Phasmophobia Patch Notes - August 22, 2023

Phasmophobia Update

Comprehensive details regarding the Hotfix for Phasmophobia have been officially disclosed. This specific update corresponds to the recently launched Ascension update, which has been accessible to players for a span of a few days. Embedded within this update is a range of advantageous improvements and issue resolutions that aim to enhance the overall player experience.

Once the update is successfully obtained and implemented, players will be greeted with novel elements, notably including a specially incorporated commemorative plaque situated within the Lobby area of the game. This plaque serves as a platform through which players can readily observe and interact with their Legacy Badge, showcasing their in-game accomplishments and milestones.

With anticipation building, let us now embark on a detailed exploration of the comprehensive patch notes integral to the Phasmophobia Hotfix, intricately intertwined with the Ascension update.

Phasmophobia Patch Notes



  • A commemorative plaque has been added to the Lobby allowing you to see your Legacy Badge
  • Added new sounds for radios in houses and campsites


  • 3 star photos are now easier to get instead of 2 star
  • Increased the range for a 3 star ghost photo
  • Firelights 1 and 2’s light sources are now brighter than igniters


  • Moved the guitar in the blue room in Tanglewood so you can take EMF photos if the ghost uses it
  • UV light tier 1 and 3 will no longer roll forever when dropped
  • You can now take fingerprint photos on the Willow glass doors
  • Cursed item photos are now more reliable
  • Cursed item noises will now appear on the parabolic microphone
  • You will no longer lose your items when dropped into a salt line
  • CCTV monitor will no longer break when swapping between cameras on tier 1 tripods
  • You can now take a photo of a fingerprint, in the same location as a previous fingerprint, which already had its photo taken
  • Taking photos of dead bodies should now be easier
  • Lowered texture resolution of several textures to lower RAM usage
  • Video Cameras now work in multiplayer



Phasmophobia stands as a paranormal horror game crafted and published by the British indie game studio Kinetic Games. Drawing inspiration predominantly from the widespread fascination with ghost hunting, the game's foundation is rooted in this intriguing pastime. Making its initial appearance as an early access title on Steam for Microsoft Windows, complete with virtual reality capabilities, the game emerged onto the scene in September 2020.

A significant surge in its popularity transpired in the subsequent month, attributed to the participation of numerous renowned Twitch streamers and YouTubers who engaged with the game, particularly aligning with the Halloween season. Notably, on October 15 of that same year, the game occupied the sixth position among the most favored titles on Twitch.

Marking an exceptional milestone, it seized the mantle of the highest-selling game on a global scale on Steam for the duration of several weeks spanning from October to November 2020.

Phasmophobia Gameplay


In the realm of "Phasmophobia gameplay," the experience unfolds as a horror investigation survival game, casting players into the immersive world from a first-person perspective. Whether venturing solo or collaborating within a group of up to three companions, the objective remains consistent: successfully fulfill contracts that necessitate identifying the specific spectral entity haunting a designated location.

Communication proves pivotal in this endeavor, as players can interact via voice chat. This interaction takes shape both locally, encompassing short distances, and globally, facilitated through the utilization of walkie-talkies. A distinctive facet of "Phasmophobia" lies in its integration of speech recognition technology. This innovative feature enables select equipment and even the ghost itself to perceive and comprehend players' spoken words and key phrases.

The successful completion of various objectives and the accumulation of evidence yield tangible rewards in the form of payouts. Striving to accomplish a multitude of tasks not only enhances one's earnings but also contributes to the progression of levels, the unlocking of diverse maps and difficulty levels, and the accumulation of wealth.

As players congregate within a virtual lobby, they embark on the preparatory stage for their impending contracts. An element of personalization is introduced, permitting players to distinguish themselves from their peers by selecting from an array of eight distinct paranormal investigators. The lobby environment serves as the locus for decision-making, where participants collaboratively decide on the contract's location and level of difficulty.

Crucially, all necessary equipment is procured via a computer interface within the lobby, thereafter being meticulously chosen and loaded onto a van. This van subsequently serves as the operational hub from which the investigative group departs to confront the enigmatic and haunting sites.

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