competition.

In its tenth year, the festival witnessed Carcar City hosting the event for the first time, adding a new dimension to the annual tradition. Despite technical disruptions during the grand ritual showdown, the dedication of the participants and the unity of the province's communities shone through, emphasizing the significance of preserving and celebrating cultural heritage.

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2023 Voting Issue Update

The Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2023 event, organized by the Cebu Provincial government under the leadership of Gov. Gwen Garcia, garnered significant attention for an unexpected voting issue that arose during the festivities. The event, which showcased the rich cultural heritage and diverse festivals of different towns and cities in Cebu, encountered an unfortunate incident related to the voting process.

The voting issue at Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2023 revolved around the determination of winners for various categories, such as the Ritual Showdown, Street Dancing Competition, Festival Queen, and other accolades. As with any competitive event, accurate and fair voting is crucial to ensure that deserving participants receive the recognition they deserve based on their performances and contributions.

Reports emerged that there were discrepancies and irregularities in the voting procedure, which raised concerns among participants, organizers, and the public. Allegations of biased judging, technical glitches, and inconsistencies in vote tallying surfaced, casting a shadow over the integrity of the results. Some participants and their supporters expressed frustration and disappointment, feeling that the voting process may not have been conducted as transparently and fairly as anticipated.

The voting issue sparked discussions and debates both within the event's local community and on social media platforms. Calls for a thorough investigation into the matter were made, emphasizing the importance of addressing the concerns raised by participants and restoring the credibility of the event. Organizers were urged to take prompt action to review the voting process, address any technical shortcomings, and ensure that such issues would not arise in future editions of Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo.

The incident serves as a reminder of the significance of maintaining transparency and accountability in large-scale events that involve competition and evaluation. As Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo continues to celebrate and honor the cultural heritage of Cebu's towns and cities, it's essential for the event organizers to learn from this voting issue and implement measures that uphold the integrity of the voting process, ensuring that the hard work and dedication of all participants are duly recognized and rewarded.


Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2023 Winners list

Pasigarbo Ritual Showdown Winners:

1st place: Contingent #10 Kabkaban Festival of Carcar City

2nd place: Contingent #30 Sugat Kabanhawan Festival of Minglanilla

3rd place: Contingent #5 Hinulawan Festival of Toledo City

4th place: Contingent #20 Sarok Festival of Consolacion

5th place: Contingent #35 Dagitab Festival of City of Naga

6th place: Contingent #40 Palawod Festival of Bantayan

7th place: Contingent #15 Kagasangan Festival of Moalboal

8th place: Contingent #13 Panagbagat Festival of Poro

9th place: Contingent #17 La Torta Festival of Argao

10th place: Contingent #45 Rosquillos Festival of Liloan

Pasigarbo Street Dancing Competition Winners:

1st place: Contingent #10 Kabkaban Festival of Carcar City

2nd place: Contingent #30 Sugat Kabanhawan of Minglanilla

3rd place: Contingent #14 Humba Festival of Ronda

4th place: Contingent #25 Utanon Festival of Dalaguete

5th place: Contingent #50 Halad Inasal Festival of Talisay City

Pasigarbo Festival Queen:

Jhesidy Thea Alberca, Kabkaban Festival of Carcar City

Best in Festival Jingle:

Contingent #45 Rosquillos Festival of Liloan town

Best in Festival Costume:

Contingent #30 Sugat Kabanhawan of Minglanilla

Best in Mayor’s Introduction:

Contingent #30 Sugat Kabanhawan of Minglanilla

Best in Decorated Van:

Contingent #20 Sarok Festival of Consolacion

The Pasigarbo sa Sugbo 2023, a project of the Cebu Provincial government spearheaded by Gov. Gwen Garcia, attracted close to 50 contingents.

Audio Problem Causes Disruption in Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo’s Grand Ritual Showdown

The grand ritual showdown of Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2023 encountered a series of unexpected technical glitches, leading to disruptions during the event. Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia expressed her frustration over the interruptions caused by audio and lighting issues, going as far as considering it an act of "sabotage."

These technical glitches compelled several contingents, including prominent ones like Toledo City and Mandaue City, to repeat their performances mid-way due to audio problems. Garcia emphasized that such issues were beyond the control of the performers and choreographers and have resulted in the reevaluation of the competition results.

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo Streaming

The full live stream of Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2023 is available on Sugbo News, the official media arm of the provincial government. This platform allows viewers to enjoy the event's performances, rituals, and cultural presentations from the comfort of their own screens. The streaming captures the essence of the festival and showcases the grandeur of the various contingents' performances as they celebrate Cebu's cultural heritage and history.

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